Pink dandelion stacked garden for lower level wizards

18 pink dandelions

Like many wizards, I ignored gardening for a long time.  My first wizard lucked out on lots of pink dandelion seed drops in Krokotopia but since I wasn’t into gardening I sold a lot of them — much to my chagrin now. Once I realized the importance of gardening for mega snacks for pets and for reagents for crafting I did a lot of research.

I found there isn’t much information out there about maximizing a garden when you’re not that highly ranked in gardening and/or your wizard only has the gardening spells through Krokotopoia–i.e. medium area spells.  So I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting to see what you can do to get the most out of gardening if you start from the very beginning.

Since you don’t get the first gardening training until level 12, you’re generally going to be in Krokotopia or close to going.  By the time you plant your crop in pots in your dorm room and harvest, you should have access to medium area spells.  If you’ve grown at least four plants you should also have leveled up to the rank you need for those.

The pink dandelions drop quite a few reagents, mostly common, some rare-ish.  They also only have two needs and only require rank 1 pest spells so they don’t use too much energy and their requirements are well within the gardening training through Krok.

I soon figured out that I could easily create a two-layer stacked garden with three rows of three small plots on each layer.  I haven’t been able to get medium area spells to work on three layers but 18 pink dandelions gives you some really good harvests.  The medium area spells fit beautifully around the 18 plots.

I also managed to get 14 pots in a circle in a dorm room and fit the medium area spells around the plants, so if you don’t want to fool with the stacked garden you can do pretty well within the medium area spells with pots. Remember the circle of the plant spells only has to go around the bases of the plants, not the outside of the plots or pots.

When you get to large area spells, a number of wizards have proved  you can get the maximum number of small pots in a circle that fits a large area spell, so for small pot/plot plants there’s no advantage to stacking once you have large area spells.  However, I’ve found the 18 dandelions are enough so my higher level wizards have larger area garden plots for other plants and just keep a medium area 18-pink-dandelion garden.

While my first wizard had a lot of trouble with reagents for craft training starting in Marleybone, which became worse in Mooshu and Dragonspyre, the rest of my wizards have been raking in the reagents.   As each one advances to the next craft trainer, she’s usually already got the ingredients.

I’ve been working on getting a certain level of reagents for each wizard (varying depending on how rare  they are; the rare ones usually require fewer per recipe) and then working on holding certain numbers in the shared bank.  Every time a wizard fulfills the quota on a reagent she then puts all the extras she gets into the shared bank.  I have reached the goals on a number of reagents, mainly off those 18 dandelions for several wizards,  so the wizards are now selling reagents at the Bazaar almost every day.

The plain dandelion seeds get dropped pretty often in more than one phase of harvests and they sell very well at the Bazaar.  You also get some gold from each plant at each harvest.  My first two wizards struggled for gold to keep getting better equipment and to pay the hefty price of gardening spells; now all my wizards are bringing in lots of gold — and I don’t have any of them doing full scale mega gardening.

I’ll be posting lots more tips about gardening before level 40.  Next time instructions for making the two-layer stacked plot garden.


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