My guide to the game

Wizard Guide Cover



As soon as I realized that no guide to Wizard 101 existed and that lots of advice was for higher level wizards I began planning a guide book for wizard level 40 and under.

I started and played wizards from every school.  Read blogs and wiki conversations and tried out different people’s theories.  Experimented with gardening and how to get the most out of medium area spells.  Hatched and trained lots of pets.  Started a second account and figured out how to play without membership and on a tiny crowns budget.

And finally I finished Wizard Game Basics 101.  It’s available here.


About yogaleigh

Twenty-five years and counting on spiritual, personal growth journey. I've been to Nine Gates Mystery School, practiced yoga since 1985 and taught it off and on for the last 10 years. I've sat vipassana, studied with a Hopi elder for 2 years, practiced Hawaiian Huna, and dabbled in other traditions. Health and wellness have been very tied up in my journey - in fact I'd say issues in those areas propelled me into the spiritual journey. Still learning, still growing -- sometimes I think I like the journey to enlightenment too much to wish to reach it.

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