Halloween: the Nosferabbit dungeon

Halloween’s afoot in the spiral.  I had just been looking up pets that heal and discovered the Frankenbunny with its Energizing Battery talent.  It’s one of only two pets that have the talent. [the other is Betta Fish; available only in Atlantean Bundle at WalMart, which I’ve been boycotting for something like 30 years]  When I saw it’s a drop for a quest everyone can take at Halloween I was pleased–even more pleased when the quest showed up a couple of weeks before I thought it would.

I’ve taken five wizards through the little dungeon now.  Yesterday, the first day, I took four.  For all of them the final three battles were all with invisible opponents. Made it hard to set deck before each fight ‘cos you couldn’t see the schools until you were in the battle.  I thought it was odd but decided maybe it was supposed to be spooky.

Invisible opponents

Invisible opponents

However, when I took another one in today, all the bad guys showed up fine.Veggies

The first two levels of the fight are just Blood Bats so pretty easy.  When I soloed there were just two at each stage.  But when you get to the Veggie Revenants there are four whether you’re alone or with a group, so for anyone under about level 30-35 it’s a bit tough.  Most lower level wizards don’t have enough health even with equipment to withstand 2-4 hits per round.

But it was fun.  Not hard at all to get a full crew on team up.  And an easy way to get a pretty cool pet.  The drops, not surprisingly, pretty much fit the level of Triton Avenue other than some okay seeds. So for higher level wizards your main reward is the pet and the chance to just have fun.

I’ve enjoyed taking my higher level wizards into the dungeon and into the Towers in Ravenwood with lower level wizards and helping them out.  I’ve seen some complaints from higher level wizards that it’s not challenging enough.  The idea is fun for everyone.  So how about being nice to some wizards who aren’t as advanced as you just because you can?


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Twenty-five years and counting on spiritual, personal growth journey. I've been to Nine Gates Mystery School, practiced yoga since 1985 and taught it off and on for the last 10 years. I've sat vipassana, studied with a Hopi elder for 2 years, practiced Hawaiian Huna, and dabbled in other traditions. Health and wellness have been very tied up in my journey - in fact I'd say issues in those areas propelled me into the spiritual journey. Still learning, still growing -- sometimes I think I like the journey to enlightenment too much to wish to reach it.

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