Getting ready for sad farewell to Halloween


Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve really enjoyed having lots of new and different activities for the Halloween season and I’m sorry that it’s about to end.

The Professor quests were gone too soon, but I enjoyed them.  I especially liked that for once it was a special activity with XP and drops that made it well worth putting in the time to do it.  I also liked the stories and the special settings.  The day I got sent to take the one wizard with Zafaria access to that dungeon was the day the quest disappeared; not sure why but I’d assumed it was lasting the whole month like the rest of the Halloween stuff.

On my second account I’d only created three wizards and planned to leave the other three slots open until the those three leveled all the way up.  I started adding and deleting wizards in those three spots in order to collect Frankenbunnies.  The main impetus for that was that none of the bunnies I got on either account were getting Energizing Battery…

In the end I wound up creating a Storm wizard to keep, since Frankenbunny is a Storm pet with some great perks for Storm and then eventually I liked one Death wizard so much I kept re-doing her and then another Death I just really liked.  So here I am, all six slots filled.  And thoughts of a third account…

I love the beginning stages of the game.  I really just play games to space out and relax.  Since it gets harder as you move up, there’s a point where it’s no longer so easy and feels less fun.  At this point I could just about do Wizard City in my sleep and I’m ready to stop.

The Jack Hollow quests were good fun, though I’ll be glad to quit catching my mounts on jack-o-lanterns sticking out in the safe paths.  And I got a kick out of the ghosts everywhere though I really wished they didn’t look just like the mobs of various ghosts you have to fight.  It was hard at first to make myself run at them when I’m used to avoiding them and I never completely registered them as benign; the instinct kept being to avoid.  Too bad they didn’t create a different look for these haints.

My first account’s level 73, Morgan, helped some of those newbies through Mordecai and Nosferabbit; she’ll be growing a garden of baby carrots one of these days.  For some odd reason porting didn’t work in the Nosferabbit dungeon so working two accounts was harder than it needed to be; also couldn’t port into it.  But taking her in made it so easy.

The main thing was the fun of getting away from the same old quests and scenery and staying busy with great activities that will be gone before they become “same old”.  Wish that happened a bit more often but I’m grateful to have had this month of fun.


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Twenty-five years and counting on spiritual, personal growth journey. I've been to Nine Gates Mystery School, practiced yoga since 1985 and taught it off and on for the last 10 years. I've sat vipassana, studied with a Hopi elder for 2 years, practiced Hawaiian Huna, and dabbled in other traditions. Health and wellness have been very tied up in my journey - in fact I'd say issues in those areas propelled me into the spiritual journey. Still learning, still growing -- sometimes I think I like the journey to enlightenment too much to wish to reach it.

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