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  1. I have 3 accounts on the same PC and log all 3 on at the same time and arrange the screens so I can switch quickly and join all 3 on my Hydra mount and go dispatch evil doers in huge quantity. I am looking for a way to control the order of dismount when I enter a combat ring so I can make short work of the opponents. ie 1st cast blade 2nd cast blade and 3rd (Storm) cast damage- fights over in 1 turn. Dismount seems to be random and I have tried various ways to “order” who goes where. Also find that sometimes it is easier to just port into a fight.

    • Oh, interesting. If I try to open the game again after I’ve logged in once it won’t let me. I’ll have to experiment cause I find the two-computer method pretty awkward.
      Usually whichever wizard equips the mount is in front for me and is the one who lands in first position (but not always) so I usually just decide who I want to be in first and have that be the one who equips the dual mount. I didn’t even realize there’s a mount that can take three! Wow.
      If I’m just planning to do one major dungeon with two wizards I usually don’t bother with the dual mount. But sometimes I pair my wizards to go through the same area at the same time and it’s easier to haul them all over on the dual mount.

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