Training Points and Free Buy Back

Kingsisle has a “limited time” offer to let all wizards buy back their training points for free.  It doesn’t give an ending date and I can’t find even a mention of this on the KI site so not sure how much time you have.

On my first account I made some mistakes with training points and for a couple of wizards I paid to buy back points already.  For one I still wound up changing my mind about what to do so I took advantage of the free buy back yesterday to start her over and she now has a bunch of extra training points after getting all the spells I wanted.

I’ve been planning a couple of posts about training points that will be a little more detailed.  For now, the main thing I finally understood is that you’re really not looking to get a second school.  There’s lots of info out there that assumes you want or need to pick a particular second school to train.

I started off not understanding training points at all and just buying every spell I encountered if I had a point — didn’t even get how the points arrived at first.  Then after doing some research, I was fooled by all the discussions in the wiki about “which secondary school” to pick and I worked at making choices and getting the spells.  I’ve wound up sorry about any choices I made to get all the spells from a particular school.

First of all, you get way more training points than you can use at just one other school.   Second, I think you really just want to train various schools to certain points in order to get specific spells.  More about why in future posts.

Most people for instance, want to train Ice to Tower Shield.  I’ve done it for pretty much all my wizards who are far enough along to have gotten all the Life spells I wanted.  I don’t use any of the Ice damage spells.  The Volcanic Shield that you get on the way to Tower is a nice addition when you’re facing Storm or Fire creatures and their giant spells.

Other specific spells most go for are Death to Feint and Life to Satyr, and Reshuffle from Mildred Farseer.  Then most people get some or all of the Star and Sun School spells when they get there.  Some like the Moon School polymorph spells.  Personally I was sorry I wasted a point on one so that was part of what I fixed in the free buy back.

This is a really nice opportunity to fix your deck, get rid of spells you’re sorry you got, pick up any you could’t get for lack of points, etc.  Since they’re not telling us when it ends, I’d say get in there and buy back your points ASAP.


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