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Level 53 Wizard's garden

I can’t afford to buy endless crowns (or even to buy them very often) which means gardening and pet training, for me, require staying within energy limits so I don’t have to keep paying to refill energy.  I’ve run up against three areas in which the issue arises:  (1) how much energy does it take to fill all of the needs in the garden; (2) how much energy does it take to replant a crop after it has hit final harvest; and (3) can your energy globe refill in between visits?

The first issue is about planning a garden around needs.  You always want the needs of your plants, should all of them be required at once, to add up to no more energy points than you have.

Another issue arises when it comes to planting.  Unlike the needs, for which you can stack plants and fill all the needs for many plants with one spell, planting uses energy for each individual seed planted.  So a maximum mega garden, with 69 plants, requires 138 energy points to replant.

Can't fill two tiers

Now you could just plant some at one time and then plant more later.  But you lose a lot of the energy-saving advantage of a big plot because if they’re planted at different times they will probably have needs at different times, which means you have to cast  spells more often.  So I never plant more of a particular type than the energy it would take to replant all of them at once–far less than 69.  See here for more on energy and planting.

The third issue I’m running into as some of my wizards reach higher levels arises because the rate at which energy refills never changes.  Beyond a certain point, the extra energy you’ve received as you level up doesn’t help as much as it should because no amount of leveling ever changes the rate at which energy refills.  The problem is worse for non-members, but it’s there for members as well.

I don’t fish, so I don’t have examples for that and pet training for me just gets fit around energy use from gardening.  So all examples relate to gardening.  I always have some plants that require tending needs twice a day, which means I tend the needs of everything in the garden twice a day.  As my wizards have leveled up, I’ve hit the point where the globe isn’t anywhere close to full again when I log in the second time.

For non-members energy refills at a rate of 1 point every 10 minutes, or six energy points per hour.  For members it refills at 1 point every 7.5 minutes, or eight energy points per hour.  Depending on how much energy gear you have, for both types of memberships the globe can be full again eight or ten hours later if you’re somewhere in the forties or below (I haven’t made a note on the exact level where that changes–and, again, it will vary with energy gear).

The higher you go, however, the bigger the percentage of the globe that won’t be refilled on the second round.  For a member, in eight hours you will have gotten 64 energy points back.  Morgan D. at this point has 117 energy points, with a base of 87 and energy gear adding 30.  Her garden, on the days when all needs have to be filled and the 48-hour pest spells have to be re-cast, uses pretty much all of her energy on the first visit.

When she comes back in eight or ten hours to take care of the needs again, the globe has only refilled 64-80 points.  The Couch Potatoes always have all the needs both times, so they take 35 energy points twice a day.  Fortunately, the Evil Magma Peas tend to have only pests or pests plus one need on the second visit so they don’t take as many points and the garden can be cared for even though her energy hasn’t refilled.  Pet training (or fishing if I had any desire to do it) is relegated to a few games here and there.

For Heather G., on the non-member account, it’s a tougher story.  At level 52, her base energy is 76 and she gets 20 extra points from energy gear for a total of 96.  The first visit each day uses almost all her energy.  If I go back in eight hours, 48 points (50%) have been restored.  Ten hours gets her to 60 and she can just meet the needs on the second round, but it’s not always easy for me to make two visits a day with ten hours in between.

The CPs always need 35 of those points.  If the EMPs need any more than one pest spell on the second visit, she doesn’t have enough energy within eight hours to take care of them.  She also has a few miscellaneous “like” plants that require an extra 3 point spell on some visits.

Except for the days when she’s just replanted one type or the other (no needs for about 24 hours usually) pet training is pretty much out the window for her until she’s amassed enough mega snacks to quit gardening for a while.  It takes 16 hours from zero to completely refill her globe so there’s really no twice-a-day-use-all-energy schedule possible.  If she uses all the energy on one visit, she simply won’t have a refilled globe the next time.

Even if I didn’t find fishing to be a big snooze –not to mention a giant “spend crowns on energy” enticement — it wouldn’t be possible as long as I have gardens.

The main result for my highest level wizards:  even though they have lots more energy, they really can’t grow gardens that are much bigger than my mid-level wizards.  Since no amount of leveling up gets you a faster rate of energy refill, at, for instance, level 75 you can’t get enough energy back in 8-10 hours to take care of a garden much bigger than you had at level 45.

I realized long ago that KI wants as many people as possible refilling energy as often as possible, so on one level I understand why they never give a break.  But it actually winds up giving wizards a declining percentage of usable energy as they level up.  Just feels odd to me that sticking with the game and leveling up into the higher realms leads you to a disadvantage when it comes to energy.

Sure would be nice if at a couple of levels you could get a boost into higher energy refill rates.  Say, at level 50 it goes up from 1 point every 7.5 minutes to whatever it would take to get 9 points/hour instead of 8 (or 1 point every 9 minutes instead of every 10 for non-members) and at level 75 you get 1 point every 6 minutes (10/hour) for members and 1 point every 7.5 minutes (8/hour) for non-members.  You still wouldn’t completely refill but it would help.

In the absence of that fantasy, you need to be a little careful as you plant about whether the type you’re planting has very many needs a second time.  Or whether it can stay healthy 24 hours without a second round of tending.

Some plants, like CPs and EMPs have a tendency to go into progress to dead if they don’t have their needs met in something under 24 hours (you can look at charts for each plant on the wiki though they don’t take likes into account on the hours you can go without casting plant spells).   I’ve found twice a day, with 8-12 hours in between, works best to keep them all healthy.

Pink Dandelions and Sword Ferns, on the other hand, do fine on a once a day plan.  The only thing is, once you log in and go to the vicinity of the plants, you need to meet all the needs.  [I’ve never figured out exactly how they have it programmed, but your presence triggers something when it comes to needs…]

Since some plants do pretty well if you just go in once a day, if you want to train pets or fish as well as gardening you might want to choose plants you only need to tend once.  Then, as you level up enough that you’re only getting a portion of your energy back by later in the day, you can use whatever amount has refilled for training or fishing.

If you’re thinking that high level means a huge supply of energy, you need to be aware that the slow refill rates mean you don’t actually have all that much more that’s usable unless you can afford to refill energy every day.  If you don’t garden or keep only plants that can be tended once a day, you get the advantage of having a bigger globe one time a day.

At lower levels you can get used to the idea that you can go in once and come back hours later to a refilled energy globe but once you level up enough you’ll realize the percentage that has refilled decreases the higher you go.  Plan accordingly.


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  1. SO true I early on had to decide if I wanted to train pets more often or garden. One character had a big garden that took all my time and I still couldn’t keep the entire thing alive so now I skip gardening but never get past the first level on fishing. rarely bother to finish the first quest.

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    A wonderful blog that has identified some of the methods Kingsisle uses to squeeze cash out of their gamers….it is not by chance they are known as “CrownsIsle” for the way they constantly induce us to buy crowns.

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