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It’s taken me a while to learn some of the complexities of stacking blades [and all the same info can be applied to traps; just using blades to keep it simple].  As you get to higher levels and tougher bosses it can be very useful to know how to stack a bunch of blades and traps so you maximize the damage one big spell can do.

Not all of these apply to the true beginners to whom this blog is mainly dedicated; first, you don’t particularly need to be stacking and second, some schools wait quite a while to get a blade or trap and then still can’t get the Spirit and Elemental Blades, etc. until level 25.  But there’s a little bit you can do if you just want to wow your team mates.

Most people seem to know they can cast their own school’s blade and also a Spirit or Elemental Blade and, if they have it, also a Balance blade (if you’re not Balance, from gear). When you have all those in place, if you cast, say, a Scarecrow* (400 base damage), the Crow gets a 40% boost from the school blade, taking it to 560.  Then the 560 gets a 35% boost from the Spirit Blade,taking it to 756.  Then the Balance blade adds 25%, taking it to 945.  So a few blades can more than double the damage of one Scarecrow — and of course it’s an all-enemies spell, so every opponent gets hit by that.

The less-talked-about stacking possibilities arise because the same blade from different sources is counted as a separate blade.  This includes treasure cards from different sources. If you look at Treasure Cards in the Bazaar, sometimes you’ll see one type of care listed several times.  This is because they’re from different sources.  One group might be from gardening drops, another from boss drops, and another from some pack.  Each one of those counts separately.  If you’re into seeing how big a hit you can make — rather than just garnering a big enough strike to win — you want to stack a bunch of blades and traps.

So, for instance, if you cast a Death blade from your school, and also a Treasure Card Death blade, and your pet casts a Death blade** (or you have the card from your pet), they’ll all multiply the damage of one spell.  The Treasure Card versions of all the blade and trap spells count as a separate type of card–with the variations in those also counting as separate–and the same is true for the blades and traps cast by or added to your deck by pets.

So, in the above example, starting from 945, if you pet has also cast a Death blade, that adds an extra 40%.  So 945 becomes 1323.  And if you also cast a treasure card Death blade, that adds another 45% and 1323 becomes (rounded down) 1918.  Of course, the order in which you’ve cast the spells will determine the order in which these percentages are added, so the totals will change depending on that, but it’s going to be a big boost to the base damage of whatever spell you choose regardless of the order of casting.

You could also add Treasure Card versions of the Balance blade, Dragonblade and Spirit blade, which add 30% and 40%, respectively.  And, obviously, if you’ve also stacked some traps you start multiplying damage exponentially.  TCs are one way to give lower level wizards some boosting power, especially if you can trade them over from another account.

Partway through Zafaria, wizards can train Sharpened Blade and Potent Trap.  These are “enchantment” spell cards.  You can add a Sharpened Blade to a blade (most are eligible but some of the gear blades won’t take it nor do most –possibly all– treasure cards) and get another 10% added to your blade.  For instance, a 40% Death Blade becomes 50%.  And once you’ve cast a blade with the boost from Sharpened Blade, that’s considered different from a regular Death Blade, so you can cast one with Sharpened Blade added and one without and both will be added to the damage.  Potent Trap is basically the same, a boost you can add to most kinds of traps.

Before Zafaria, if you grow Sword Ferns you can get Sharpened Blade treasure cards and use those.  Most of the varieties of these can’t be bought  or sold.  Even though you can’t train the spell until level 86, if you get the TC you seem to be able to use it at any level (I haven’t checked it out very much as I don’t see it as necessary in the lower levels but I have experimented with a few lower levels using it.

If you have a high level wizard on your account who has been training pets, you can pass a pet with a blade casting talent through the Shared Bank to a new wizard.  And, for those who can afford it, some crown gear (including items from much-less-expensive packs) for low level wizards includes a blade card of one sort or another.

For instance, I got a Mythic Beast from a Hoard of the Hydra pack (when on sale for 199) who provides a Bladestorm card, which gives a Balance blade to everyone on your team.  It’s a nice little boost in Unicorn Way…

I generally equip all my wizards with gear that boosts damage and I’ve been working on getting all my pets to add a damage boost as well so the total damage is even higher because it starts off boosted by the equipment.  In the picture above, the damage came in part from just a few stacked blades and traps and from gear.

And I’ve been having fun — in my penchant for creating wizards and deleting them somewhere in or at the end of Krokotopia– passing mega pets (from the same account) and treasure cards (from one of the other accounts) and watching them storm through the lower levels with way more oomph than they need. 🙂

But you can see from this example, it can make a huge difference, particularly if you like to solo, if you know how to stack blades to get the most out of your best spells.  You can send spells off at four times, five time, six times their normal base–or more– and do some massive damage.

* I chose this one because the base damage is such a nice easy number to start calculating from.

** Having your pet cast it at a moment you actually need it…  that’s a tale for another post.



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  1. Blade and trap TC cards from Different sets also stack. Look for the set mark under the set column at the bazaar. I can load 8 stackable feint at any time and I don’t remember how many blades I can stack- do you know about dragonblade? it is Balance school and very rare. Throw in dark pact or Savage paw and others (hex, curse etc) and I hit 275K damage with a wand shot. 875K – x rank Judgement damage without crit. A badge for one million damage is on several of my wizards.

  2. You’re right, when I mentioned “different sources” I didn’t make it clear that includes showing up at the Bazaar as separate listings for different origins (I’m updating this post to reflect that). Personally I don’t care that much about overkill, I’m just looking to win the fight. And this blog–while I do include some higher level stuff as I go up– is primarily for wizards under level 40, where I don’t think you need to stack more than two or three blades and a couple of traps. But, because I don’t go for the record-breaking hits, I tend to forget to offer any advice for those who do, so thanks for adding the reminder.
    Dragonblades drop from Sword Ferns — I just have one wizard on one account growing sword ferns and she gets enough to pass to all the higher level wizards on all accounts (don’t figure the lower levels really need them…).

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