Earning Free Crowns

KI has provided a couple of ways to earn free crowns.  I’ve written in the past about playing games at Freekigames.  You can also turn on an “earn crowns” feature in the game.

This feature opens a window and offers various videos to watch and sometimes articles to choose among to read.  You earn 10 crowns per video or article and there doesn’t appear to be a limit as to how many you can earn a day; sometimes there aren’t many videos available to watch.

You turn the feature on by going into the Options menu (second tab up from the bottom in your Spell Book) and to the fifth tab to the right, the Advanced Game Play options.  The bottom option on that page lets you turn on and off the “earn Crowns” feature.

Turn on Earn Crowns

You do need to be careful, as KI doesn’t apparently vet the stuff they accept.  Even though I’m generally not interested in any of the articles on offer, I’ve clicked through to some of them (takes you to a browser page) just to earn the crowns and quite often a big warning popped up on my computer pointing out a risky or dangerous site or that something has been blocked from the site.

I now just click the “close” button every time the offer is to read articles.  Generally if I close and reopen the “earn crowns”, something else comes up so I can avoid the articles.

So far none of the videos, which just air in the earn crowns window, have caused any problem.   Most of them are ads for other computer games with an occasional movie trailer or other ad thrown in.

I like this option better than the games because it’s faster.  Since I wrote the first post about the games, they’ve started putting up video ads before each set of questions and you generally have to wait through at least some of it before you can close.

Then for each set of 12 questions, the questions only come up one at a time and the multiple choice answers show up slowly.  Presumably giving you a chance to see the new ads that pop up on the side of the page each time you move to a new question.

Then, even though you’re logged in you have to do one of those “I’m not a bot” tests after EVERY set of questions.  Yep.  Not enough to log in and do one bot test, you can’t get the 10 crowns for any set of 12 questions until you’ve stopped and done the bot test.  Between the ads and the bot test it takes SOOO much longer than it should to take 10 easy quizzes.

Sometimes I take a few quizzes and watch a bunch of videos, sometimes I just go for the videos.  Either way, I really appreciate the opportunity to earn free crowns.  If you’re playing on a budget it’s a great way to get some crowns.

On occasion I’ve done all 10 quizzes and watched 10 or 12 videos and earned 200 to 220 crowns in one day.  That can add up every month to enough crowns to buy two or three areas of the game.  Or every couple of months to buy some gear or a house or a fun mount….  Now when people beg for crowns I tell them to earn their own.


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  1. Thank you, I’ve played a few of those Freekigames but I get tired of them. I like this option and will try it now. I do wish there was a gold instead of crowns option for more than houses and being limited to three houses should be raised to 4 or 5….some of us could fill them with clutter easily

    • Yea, I’m glad you can get some mounts and quite a lot of furniture for gold as well but I often wish for gear and pets and packs to be available for gold too.

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