KI Customer service–come on, get it together

I posted a while back about issues with customer support at KI and my discomfort with a policy that basically assumes I’m a liar unless I prove otherwise.  Somehow I don’t find that supportive…

A number of the instances I referred to involved finishing a dungeon and having something go wrong so the quest didn’t move forward.  It used to be you could just get in touch, tell them it happened, and they’d advance the quest.  Then I started getting a stock response that told me they “can’t go into dungeons” (who asked them to?) and that I should do it again and send a screenshot if it continued to be a problem.  That in itself SUCKS as a response.

But now I’ve realized they make a stock response to each general issue regardless of what you’ve actually told them in your support “ticket”.  I’m taking a fourth wizard through Celestia and for the fourth (or at least the third) time, after Karolak Nightspinner was defeated the quest finder pointed to a spot on the battle platform and said to talk to Karolak only Karolak wasn’t there.  Having learned my lesson, I snapped a couple of shots that showed the empty platform, the quest instructions and the arrow pointing to an invisible Karolak.

However, I’ve been trying to push two wizards on the third (non-member) account through to levels 50 and 60 while I’m on an almost-over one month membership (to take advantage of the double pet and gardening days earlier in the month) so I didn’t want to wait for customer service.  I turned around and went back in, beat Karolak again and again no Karolak.

So I got in touch with Support, told them what happened, that I’d done it twice, and attached pictures.

Here’s their response, with my original statement below:

Karolak Nightspinner; Celestian Leftovers quest
 Discussion Thread
 Response Via Email (KingsIsle Support) 09/29/2015 05:57 PM

We apologize for the trouble. Our powers are limited when it comes to dungeons and instance quests. The best advice we have for you is to do the dungeon over again. If the same issue occurs, please send us a screenshot of the issue. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

KingsIsle Support

 Customer By Web Form 09/29/2015 05:00 PM
This is the third or fourth wizard among my three accounts who’s fought and beaten Karolak Nightspinner, received a message to talk to Karolak, with an arrow pointing right there on the platform where you fight the battle only Karolak isn’t there. This time I went back out, went in again and beat him again. Still no Karolak. Please put the quest forward to the next step after talking to Karolak. And fix the bug–I shouldn’t be having to report this every time I take a character through there. Two pictures following the battle attached.
Character: Heather Greenthistle

Whoever picked up my request obviously didn’t even bother to read my statement, didn’t bother to even look at the pictures I attached –or apparently even to notice that I attached pictures.  It did no good whatsoever to try to anticipate the issues they always raise by addressing them.  Just got the stock response as if I hadn’t already done it twice, told them I’d done it twice, and attached pictures.

I’ve had the feeling several times that there’s a line of “first responders” who don’t really pay any attention, plug in stock responses and hope you’ll go away.  So far, each time I get feisty and respond that they need to do something, someone generally gets in touch and actually fixes the problem.  But why do I have to go through this two-step process even when I provide them everything they need to know the first time?

KI claims to have 40 million members.  Even assuming as many as half are free or Crowns players, that’s still 20 million people paying $60-$120 a year to belong ($120 to $240 MILLION dollars a year).  Not to mention the kabillions of crowns I’m sure they sell as they constantly promote crowns-eating activities.  Seriously, you can’t afford to hire enough people to actually read customer support requests or pay them enough that they can be bothered to read what we send?

Not to mention that the three wizards I know for sure I had this problem with went through this part of Celestia over a six or eight month period.  [The first wizard, I just don’t remember for sure as it was well over a  year ago that she went through there]  I can’t imagine that I’m the only person who’s had this issue.  I get it if they have a glitch they’re having trouble figuring out how to fix.  But they have to know it’s an issue.  Why not have a stock response for this quest of “We’re really sorry.  We know there’s a glitch and we’re working on it.  In the meantime, we’re happy to put your quest forward?”  Followed by actually putting the quest forward…

One of the things I love about Amazon is that –for me at least — their customer support has always been stellar.  Fast, responsive, helpful.  They assume I’m telling the truth.  They replace what I say is broken and don’t even make me send the broken thing back (helped along I’m sure by the fact that such reports from me have been RARE).  I’m sure it’s part of the reason they’re apparently about to rule the world 🙂  Learn a lesson KI.


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