Winding down

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My month-long membership on the third account expires on the 2d, which based on past experience means I’ll lose member access sometime today (the 1st), possibly as early as 6 or 7 p.m.  I’m looking forward to cutting back.  In fact I’ll not only be dialing back the mad questing of this month, but I’m dialing back gardening and pet training quite a bit too.

I’d hoped to get Alura N. (Death) and Heather G. (Life) from level 41 and 51 up to levels 50 and 60 respectively, and I worked pretty hard at it.  But I was away on vacation for a week and then had problems with Heather that have wasted a bunch of time(see previous post.  I DID manage to get Alura to level 49 and Heather to level 58, so they both finally have their AOE spells.

I’m not sure that I’ll level either of them up any more as they both now have enough energy to do the basic gardening goal I have for keeping in pet snacks.  But for occasionally hanging out helping people with dungeons in the zones I’ve bought, they’ll be more use now that they have their all-enemies spells.

Struggles with health issues have meant I’ve had extra time on my hands to spend on this game, but life is changing and I don’t want to be putting in the crazy amounts of time I’ve spent.  The biggest time-eater has been gardening, with pet training running a close second, though when I get a goal in mind, I can be pretty single-minded about questing too.  So for a while now I’ve been trying to cut back on the gardening.

When I first started gardening I built gardens for all six wizards on the one account I had, to help catch up on reagents and snacks.  Then when I started the second account and got to gardening I found myself tending gardens for 7, then 8…  I shifted to have three gardening wizards on each account.  When I added the third account, it became two on each account.  But taking care of gardens for six wizards every day is just WAY too time consuming.

Between the long animations, the many glitches that add time, the constant having to stop and go sell stuff before you can finish harvesting, etc.  it can take as much as 90-120 minutes to cover that many gardens, especially since so many plants require tending twice a day.  I’d say this is a DISadvantage of having more than one account.  However, since I’ve done enough gardening on all of them to have a nice supply of pet snacks and reagents, I think I can cut back now.

Fortunately Alura’s and Heather’s gardens are finishing up at the same time they’re losing their membership status so I can turn my attention back to the two main accounts and dual questing (the big advantage of two accounts!).

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The pet games take quite a while, especially since the ones I play have no mechanism to get out of the game with all your points if you finish before the game is officially over and the animations can be slow and tedious.  Added to gardening, I often spent more time than I wanted to on the game without even doing a quest.

So, my new plan is that two wizards on one account will garden each week (or until everything is harvested) and possibly two wizards on another account will train pets that week.  I’ll just keep it rotating.  So far it has cut back enormously on the crazy time factor, so I’m hoping I can go back to slowly working Morgan D. (level 77 Death) and Rylee W. (level 76 Life) through Avalon.

One of the brilliant things KI has done with this game is to provide so many things to do, such a long quest line, etc.  But the long list of activities, special events, etc. means the game can start absorbing your life.  Do you find you have to put limits on the time you spend? That your children spend?  Do you have strategies for gardening and training and questing that let you get it done while still having a life?


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