Stormdrain Tower Notes for Halloween

In Stormdrain Tower

In Stormdrain Tower

During the month of October, the Stormdrain Tower, home to Lord Nightshade, becomes a favorite spot for farming.  For this month his lordship drops a bunch of the special Halloween gear, from clothing to the pets.  Although this is normally an instance for about level 10 (give or take a few, depending on whether you’re doing main story or all quests), suddenly every level hops in and out as fast as they can go.

I’ve been farming A LOT, trying to get a Nightmare pet for my second account.  I’ve gotten a Ghost Dragon and a Black Cat and more Black Sprites and Blue Banshees than I can count.  Not sure how much more I’m going to try since I bought a Nightmare for the first account, so I can hatch.

Teammate info at bottom

Teammate info at bottom

In the course of all the farming, I’ve noticed a few things I thought I’d just mention:

  1. Everyone seems to like to Team Up.  Even level 100 wizards use Team Up over and over as they farm.  They like to go incredibly fast.  If you’re lower level, especially level-appropriate or really anywhere below, say, level 25, and you land on a team with one or more of them they’re probably going to start and end the battle before you’ve cast a spell or at least before you’ve done more than cast a blade.  That can be great news if you just want the drops and to go fast.  Or not such good news if you actually like to participate in the game…
  2. Most (though definitely not ALL) of the time you wind up in there with at least one wizard of level 70 or above.  Because the creatures don’t have very big health, the high-levels generally can launch one of their lower-ish level AOE spells within the first round or two and end the battle.  Which they often do, without regard to whether everyone has gotten into the circle or whether the other wizards have been given a chance to cast a spell.
  3. So if you’re low level, realize you don’t really need to fix your deck or be prepared.  You need to jump into the circle quickly because they’re going to move fast and they won’t wait for you.  You really just have to join the team and let the high levels do their thing.  You can tell approximately what levels you’re in with when the first “hand” shows up for you to pick a spell and everyone’s name and health shows up across the bottom of the screen.  Anybody with 4,000 health or higher is probably something like level 90 or above.
  4. The worst case scenario arises for wizards who are at the Stormdrain to do the final main Wizard City quest.  These wizards are stopped at the door by the chat boxes from Lord Nightshade.  There are a number of them and you can’t move until you’ve gone through them all.  Even if you’re not reading and just clicking on “more” at the bottom of each one, you still can’t move till you get through them and most higher level wizards seem to have forgotten that you get stuck by the door for the quest.
  5. Maybe bring some blades but don’t bother with traps–you’re not likely to have time to cast both.  You don’t really need your fancy Star spells, etc. (although adding Gargantuan or Colossal to a spell is most helpful) and if you take a round to cast, say, Amplify, somebody else is likely to end the game before you have a chance to amplify anything.
  6. Pay careful attention to who is casting what (for lower levels:  watch the info on each player that shows up at the bottom of the screen when it’s time to choose the next spell).  Meteor alone if you’re not high enough to have tons of extra damage in your gear and/or to go critical most of the time, is not enough but if someone else is casting Sandstorm or Frog (same thing about level) your Meteor combined with their Frog (or whatever combination works out between you and someone else) can finish the job in one round.
  7. Some high levels are really nice about helping lower levels or making sure they have a chance to do something.  Some are not only thoughtless about lower levels but they can be downright snotty.  Especially about speed.  Since they could wipe everybody out in a round or two even if they went in alone, I’m not sure why the folks-in-a-hurry choose to Team Up, but they do, so be prepared for their impatience and derisive remarks.  [Maybe the opportunity to be snotty and derisive is the reason for teaming up???]
  8. You can use your higher level to move it along and still give some others a chance to participate.  I’ve been mostly farming with a level 50 Fire wizard.  She pretty often starts off with 4 pips and a Meteor in hand.  It’s not enough to take out Nightshade and varies (that range of damage thing) as to whether it takes out all the minions.  But if she casts it, it often either gets rid of the minions (and a lot of damage on the team) or reduces them to a level where wand spells can finish them and leaves a hundred or two more on Nightshade.  Then I don’t do anything else (unless the team falters…).  It generally only takes one or two more rounds to finish and everyone has gotten to take part.  Doesn’t add a lot of time and I prefer to let everyone contribute.  Sometimes I cast a blade first, which gives everybody else a round to do something although sometimes a higher level finishes it instead.
  9. You don’t get much XP for an instance that’s not a quest (or, in this case, is for a quest you finished long ago).  But you can get XP for casting spells in the instance.  When a high level jumps in and knocks out the opponents without letting anyone else cast, he or she is the only person who gets XP for the round.  Some high levels like to command everyone else to “Pass”.  If you comply you get 0 XP.  You’re not going to get a lot in any case, but personally, if I’m going to spend endless hours farming an instance, I’d like to advance my XP a little at the same time and those little bits do add up when you play over and over.
  10. A bit unfairly (in my opinion) if you set up to cast a spell and someone who comes before you in the round kills everybody off before you get to cast it, you don’t get any XP. [This is based on me watching my XP after each round, not on bothering to actually look it up in quite some time 🙂 ]  If you only cast spells on yourself or your team, such as blades, shields or heals, you get to cast them even if the guy before you just wiped everybody out and you’ll pick up a few points.  The high levels don’t like it because it keeps the game going for 30 seconds while the lower levels cast their now-unneeded spells but if you want some points, do it anyway.  Anything you’ve set up to cast on the enemies won’t get cast if somebody defeats them all before your turn and you won’t get points.

I usually solo, so this has been kind of fun and I keep encountering some of the same wizards over and over.  Nice to see familiar “faces” and chat a bit instead of hanging out in isolation.  And I’ve enjoyed watching the different styles and approaches to farming.

I feel for the really low level wizards who are in with their first character.  I remember how clueless I was at that stage and I know I’d have been flummoxed by heading in for my quest and finding myself in the midst of all these high level folks.  At least they get through a dungeon that’s a little hard when you’re level-appropriate with ease!

This is not only a great chance to get some good stuff in drops, but a fun group experience.  Enjoy!  And remember to play nice!


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  1. I have really been enjoying reading your posts. When I was a lower level wizard, these things all annoyed me. But now that I am a higher level wizard (in the low 80’s currently), I understand why the higher level wizards go so fast. That being said, I have often entered a dungeon with the attention to just assist, and gotten questioned about why I wasn’t just finishing off all the villains quickly. And have had requests to get the battle over with ASAP. So it seems like when you are a higher level, you can have lower level players upset with you whether you carry the entire battle and go quickly, and also if you don’t enter and end the battle in one or two rounds. You just can’t win. I do try to hold off on anything until all players are ready to start though. I am currently farming Nightshade for Halloween and have let lower level players friend me and then port into the battle. I can spare the 10 seconds it takes for that to happen!

    • I agree, I’ve had both experiences. I just think there’s no excuse for wiping everybody out before all wizards are in the circle — especially in the Stormdrain where anyone who has done the actual quest knows the quest stops people at the door with chat boxes
      That’s a good idea, the friending and porting!

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