May Cast Pet Talents

At this point I’ve trained a lot of pets to mega and a couple to ultra (a future post will discuss the futility of that) and gotten a lot of the coveted “may cast” talents.  I’ve also equipped quite a few of those pets and spent hours questing with them, which has led me to question the usefulness of “may cast”.

It’s definitely got the biggest WOW factor and if you just want a pet that’s cool and randomly does some fun stuff that everyone with whom you’re playing can see, you’ll have a grand time with the may cast talents.  Your pet takes over the round at any point it chooses to and casts whatever spell from among its manifested talents it’s decided to cast.

But if you want a pet you can count on for help, I’m not sure that the may cast talents are your best choices.  I’ve mentioned before, I’m dubious as to whether PvE players really have a need for great pets.  I think you can get through all the worlds without even having a pet, so the talents may not make that much difference;  possibly the wow factor is reason enough to go for the may cast talents.

I’ve found them pretty variable as to reliability.  The two first “may casts” I got arrived with a Smith who got “Fearless Fortifier” (may cast Fortify) and a Snowy Owl who got “Guardian Wall” (may cast Tower Shield) and those two are pretty good talents.  Both pets cast at least one in almost every battle.  Those Tower Shields really helped keep health intact, and, for the low level wizard whom I equipped with the Smith, those Fortify spells lowering damage for four rounds reduced enough damage to be quite helpful.

Unfortunately, Ice is the school I liked so little I deleted the wizard and have never created another and both those pets are Ice, so many of their talents aren’t useful.  I HAVE successfully transferred Fearless Fortifier to some Death pets and managed to get rid of the Ice talents, so it still may wind up in the mix on some great pet.  Hatching attempts with the Snowy Owl have so far lost the Guardian Wall talent, but it may yet prove useful.

I have pets from several schools who’ve gotten a may cast blade or may cast trap talent for their own schools.  Initially I thought that would be great, but they’ve not proved very helpful although the traps are marginally better than the blades.  Several pets with a may cast blade talent have been in dozens and dozens of battles without ever casting one–and I mean literally these pets have NEVER cast one.

Several of them routinely cast a blade on me right after I’ve defeated all the enemies–in other words holding up the end of the battle to cast a blade I don’t need since there’s no one left to hit with damage.  Sometimes it’s triggered by casting a wand spell, so you can try to encourage a blade cast by hitting someone with a wand or some smaller spell before you let loose your biggest spell, but it’s pretty iffy whether it will happen.

I’ve had a couple of pets, including a Lava Spider, who can cast traps and they do that more often and generally either cast on the enemy in the first position or on whichever enemy you’ve just hit with some damage.  But I can still quest sometimes for a couple of hours without a single one being cast.  And I have a couple of Death pets with may cast Death trap who have never cast one.

Similarly with the may-cast heal talents, I’ve found them entirely unreliable.  I now have a few wizards equipped with pets who have Spritely, Energizing Battery, and Unicorn (all three) and you’d be amazed how many times I’ve gotten down to very low health without any heal being cast.  I’ve even been defeated a couple of times without the pet ever helping.

And when they do cast, it’s often not helpful.  Energizing Battery, for instance, can give you (rounded) about 100, 400 or 1000.  The pets generally only cast it when I’ve barely been hit and the mostly likely time to get 1000 health from it is at the beginning of a battle after being hit with maybe 100 in damage.  Having all three of those may-cast-health talents seems to make it more likely that at least one will be cast in a given battle but you can also fight one battle after another for an hour and never get healed by your pet.

It would be really useful if the may cast health talents were programmed to be cast every time your health has gone down by a certain percentage.  But they all seem to be programmed to an extremely low probability of being cast any time you’re hit by damage.  It results in many battles where they’re not cast and many battles in which the only cast is at the beginning when you don’t need it.

Picture 2015-10-25 23-15-54

Far less glamorous but possibly more useful are the stat boosts.  For instance, that Lava Spider I mentioned has Fire Shot which gives a nice Fire accuracy boost of 5%, and Fire Giver, which boosts Fire damage by 6%.  Doesn’t do anything fancy, it’s just always there, quietly combined with accuracy boosts in some of her other gear, helping to keep her from fizzling, you know, like a Fire girl…

Picture 2015-10-25 23-15-38

She also has a Sea Dragon with Sharp Shot adding a 6% accuracy boost to ALL spells, Spell Proof adding a 10% shield against all damage spells, and Pain Giver adding a 6% damage boost to all damage spells.  What I’d like to do is hatch the Sea Dragon and the Lava Spider until I can get one with Spell Proof, Pain Giver, Fire Giver, Fire Shot and Sharp Shot.  She’d have that 10% shield plus accuracy boosted by 11%, and damage boosted by 12%.  (So far hatching has mostly gotten me a combo of the talents I don’t want…).  If you could get both Spell Proof and Spell Defy on one pet you could be shielded for 18-20% against all damage.

With these kinds of talents the pet doesn’t grab control of the battle and, with a little flourish, cast a spell — revealing how cool it is — but these stat boosts are always there and working for you in every battle, every cast, no exceptions. I think it may serve you better.

So far in hatching I’ve wound up replicating may-cast-health talents with ease and the talents like damage or accuracy boosts have been harder to move from one pet to another, so I have a bunch of pets who have lots of heals they might or might not cast; sometimes they even cast one when I can use it.  Since I think my wizards could win in PvE without pets, I’m going with what I’m getting and having fun with the pets loaded with may cast talents.

But I’m still hatching and trying to get more pets with the quieter talents you can count on.


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