Baron Mordecai and Mysterious Cave


I’ve been busy running a couple of wizards who’ve never done them through the Halloween quests as we run up to the end of this year’s festivities and I managed to take a few notes on Mysterious Cave and Baron Mordecai.

Baron Mordecai is a bit puzzling to me for a couple of reasons.  It’s surprisingly tough for the low level allowed in (appears to be available starting at level 5).  All the opponents are Death school and they have significant resist to Death, so especially tough for a Death wizard who doesn’t have a Prism yet.

If one or two wizards go in they face Baron Mordecai, health 2000, and a Loathsome Creeper, health 695.  If three or four go in it’s those two plus two Crypt Walkers, each with 1000 health.  They can put up tower shields and they use blades and traps that can lead to damage of 300+ from one spell [I’ve seen them cast a Kraken that defeated a level 5 in one hit].  For a level five with approx. 500-600 health, that’s a pretty big blow from one spell.

I’ve had no trouble if I’ve either been the one high level wizard in there or if I’ve had a low level wizard in on a team that includes at least one high level wizard  (I mostly don’t do this quest with a wizard below level 10).  And I’ve made it through with a low level teamed with other low levels, but we barely made it.

Our spells weren’t big enough to do enough damage and without Reshuffle (level 22) I’ve had a couple of rounds where I ran out of damage spells and it was lucky others had enough left to finish it off.  Against creatures with health that big the spells of a level 5 (or even 10) are so small it can take three or four damage spells cast at ONE creature to defeat him.  At those low levels you can only have three of any given card and not that many cards total so if you add any shields and/or health spells, there’re only so many damage spells you can get in there.

If you’re going to go in on Team Up, where you can’t know until you get in whether you’ve teamed with a high level, I’d suggest getting a couple of Reshuffle treasure cards and an AOE treasure card or two to add to your deck.  As a low level, pips will be an issue, so I suggest you pick Humongofrog or Meteor or something else that only takes 4 pips.  If it’s not your school, you might also want to add a blade treasure card to enhance the damage (i.e., if you’re Life, get a Fire blade to enhance the Fire spell Meteor).

The other puzzling thing to me is the quality and quantity of drops given how tough it is.  Although there are some good pets available, most of the gear I’ve received has not been that great* and the housing item list is small and ho hum.  Nothing very exciting in the jewels, reagents or pet snacks either.

You can get some of the Halloween gear, but much simpler and faster to keep doing the much easier Stormdrain tower for that (and the Halloween pets).   I realize it’s pretty easy for higher levels so I get that the drops aren’t as good as, say, Mirror Lake, but I’m surprised they’re not a little better.  There IS some level 45 gear from Mordecai that I don’t think is matched at Stormdrain…

I’ve written about the Mysterious Cave before so I just want to add a note here about the Blood Bats on the third level.  When you enter, there are 2-4 Blood Bats (depending on number of wizards) and you have to fight them to get the next part of the quest, which then tells you to fight the ones on the next level down.  After you defeat the second round of Blood Bats, though, you go down another level to find dynamite, followed by talking to Tarley and then clearing rubble with the dynamite.

There are Blood Bats on that level as well but nothing in the quest requires you to fight them.  You can skirt around them easily to (1) get to the dynamite, (2) go back to Tarley and (3) get around to the passage you clear with the dynamite.  If you’re on a team it’s easiest if one goes to the dynamite, one runs back to Tarley and one hangs out at the passageway to set off the dynamite.  No reason for everybody to run around to all these places. NO ONE needs to fight ANY Blood Bats on the third level.

I can’t tell you how many times now I’ve been in there when somebody has run into that extra round of Blood Bats and started an unnecessary battle.  If the group has high enough level wizards, I generally don’t jump in but finish the other pieces of the quest and go down to the Veggie Revenants to wait.  If I’m in with low levels (quest requires minimum of level 13), I will fight the extra battle to help them out.  Just pay attention to the quest instructions instead of assuming you have to fight everything you see…

All the Halloween fun ends tomorrow (Sun. Nov. 1) so hurry up and win those Frankenbunnies, find those pumpkins, try for one of those pets!  Have fun!


  • The gear pretty much is either level 15 or level 45.  I realize for the lower level wizards, level 45 gear gives them far more gold (assuming sale) than they would usually be getting from drops and for those below level 15, there’s a small chance of getting some gear they’ll actually be able to use when they level up.  But since I’ve got quite a few wizards at level 50 and up I’m jaded I guess 🙂

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