Team Up issues, Waterworks and more

Harvest Glitch

Notice no “click x” boxes are open

I’ve been having an ongoing issue with Team Up and I’m wondering whether anyone else is noticing it.  Frequently when I team up for an instance for which I’m actually on the quest (not just farming a place I already completed), I finish the whole thing, look at my quest book to see where I need to go next and realize the completion of the dungeon hasn’t registered and I have to do it again.

When Morgan first got the Waterworks quest, I took her in with a group of four (that time we just all hit the sigil at the same time and they invited me in).  The highest level had to leave about halfway through and the others decided to quit.  I was pretty disgusted to have spent over an hour at it and wound up with nothing to show for it.

I was also pretty puzzled by a lot of the goings on in the instance, so I looked up a guide and realized I really should study up before going in again.  Since I play for fun and feel I’ve already had to spend inordinate amounts of time looking things up and figuring things out, I wasn’t keen on that so I just never did it since it isn’t a main line quest.

She’s level 81 now and for the heck of it I joined a Team Up at the kiosk, figuring I’d get it over with and forgetting that I should study first.  A couple of level 100s pretty much ran the show so I made it through, feeling pretty much like an idiot since I kept missing everything about when to cast traps or blades… or not to.  But we got through.  Was surprised to see not anything much added to my level bar (I know there was some because XP did show up at the end of each battle) and that some other quest popped up with the quest arrow instead of a final piece of Waterworks.  Checked my quest book, and sure enough Waterworks quest is still in there.  Sigh.

It’s happened quite a few times now though generally in dungeons that were quicker and easier to do.  I mention this one in part because it’s most fresh but also because it’s the most disappointing one so far in terms of time spent — and the fact I didn’t especially want to do it.  I know it’s famous for its drops but I’m not interested enough in what I can get to have to fool with a long dungeon full of tricks.

Now I guess I have to study up.  Some other day.  When I feel like studying in order to play a kids’ game…

In the meantime, you might want to think twice about using Team Up for dungeons if you’re there to complete a quest.  I think I’ve had the trouble more from the Old Town Kiosk than from Teaming Up at the sigil at the entry to the instance but I haven’t kept careful enough track to be sure.

Have also continued having issues with plants not harvesting (see previous post).  Sometimes when the plants say they’re ready for harvest and have the ring of light around or have reached elder, I can’t click to harvest.  Occasionally with the plant menu closed, the “click x” box won’t even show up.  Sometimes if I then reopen the plant menu, I can click on individual plants (with a big stacked garden just about impossible to click on each one) but often that doesn’t work either.

Usually if I “quit” and then click “play”, the wizard is at the Bazaar because my gardening wizards have to sell garden drops often and I do that last thing before logging off.  Sometimes heading home again from there works and I can harvest.  But I started having trouble with that too.  One day I wanted to get some of the new housing stuff from Wysteria so I went there, quit and re-entered the game.  When I went home, no problem harvesting.  Since then I’ve been heading to another world before I quit and come back and that seems to work every time.  Very odd.


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