Morgan equipped for Jabberwock

Morgan equipped for Jabberwock

I’ve completed the Jabberwock dungeon at the end of the Wild in Avalon twice recently, with two very different experiences.  Others have given pretty extensive guides to this dungeon (see here for one) so I won’t get too detailed, but thought I’d provide the contrast between my first, miserable, experience and my second quick and easy one.

Generally when I face a dungeon I’ve already heard is difficult I do some research and read someone else’s guide/notes so I know what the trick(s) is/are, whether I need to buy some TCs, what gear to put on, etc.  But I was feeling lazy when Morgan hit the dungeon and just got on Team Up and went in.  Jabberwock is a fire creature with 25,000 health and a couple of big cheats though he also casts a helpful all school 200% trap on himself.

Every third round he casts a Meteor that does anywhere from 1800 to 3800 damage to every player on your team.  He also puts that 200% trap on himself.  Periodically, though, he removes all traps, including that one, so part of the trick is timing in when you hit him.  Some sources say he does that every other round, some say it’s every five or six; I lost count so I can’t say for sure, but it didn’t seem like every other round to me.

Morgan went in without enough proper fire gear, no Quench cards, only her Volcanic Shields from her regular deck (no Fire shield TCs) and was quickly defeated, only to discover this dungeon doesn’t have reset (although randomly a couple of times when I fled it showed up…).  So, first thing you want to do if you Team Up with strangers is either mark location at the grassy section by the entry or “friend” some or all of the other players so you can leave and port back in if necessary.

On her second team up attempt she went in with just one other person.  Neither of us had the proper gear and Morgan had the same deck I used the first time except for a bunch of Fire shields in the Treasure side.  We eventually defeated him but we both spent a bundle on Henchmen who were defeated as well as using our level 75 minions.  Eventually she called her sister, who got on line and joined.  It took between two and three hours, during which time we both were repeatedly defeated and had to port back in.

Knowing that Rylee W. would soon be facing him, I did some research and started stockpiling Quench (hard to come by at the Bazaar but you can buy as many as you want from the Archivist in Celestia) and Fire shields for both her and Morgan (having decided to bring Morgan in too so they could both help with Quench and shields).  Toward the last I hit the Bazaar and studied the gear, purchasing a bunch of Fire resist gear for both of them so they both went in with 73% Fire resist and 43% Storm resist built into their equipment, plus a fair amount of critical block (30% ish) for both Storm and Fire, which made a HUGE difference.  Since I also still liberally put up Fire shields, some of those theoretically big hits wound up only doing 38 damage or 17 damage, etc.

Jabberwock gear stats

Jabberwock gear stats

The gear I chose:

  • Robe–Combustible Costume
  • Ring–Hathi’s Victory Band
  • Boots–Ironhide
  • Hat–Paladin’s Frosty Helmet
  • Athame–Razor Thorn

All of that is gear that can be used by wizards from any school.

At the level my two were when hitting Jabberwock (about level 79 for Rylee and level 80 for Morgan), there’s an odd dearth of level-appropriate resistance equipment, so you’ll notice that most of the items on the list are more like level 62 –the robe is only level 54.  It means I lost a lot of damage boost that I usually build into my gear but for this dungeon, where preventing defeat (or multiple defeats 🙂 ) is a major goal, it was definitely worth the sacrifice.

I’ve already picked up some level 82 gear for Morgan that will give her a few pieces of level-appropriate resistance gear as soon as she levels up but from level 62 to 82+ it’s surprising how little resistance gear there is (Paladin’s Frosty Helmet being a big exception).  I looked pretty carefully and realized it’s the same for other schools:  to create that big resistance I have to use gear that’s around level 54-56 for the biggest resist.  Not sure why there’s so little good resistance gear available when you get into the 70’s and 80’s and even the minions are whacking you with big spells and critical.

At the last minute I decided to use Team Up, so two Storm wizards came in with us.  It worked out kind of well because they didn’t seem to bring Quench but my two cast LOTS of them.  I found it really helped to just get Quench stacked so I didn’t have to keep counting rounds.  It stopped most of his casts, including blades, so even when he did manage to launch something it generally didn’t have enhanced damage.  He almost never got off one of those pesky Meteors at all.

While my two contributed a couple of quite good hits with Scarecrow and Forest Lord, respectively, they mainly helped in keeping Jabberwock at bay and the big hits of Storm by the others really helped.  One of the Storm girls managed to whack him a couple of times with the 200% shield up, including her final hit knocking him for 46,000+!  And all of this took about 15 minutes.  After the long ordeal the first time that felt like major victory.

If my two had gone in alone I think it would have taken quite a bit longer since Quench takes up 2 pips and because it’s not the school of either of my wizards, that means it eats power pips.  Forest Lord, Gnomes, Dr. Von and Scarecrow all take a lot of pips to cast so, based on the time it took for each of them to cast after stacking Quench, it would have taken quite a while for them to cast several rounds of damage with lots of Quench and shields in between.

A lot of advice involves keeping count of rounds and anticipating what Jabberwock will be doing but I find it too hard to keep track of the round numbers so for me it wound up kind of random whether I was casting various things on the recommended round.  In the end that didn’t seem to make that much difference.

There’s also a lot of advice about making sure everyone gets into the circle at the same time.  No one seems to mention why it’s important but it seemed like it might impact whether you wind up with two battles or one.  When my first battle wound up with two in the circle before the other two, we fought all the creatures who were out when we entered; the Jabberwock, his Storm minion (3,250) and his two Fomori Giant minions (Myth, 2,280).  For Rylee’s turn, when we all jumped in at the same time and started the first round together, we fought the two Fomoris first and then got the Jabberwock and the Storm minion for the second battle, which definitely made it easier.

Recently I became much lazier than I used to be about researching dungeons before going in.  But lately I’ve started having trouble with changing gear after I’m in and having it wipe out half my mana or reduce my health by a bunch, so I’ve been back to looking each one up before entering so I can change gear and, if necessary, restore mana and/or health before I go in.  The Jabberwock experience definitely underscored how helpful it can be to take a little time before going in so I know what I’m facing and how to prepare.


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