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The vendor who sells the recipe for crafting Deer Knight is in Avalon.  You have to defeat the Indigo Giant in the Wyrd before you can purchase from Grady, who appears after the defeat.  It’s not clear to me whether you have to defeat the Giant again if you want to go back to purchase another recipe or if you can just enter the dungeon and skirt around to Grady.  I chose to get only Deer Knight this time, so at some point I may find out…

[UPDATE 1/31/16:  I’ve now been back with Morgan (to get Lord of Knight) and Rylee (to get Deer Knight after realizing what an asset it will be with her Death Mastery amulet) and they were able to just skirt around the boss and minion to the recipe vendor, buy and port back out to Caliburn)]

I’m grateful that farming some dungeons with higher level wizards had given me a chance to see Deer Knight in action or I’d not have researched to find out how to get it… and I’d probably have skipped right out of the dungeon after defeating the Indigo Giant without stopping to buy the spell.  I was grateful that for once my wizard was the right level and had the right crafting level to purchase the spell on the spot.  In the past I’ve hit a few dungeons with vendors and found out I couldn’t buy the spell yet…

Until now I’ve used Poison a lot to keep Tower Shields off of Ice Wizards, the Death portion of Spirit Shields off of Balance, and Death shields off of Life wizards, but of course you have to cast one on each individual opponent who’s casting shields or been cast upon, which means usually by the time you have garnered enough pips again to cast a Scarecrow, at least one of them has gotten past the Poison and cast another Shield.  Deer Knight lets you hit everybody with an over time spell that keeps the shields off and for only one more pip than casting one Poison!

Some wizards have told me they think Deer Knight is the best spell Death has.  Since I LOVE the drain spells — they’re the main reason Death is my favorite — I don’t agree with that.  I’d always rather cast something that restores my health as well as defeating the bad guys.  But Deer Knight is proving to be a good companion, as I can keep the shields off and clear the way for Scarecrow to give me full damage.

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about how hard it is to craft Deer Knight but I didn’t have too much trouble.  It requires:

  1. 6 Deer Knight treasure cards
  2. 100 Perfect Onyx
  3. 200 Ghost Fire
  4. 100 Blood Moss
  5. 100 Bone
  6. 50 Springs
  7. 50 Sunstones
  8. 12 Amber

Most of the reagents I already had, thanks to long time gardening.  In reading up on gardening and reagents when I first started serious gardening, I realized long ago that Amber is needed for crafting higher up and hard to get, so I’ve periodically grown crops of various plants that drop Amber, which meant I had more Amber than needed for this recipe.

Perfect Onyx and Ghost Fire are easy to purchase from reagent vendors; I went to Celestia for the Onyx and the Ghost Fire.  Twenty minutes of refreshing the Death TC tab at the Bazaar got me the six Deer Knights (I’m sorry to say I received Deer Knight in the past and had sold them since I almost never use TCs for damage…).

Crafting is a great reason to start gardening early.  I’ve grown a lot of Pink Dandelions, mostly to get the Black Pearls needed for some of the mid-level crafting projects, and they drop Blood Moss and Springs so I’d accumulated way more than enough for this.  And, as mentioned, though Amber doesn’t drop often even in gardening, between King Parsley, White Tiger Lily, and Deadly Ninja Fig crops, I’d managed to accumulate more than enough for this spell.  If you don’t start growing plants for Amber until you buy this spell, you’ll be waiting a long time to craft it.

It’s definitely a spell worth having in your arsenal, so be ready to hop over to Grady after you finish the Indigo Giant battle.  And be prepared with 60,000 gold.  If you’re lower level, pay attention to the ingredients list above and start gathering now –including growing a garden if you need to — so you can craft that spell as soon as you get it!


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  1. Nice! Ive always wanted the deer knight! I was on spring break last week so i binge played wizard101 lol. Ive been playing for more than five years but i dont have membership so i havent progressed much. I take quizzes and watch videos for crowns to unlock zones lol and i recently made it into colossus boulevard at level 22.
    Any insight on whether i should unlock grizzleheim first or krokotopia?

    • Some depends on your goals. Krokotopia is required to get the key to Marleybone while Grizzleheim is a side world, so not required to complete.

      With my first wizard, I went back and forth a bit between the two and found Grizzleheim bosses a little tough until I leveled up a bit more so I wound up finishing Krok first (having done it many times now I find it easy, so hard to tell what your perception will be).

      On the other hand, I like Grizzleheim better and you get Couch Potatoes dropped all over the place. If you want to grow some mega snack-producing plants and you’re playing on a serious budget, those CPs are a great help.

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