Advice for Young Morganthe

The second to last dungeon in Avalon is Ghost Avalon and the second to last –and hardest–battle in it is against Young Morganthe.  She’s got several cheats that mean it takes some strategy to beat her.  For the other battles in here, you could just enter as usual and follow whatever strategy you normally use but for Young Morganthe, it’s a good idea to do some research ahead of time and go in prepared.

The cheats:

  • She casts a Mammoth right away on the last wizard in (4th if there are 4, etc.)
  • If you cast a shield on yourself or a trap (including Prism) on her she unleashes both a Nova and an Earthquake, both of which hit everybody on your team.  The Earthquake removes all your shields and blades and then also gives her a small hit of fire without touching her blades.
  • Casting a healing spell or an aura spell may also trigger her to cast Mammoth.
  • If you hit her with damage but don’t kill, that may trigger a Mammoth (since I was working with small enhanced hits, there were lots of hits that didn’t kill but I didn’t notice her trying to cast an Ice spell that was dispelled)
  • If you get up to 8 pips at your feet supposedly she’ll cast Mana Burn (taking away all your pips); the one time I accidentally got too many pips on Morgan, Morganthe cast Nova and Earthquake (dispelled) and Morgan kept her pips…


Her cheats include frequently cast spells of Ice, Balance and Myth, even though she’s a Death wizard, so part of the prep is purchasing TC Dispels against any of those schools for which you don’t have the school spell and making sure you’ve stocked them in your Treasure side deck.  Both of my wizards had eight of each and almost nothing else in the Treasure deck

I also spent quite a lot of thought on what gear to use — with so many schools hitting you, what’s the best choice in resistance gear?

Morgan in Death resist gear

Morgan in Death resist gear

I finally chose to emphasize resistance to Death.  I figured the Dispels I’d so carefully amassed in my Treasure side deck should keep them from being hit more than once or twice by the Mammoth, Earthquake and Nova spells she uses to cheat.  She’s Death and uses a LOT of drain spells so I wanted to have high resistance to Death not only to reduce damage to Morgan and Rylee but to also reduce how much health Morganthe could get back.

The gear I put on both wizards:

  • Hat:  Great Fairy Knight Helm
  • Boots:  Death Moon’s Chosen Gliders
  • Robe:  Tragic Tunic
  • Athame:  Grim Hunt’s Edge (with a few jewels on it; Rylee had a different one)
  • Ring:  Vicious Sky’s Jade Seal

Death resist gear stats

They wound up with 79% resist to Death and 36% Death critical block.  If she’d hit them with an Earthquake, they also had some nice Myth resist.  None of the Death spells Morganthe cast did much damage at all (and she got only tiny amounts of health back).  With this gear they also give up some damage boosts, accuracy and pips that their normal, level-appropriate gear provides but I found it worth it for this particular cheating boss.

Since she uses Mana Burn on you if you amass 8 pips, you need to set your deck up with a lot of 4 and 5 pip spells–six pips at the most– plus Colossal and some blades and keep casting enhanced lower level damage.  This is a big reason I didn’t want her to be getting a lot of health back from casting Wraith, Scarecrow, and Vampire on my wizards.  For the most part I didn’t have to worry about collecting too many pips since the dispels kept eating them.

She cheats and casts both Earthquake and Nova if you cast a trap on her (keep in mind both of those hit EVERYONE on your team) and a Mammoth on anyone who casts a blade.  Even if you cast a bunch of Melt (Ice dispel), Vaporize (Myth dispel) and Unbalance (Balance dispel), you need to be careful how many blades and traps you’re casting (each one triggers the cheat) or you’ll burn through all the dispels and take some big hits.  I removed all traps but Feint from my deck and didn’t bother adding the TC blades I normally put in for a boss fight.  Instead I would put a bunch of dispels on her, cast a blade and a Feint and then hit her.  Rylee cast most of the damage, with Colossaled Seraph and Centaur.

Prisms trigger her cheats too, so, since Morgan is a Death wizard, I made use of the Life Mastery Amulet for the account and put only Seraphs in her deck for damage.  For both wizards I also stuck in a bunch of Life Imps, mostly so I had  unnecessary cards to discard in order to get the dispels into my deck, but I wound up tossing one off here and there just to keep pips down.  Left the prisms out of my deck.

Casting an aura spell on yourself may also trigger her to cast Mammoth, so I just left the aura spells out of my deck.

For many many rounds all I did was cast dispels.  Since none of those were from my schools (I did this one with both Rylee (Life) and Morgan (Death)), they burned through power pips.  Sometimes I had Morgan keep casting dispels while Rylee hit or vice versa.  With enough dispels up, I could cast my blades, and Feint and occasionally a shield without getting hit by any of her cheats.  It helped that both my wizards were casting only Life spells so every hit was boosted.

Casting a heal spell can also trigger a Mammoth cast so I brought a couple of back up Heal spells but equipped them both with pets who cast heals.  Pet spells don’t trigger any of her cheats and one of those pets also casts a blade and the other a trap, so the pets took care of healing and also added to damage by casting the blade and trap.  I never had to cast a Heal.

For some reason I had trouble with both wizards getting the Unbalance spells to show up when I discarded and drew from the Treasure deck, so I did get hit several times by Nova when Morganthe had gone through all the Unbalance I’d cast, but other than the first Mammoth she always casts at the last wizard in, I never got hit by a Mammoth or an Earthquake in spite of casting a lot of blades, shields, and some Feints.  She hadn’t used up all the Melt and Vaporize I had on her by the end even though I triggered lots of attempts to cast her cheats!

I left Minions out of my decks and didn’t consider hiring a henchman because they randomly cast blades, shields and traps and I didn’t want the extra cheating they would trigger to waste a bunch of my dispels.  As mentioned, I did equip them with healing pets, which proved to be very helpful.  Morgan’s had Unicorn, Spritely and Energizing Battery while Rylee’s had Spritely and Unicorn and both of pets cast heals more than once.

I gave serious thought to using Team Up but eventually chose not to take the chance.  Generally it works out for me that either (1) I haven’t researched and I wind up with level 100s who know the dungeon well and are annoyed by my lack of knowledge or (2) I’ve researched it and I’m in with people of my level who cast all the wrong stuff and set off the triggers so I’m the one annoyed.  After I’d prepared so carefully I didn’t want to take the chance that team mates would mess it up and eat through all my dispel TCs.

Now, it could have worked out that my two could have just cast dispels and two others could have done the damage, but I was afraid they’d be casting blades and traps without regard to the number of dispels I’d cast and trigger damage on all of us.  It took a long time but worked out well.

Stock up on your dispels, rearrange your deck to feature lower level spells (and leave out AOE spells; waste of pips since she doesn’t have a minion) and Colossal, equip to maximize Death resistance and you should have no trouble defeating Young Morganthe.


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