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  1. On my desktop PC I can put the curser on the address bar at the top of the window and push down and hold the left mouse button and move the window anywhere to arrange 3 or more screens for EZ access. I can also use in game resolution settings to change screen size. I enjoy putting all 3 of my accounts in a group and mount up on Hydra and farm for seeds and other valuable stuff like litter………….
    Happy New Year !

  2. It isn’t that I have trouble moving them, it’s that they can’t be sized — none of the usual stuff that lets you size a box shows up for this program and the smaller screen (i.e. turning off Full Screen) is still so big that even two are overlapping seriously. If I had three open I’d have to do so much toggling back and forth between windows, it just wouldn’t be worth it to me. And I find two wizards working together has been enough to get through even the toughest dungeons…

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