Waterworks finally done… never again???

Morgan equipped for Jabberwock


Way back when Morgan (Death, first account, now level 84) first hit level 60 and got the Waterworks quest, I tried it with a group I randomly encountered at the sigil.  One of them was something like level 80 and had done Waterworks many times so she knew the tricks and kept telling the rest of us what to do.

After about two hours, however, she had to go and the others decided to leave.  I could tell there was no way I was going to make it through the rest alone so I left too, with the dungeon incomplete.  Having realized there were lots of tricks I looked at a guide, decided I didn’t feel like figuring all that out and just never went back to do the dungeon.  When Rylee (Life, second account, now level 83) hit level 60 I didn’t even bother to pick up the quest when she got the “call”.

At something more like level 80 I decided one day to try it again with Morgan.  Failed to go back and study any of the guides.  Got on Team Up and went through with some higher level wizards, feeling kind of out of it and useless.  Made it through and realized the quest didn’t clear.  It’s a problem I’ve had quite a few times when doing a dungeon quest on Team Up*.

I finally had Rylee pick up the quest and decided to try it with just the two of them so I wouldn’t have the worry about Team Up interfering with getting credit for completing it.  I studied the guide some more but the dungeon is so long and complex and the two main bosses have so many tricks, for which there’s so much advice about how to deal with them, that I just felt bored and frustrated trying to figure it out.

As it turned out, I got enough out of it to make it through.  Forgot to put in some dispels that would have helped, but otherwise managed.  However, it’s a LONG dungeon — eight fights if you don’t get the extra one in the room with clams, nine if you don’t click on all the clams fast enough–which happened to me.  And it takes much more time than it should because of the cheats.  Took almost four hours to get through.

After all that work, guess how many of the great drops for which the dungeon is famous they got???  ZERO.  Not one exceptional drop for either of them.  At the end of one of the mob fights, Morgan got NOTHING at all, not a single drop.  Neither of them got a mastery amulet or a mega snack or a great item of gear.  Nothing.  They each had maybe 8,000 gold worth of crap gear.

I know a lot of players thrive on getting through the hard stuff, figuring out the tricks, etc.  But I’m seriously coming close to giving up.  I’m tired of having to study guides to get through a dungeon.   I’m tired of the tricks.  I thought this was four of the most boring hours I’ve ever spent.  I didn’t find the two tricky bosses exciting or fun.  It dragged on forever and I just wanted to get up and move around… to be done.

Right now I can’t imagine ever wanting to do it again, great drops or no.  I’ve had much better luck at Mirror Lake, which I’ve often completed with a team in 20 or 30 minutes.  If I’m going to farm for drops, that’s about as much time as I want to spend.  If you’re going to make me put in 2-4 hours, guarantee me some of the great drops.  I will admit however, it would have been easier on Team Up with four players than it was with only two.  But when I did it with four it still took a couple of hours.

It’s a kids’ game.  I play for fun.  I play a game for kids instead of more sophisticated computer games because I want to enjoy it without having to research and study and figure things out and do math formulas all the time.  The higher the level my wizards reach, the more time it seems I spend looking things up, figuring out strategies, etc.  It’s draining the fun right out of the game for me.

I’m not going to try to write a Waterworks guide as there are plenty (see links below), but I thought I’d add a couple of things that haven’t been mentioned in the guides I’ve seen.  Most of the guides are pretty old so they were before Dungeon Reset was added to the game.  You can’t mark location in the dungeon, nor can  you port to a friend from outside OR within the dungeon.  So some guides tell you to mark location at the sigil (I can’t figure out what good that does since it still leaves you outside??).

With dungeon reset, if you need to leave to get health or mana, you can get back in.  I had both the wizards out in the commons to fill up twice and dungeon reset showed up and got them back in both times.  It’s the only dungeon reset I’ve used that put me back somewhere near where I was in the dungeon when I ported out instead of back at the beginning.

Also, you lose your mount in there so moving through it is slower.  There’s not much health in there and I can’t remember that I ran into mana.  I used a combo of potions and porting out to restore health and mana in between battles.

  • The wiki basics for the instance are here.
  • A pretty thorough guide is here.

*I’ve also had the problem when running two accounts, with Rylee and Morgan on a dual mount.  You can click “x” from the account with the dual mount (and the wizard sitting in front) and both wizards jump on the sigil at the same time. But I’ve had several times when the second wizard didn’t get credit for the dungeon.  So now I have the wizard in back click “x” first so she gets taken off the mount and enters on her own, then click for the other wizard.  That way so far they both always get credit for completion.


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