Myth and Balance — what to do, what to do

Grace S Level 40 Myth

I’ve mentioned many times that I have a great affinity for Life and Death and far less love for the others.  I do have a couple of Storm girls I’m moving up– one of whom is ready to start Celestia and the other of whom is about to start Dragonspyre.  I also have a Fire girl who just finished Dragonspyre and I’ve enjoyed her pretty well.

At the other end of the spectrum, I’ve tried Ice a couple of times–even took one to level 24 or so–and I just don’t like it.  And then there’s my one Myth and my one Balance.  They’re both in the 40’s now and I’m just not enjoying them.

In the early stages I got kind of a kick out of Myth’s minions but since–like most minions–they thwarted too much of what I tried to do, I mostly quit using them.  I really don’t much like the early spells for Myth or Balance.  The childish potty humor of the Myth spells pretty much turns me off and I don’t enjoy all the sandy images in the early Balance spells.

There’s a big aspect of Myth as far as the charm removals and so forth, that somehow eludes me and I’ve not found any good info on how to best strategize to use them.  I’ve gotten her to level 44 without learning them and without using them which has me wondering how crucial it is.  I’m also not enjoying her spells and was really disappointed at what a waste of time Earthquake turned out to be when she got to level 42.

While it’s formidable when it’s aimed at you and knocks off all your blades and shields, it’s kind of useless for me since it takes out everybody’s traps — few faster ways to tick off your team mates than to remove three or four rounds worth of traps they’ve carefully placed…  And if I solo I’m not any more anxious to do it to myself.



I’m somewhat more intrigued with Balance now that she’s gotten a little higher level.  But I also find it a struggle to figure out when to use the Balance spells, when to use the Elemental (and not entirely looking forward to figuring out when to use Spirit spells as well) and a bit frustrating that at level 42 her only AOE spell is so small.  I feel like I’m constantly switching spells in the deck to suit the school(s) of the opponents and I’m not especially liking it though it’s intriguing that Balance gets such an array.

Looking ahead for both of them, I can see some spells coming that may be fun.  But overall the strategy for both just doesn’t give me the same kick I get from Life and Death.  Or the same pleasure from the power punch as Storm.  I even like Fire’s power though I get tired of waiting around for the over time spells to do their thing while she keeps taking hits.  On those four I also really like the animations (though I’d like them a lot better if they didn’t last as long 🙂 ).  For the other three schools, not so much until much higher levels.

In spite of my penchant for starting and deleting wizards, I’m finding it a little hard to cavalierly get rid of two wizards I’ve taken this far.  Usually I either just finish Wizard City and delete, or sometimes take them through Krokotopia or maybe the first section of Marleybone.  Grace, my Myth girl, is all the way through Mooshu and has done a lot of Grizzleheim and all of Wysteria as well.  Paige, my Balance girl, is ready to do the final section of Mooshu.  That’s a lot of quests and spells and gear, etc.  I’m more likely to delete Grace soon and give Paige a little more time…

So, I’m on the fence, but I’ve been moving around some of Grace’s stuff, removing housing items and pets that would prevent house transfers, etc.  Thinking seriously about deleting her and starting yet another Death.  Or–faintly possible–another Fire.  At her level, with all her stuff, dreading a little bit having to do all the prep, transferring, selling, etc. but the new ability to transfer a house full of furnishings makes it a lot easier to contemplate (thank you KI).

I’m interested to know if there are many people out there who have deleted wizards level 40 and up???


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  1. James Deathmancer

    I actually enjoy both my Myth and Balance wizards, though I like my Myth a bit more than my Balance. I did delete 6 myth and 8 balance wizards before I found a school setup I liked for them both, Myth/Ice and Balance/Death.

    My Myth does use charm and pierce quite a lot, they are very handy against cheating bosses to remove the +90 blades and -90 shields and while Myth’s AoE spells leave a ton to be desired, at least at level 53, the double hit spells come in very handy.

    • I’ve had a few people tell me how much they like Myth. I did finally delete mine, though I still have the Balance. I think it’s one of the nice things about the game, that there are different game plans that suit different personalities. To me, no wrong or right in that, just different.

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