Gardening Pixies: the dilemma


When I first encountered the Summoning Pixie spell I not only did not have any wizard with a gardening rank high enough (level 10 required) to get it, but the idea of having the 175,000 gold it costs was laughable.  After finally starting serious gardening–thus acquiring lots of gold– I still didn’t want to spend the gold and the cost of 25 energy points per cast just seemed too much.

Pixies, of course, are a like for virtually every plant.  Since the likes speed up the time it takes to get to elder harvest, any serious gardener in the spiral wants a Pixie in every patch.  The Pixie also keeps pests off the plant it’s on as well as being picked up as a like by every plant within the space of a large area spell.

Without the Summon Pixie spell,  I took the advice found in many places and planted most of my gardens with a Tiger Lily in it or at the edge.  Tiger Lily is one of many plants with a chance of attracting a Pixie.  Thing is, it’s kind of a toss up whether you’ll get one or not.  And Tiger Lily gets to elder harvest really quickly–at which point it loses the Pixie.  If the plant for which you’ve attracted a Pixie takes longer to reach elder harvest you have to plant another Tiger Lily and hope it gets a Pixie.

Some types of plants have the attract Pixie possibility so you don’t have to add one.  Couch Potatoes, for instance, can attract them and, in a patch of any size, at least one CP will usually wind up with a Pixie.  Sword Ferns draw them at a very high rate–I’ve even had every Sword Fern in a group get a Pixie.  If you have a couple of patches close to one another, sometimes the Pixie(s) that show up in one will reach all the plants in the other.  Once there, the Pixie lasts till Elder Harvest so your whole patch has the like continuously.

Eventually I hit a Double Garden days that wasn’t slated to last too long and, wanting to urge the plants along as fast as possible, I finally bought Summoning Pixie for a bunch of my wizards.  I like them pretty well, but the hefty 25 energy point hit creates its own set of problems.  Even my highest level gardening wizards have gardens that already challenge their energy just to fill needs and take care of pests.  Sometimes two different patches need a Pixie.  But my wizards rarely have 50 points left — often not 25.  On those occasions the plants have to make do with no Pixie until I can get a moment with not too many needs to meet so there’s enough energy for the Pixie.

Thus, whether I use Tiger Lily or Summon Pixie, there are apt to be periods of time when there is no Pixie.  The spell has the advantage of guaranteeing a Pixie once you cast it.  I have a couple of ways I try to help with the 25 point need, which I discussed in a recent post.  [Personally I think for 25 points the Pixie ought to last for the life of the plant.]

If you don’t want to spend the gold or use the energy for Summon Pixie, you can get Tiger Lily seeds at the Bazaar for gold and hope for a Pixie.  I suggest an investment in a Sword Fern seed (Crown Shop) if you can.  You have a greater chance of getting a Pixie and the plant has a long road to elder harvest, so it will be there providing the like for the whole growth cycle of many other types of plants.  On the other hand, it has three needs and gets rank 3 pests so it may add to your energy use.

For the many types of plants that don’t draw Pixies, there really doesn’t seem to be a reliable way to assure the presence of a Pixie for the duration.



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  1. Here’s a trick that I use to maintain a pixie for the entirety of a growing process, and really for as long as I want. I personally use Tiger Lilies for this, but any plant that can summon a pixie on its own works. Once an adult Lily gets a pixie I let it wilt–but not die–to prevent it from reaching elder. A wilted plant will maintain the pixie, but a dead or elder plant will lose it. I cycle through young, adult, wilted, young, etc, and have had the same two lilies with the same two pixies since March. You don’t have to garden everyday for this method to work either since a plant can only progress or regress as far as the start of next stage between visits.

    • Sounds like a good idea. I’d have a little trouble because I plant the Tiger Lily within the large spell circle to get it picked up by everything and generally the Tiger Lily shares needs with the plants I grow so its needs get met when I cast the large spell… I don’t do the floating rug with likes above thing…

      • Yeah, I don’t either and I had the same problem until I discovered that the like still applied to all the plants in my large ring after I moved the Lily just outside of the large ring, between a small and medium plot of space away. You’d just need to make sure you have at least 2 extra energy available on days that it’s wilted to prevent it from dying.

        Another thing that could work is getting a pet with may cast Gardening Pixie. It is a May cast, so it’s not reliable, but when the pet does cast it, it doesn’t use any energy. Spirit of the Forest (the pet that comes with the Evergreen bundle) has it as a first generation talent. I know you’re not a fan of training but it’s another (unreliable) option.

        I also recently read on Wizard101 Central that any plant that has a 48 hour anything (pest remover, pixie, rain, magic, etc) can be made to last the lifetime by wilting and reviving within the 48 hours. (Sorry this was long…)

      • I appreciate all this — I’d seen about letting the plant wilt before but hadn’t tried it so I forgot about it. And I’d seen the may cast when I looked up the Evergreen Bundle and its pet — been waiting for a 50% off sale to get that bundle. I’m a little too uneasy about the wilting and reviving as I’m able to get on only on an erratic schedule and I can’t afford to lose crown seeds. But you’re right, I should be including that advice, so I’ll update this post soon. Thanks again!

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