Update and Training Points Buy Back

Aegon Statz_edited

As of today KI has added a lot of updates to the game.  The biggest new feature is a Daily Assignment set of quests, in which you receive not only the usual drops for any battles you fight but also get other rewards, from gold to crowns to arena tickets and more.  There are also a few new bosses in the skeleton key series and lots of fixes.

To start the Daily Assignment quests you go to Aegon Statz, in front of the girls’ dorm in Ravenwood.  He starts you off with a quest to battle Gobbler Scavengers (the ones closest to the entry) in Colossus.  For all my wizards so far, one battle seems to do it.  Then you get a housing item you can place in your house or dorm and click on it every day to find out the day’s assignment. You can also keep going back to Aegon for them.

I’ve tried it for several wizards at different levels and the first assignments seem to be geared to the level of your wizard and where he/she has earned, as ones at a similar level got the same quest and others got easier or harder  (at least as far as where they went) depending on level.  These little quests so far don’t show up in the Quest Book, so if you, like me, tend to only half pay attention to all the little chat box instructions, you may need to read more closely or jot it down so you don’t have to keep going back to get the instructions again.

The other big news is there’s now a Gear Vault, which, like the Seed Vault, will hold 100 items.  It shows up as a platform and you can place any housing item on it.  You can buy one in the Crown Shop for 1995 crowns or get a recipe from Toshio in Mooshu for 15,000 gold.

Gear Vault in Place Object Mode

The crafting requirements are much more reasonable than those for the Seed Vault (which has eaten through my supply of Pink Dandelions and has me constantly waiting for Silver Trumpet Vines to reach elder harvest with fingers crossed for a couple of Braided Vines…).

  • One Reinforced Crate (sold by Aubert Quickhammer in Old Town and usually pretty easy to score at the Bazaar)
  • 30 stone blocks (not so easy to score at Bazaar but available all over the Spiral)
  • 20 Sandstone (I get them constantly dropped by Evil Magma Peas, so I have a huge supply; also an occasional “get” when you click on a stone block and clickable out on its own in higher level worlds)
  • 10 Mist Wood (again, available to click all over the spiral)
  • 25 Flawless Sapphire (easily purchased at a number of reagent vendors, including the guy right next to Toshio)
  • 25 Reshuffle Treasure Cards (easily purchased from several librarians, including Harold Argleston in Wizard City)
  • 10 Fairy Treasure Cards (also readily available from many librarians and usually easy to get at the Bazaar)

I’m so relieved that these are easy to make!

Unlike the Seed Vault, you can’t trade these, so each of your wizards who needs one will have to buy the recipe and make his or her own or make his or her own purchase in the Crown Shop.  There’s some chatter already about being able to place objects like dressers and armoires on it and have that item become the vault.  I can place items on it but they show up as two separate items and the icon for being able to open the vault and move stuff into it only opens for me if I click the vault itself (in place object mode) — nothing I place on it will let me click and open the vault from it.

Speaking of crafting, they’ve also added crafting slots so you can craft more items at one time.  I’m guessing the number will vary with the craft level the wizard has reached, but I haven’t had a chance to check that.

There’s also a training point buy back wherein members can buy back all their training points for free (instead of lots of crowns) and try a different set.  You have through Sunday to buy back, re-train and buy back again 🙂  The last couple of buy backs have led me to realize what a different experience the training points are for wizards who are in one of the schools (Ice, Death, Life) in which pretty much everyone wants to train certain spells versus the schools that have to get all of those spells through training points.  Post to follow soon.

There are also a lot of fixes to little stuff in the update.  You can check here for a complete list of updates.  And a change of camera angle has been added to certain quests in Wizard City, Krokotopia and Marleybone; haven’t seen any of them yet.  I DID have an odd experience in Mooshu, on today’s Daily Assignment quest (seems to be for wizards in the 50’s and 60’s):  as I fought Sorrow Whisperer, the camera angle moved so the bamboos behind my wizard blocked the view, meaning for most of the  battle I couldn’t watch any of the spells or see much of what was going on.  Hope the new changes aren’t offering more of that!

Check it out. Think about training points.  Enjoy Gear Vaults….


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