Another Daily Assignment glitch?

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I haven’t been participating much in the Daily assignments lately since I keep running into the previously-mentioned issue of getting too many assignments that require my wizards to enter places to which they do not have access.  Today I encountered another interesting twist.

Lots of wizards are getting a quest to defeat a Field Guard in the Haunted Cave.  I did it with a few wizards and was tired of the long trek to get to the Guards.  I logged in a wizard who needed something from the Bazaar and as I passed the kiosk outside, I remembered that Stormdrain Tower has Field Guards and decided to Team Up so I could defeat a Field Guard without having to travel every step to the most remote point of Wizard City.

The team formed and I was transported very quickly and it took little time to defeat Lord Nightshade and his THREE Field Guard minions.  But nothing showed up to say I’d completed the Daily Assignment and there I was, popped back out by the kiosk.  So in the end I had to take the long boring ride to the Haunted Cave AGAIN and fight another Field Guard.

I’ve ticked off minion battles required for quests many times by fighting a boss who had one or more of those minions.  So now I’m curious whether others are experiencing the same thing:  if you fight a boss in order to complete a Daily Assignment because that boss has the right minions, do you or don’t you get credit for completing the Assignment?

KI seems to be making a point of setting these assignments in remote places in the spiral; ones that require long rides or runs to reach your goal.  It would often be far more convenient to Team Up at the kiosk and defeat a Boss who has the kind of minion(s) you’re after.  But do you not ever get credit for defeating the minion if you do it by Teaming Up and /or by defeating them in a tower or dungeon instead of out in “the street”?


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  1. You only get credit if you defeat the monster in the location specified by the assignment. So if the assignment says defeat a Field Guard in the Haunted Cave, you can’t defeat a field guard in Lord Nightshade’s tower. You have to go to the Haunted cave

    • Well, technically the Tower is in the Haunted Cave and as I mentioned, for other quests to defeat Field Guards, you DO get credit for defeating a minion while in with a boss. But I get it, they’re being very specific with these assignments… for me it’s just another reason not to do them.

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