More daily assignment woes

No Midnighter

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve had troubles from the beginning with getting assignments requiring access to areas to which my wizard doesn’t have access.  I also quickly grew tired of how many of these assignments require going to obscure places.  Now I can add assignments to defeat rare mob creatures you can’t find.

After a long spell of skipping the Daily Assignments altogether, I opened two accounts and took in two nearly same-level wizards who got the same assignment, defeat a Midnighter in Chelsea Court.  I sent one off to Chelsea Court and flew her around and around and around without seeing any.  So I finally did a search and ran into a discussion about it, informing me there are only two Midnighters, who are usually next to William Pugley.  But also telling me people are having trouble with going there and finding no Midnighters.

I finally put both wizards in that location and started trading them off on changing realms.  One of them managed to hit a realm where people were already fighting the only two Midnighters.  Fifteen minutes later I finally closed both accounts in disgust, having never been able to complete the assignment.

Particularly annoying is that I see from the chatter this is not the first time they’ve created an assignment and then left people unable to find any of the creatures they’re supposed to defeat.

From the get go this daily assignment thing has felt as if it wasn’t well thought out and it feels like somebody’s just randomly tossing out assignments without any prep to make sure the assignment works and is being given to people with the right access to get to them.  So I’m going back to ignoring them…




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  1. The Wizard 101 official website just acknowledged the problem with the Midnight era assignment earlier today. It’s also posted on the W101 Facebook page.

    • Yes, I have gathered they work to fix these issues before the day is over, but i don’t understand why they can’t just post things that are less likely to be a problem — a place with only two creatures seems pretty obviously to create a problem if you send thousands in to fight them

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