Ho Hum Halloween…

Jack Hallow

Jack Hallow

I look forward to the Halloween festivities in the spiral and have usually really enjoyed it.  This time I’m finding it a little more ho hum.  For the first time, instead of feeling sorry it’s almost over, I’m ready to quit early.

The Halloween quests don’t seem to ever get an update.  It would be kind of fun to have something a little different like one of the quests changed out for something new or an additional quest.  I’d even be grateful if they could change the jack o’lantern quests so you don’t get stopped by a chat box every single time you click on one.

Part of what I’ve enjoyed has been farming for the Halloween drops, which I like both for the camaraderie of teaming up to do it and because it used to be they were reasonably generous with the special drops.  But this time, between getting fed up with the snotty level 100+ folks in the Stormdrain and the seemingly lowered drop rates for the Halloween goodies, it hasn’t been as much fun.  Other wizards have been commenting on how much lower the drop rate seems this year, so it isn’t just my perception.

Teaming up at Baron Mordecai has by and large successfully gotten rid of the thoughtless, arrogant, bad team players, but it does take longer.  And the Halloween drops have been just about nonexistent.  The one piece of good news with Mordecai is the miscellaneous non-Halloween drops are generally worth more in gold than the stuff from Lord Nightshade.

I’ve gotten a few pieces of the Vampire and Mummy gear  (never seem to be able to get all three pieces from one set) and some of the crappy pets like Banshee and Imp, but not a single Black Cat, Ghost Dragon or Nightmare pet.  At the end of far too many battles I’ve gotten only one drop–usually something pitifully not worth the time it took to get it.

As the month has drawn on, I’ve farmed less and less and after a few totally unsuccessful rounds last night, I felt kind of done.  I’ve picked up the Wizard City quests for a few wizards and I’ll probably finish those off, but I’m ready to move on before we get to Halloween.  Is it just because I’ve done it all several times before or others finding it less fun this time?


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Twenty-five years and counting on spiritual, personal growth journey. I've been to Nine Gates Mystery School, practiced yoga since 1985 and taught it off and on for the last 10 years. I've sat vipassana, studied with a Hopi elder for 2 years, practiced Hawaiian Huna, and dabbled in other traditions. Health and wellness have been very tied up in my journey - in fact I'd say issues in those areas propelled me into the spiritual journey. Still learning, still growing -- sometimes I think I like the journey to enlightenment too much to wish to reach it.

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