Picking and choosing Daily Assignments

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The Daily Assignments have been around for six or eight months now. I’ve criticized them before.  So up front I’ll admit I frequently go for days or weeks without picking them up.

I’m still getting assignments that require going places to which the wizard in question hasn’t yet gotten access, which has become one of the reasons I’m sporadic about even looking at them.

Another reason is how long some of the assignments take relative to the rewards.  Some of the assignments are pretty easy and just take going to some easy-to-reach spot.  As soon as you arrive you get the reward.  Others require either going to some remote spot that takes 10 or 15 minutes to reach or defeating some kind of mob creature or both (remote spot and mob creature to defeat there).

Most of the rewards are small amounts of gold, tiny amounts of crowns and arena tickets and treasure items I mostly feed to pets or trash.  As my health has been getting better I’ve been cutting back on how much I play the game.  Sometimes I’m just in for long enough to tend gardens and I log off.

So I’ve reached the point of weighing the kind of progress I can make from doing a given task against the time it’s going to take and what other things I could accomplish.  Along with small rewards, xp for doing Daily Assignments is negligible (mainly, I think, for the quests you get occasionally and whatever you get for a battle) and they don’t advance you in the game.

In 10 or 15 minutes I can defeat a boss in Azteca and collect say, 25,000 XP, a chunk of gold and a list of drops that might sell for 25,000+ gold (not to mention that I’ve just moved myself along in the game).  Even if it’s just Marleybone or Mooshu where a wizard is questing you’re still talking about hundreds and sometimes thousands of XP, decent gold, drops and advancing farther in the game.

If I look at an assignment and I’m either gonna have to spend a long time getting to the far reaches of some world or traveling to and then fighting a mob, I just quit for that wizard and  “play” the next to check her assignment.  Some days I look at a bunch and don’t do any.

I’m curious how others are finding the Daily Assignments.  Do you love them?  Ever do them?  Find the rewards worth the time spent?




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Twenty-five years and counting on spiritual, personal growth journey. I've been to Nine Gates Mystery School, practiced yoga since 1985 and taught it off and on for the last 10 years. I've sat vipassana, studied with a Hopi elder for 2 years, practiced Hawaiian Huna, and dabbled in other traditions. Health and wellness have been very tied up in my journey - in fact I'd say issues in those areas propelled me into the spiritual journey. Still learning, still growing -- sometimes I think I like the journey to enlightenment too much to wish to reach it.

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