Buy Back Training Points for Free

KI announced a free training point buy back for members “for a limited time” which probably means through Sunday, July 8, 2018.

Usually there’s a large cost in crowns that gets bigger as you have more training points, so it’s always nice to have these opportunities to change how you’re using your training points for free.

I’m tempted as I mistakenly used a point for a spell I thought I understood and it turned out I didn’t.  I DO wish they’d organize the buy back thing so you could just buy back specific ones you’d like to get rid of.  The idea of having to wander all over the spiral getting back all the rest of the spells just so I can lose that one…  not so appealing.

Since they started the free buy back events, I have had the thought that it would be smart to get one set of spells through training points for the early stages of the game, then switch it out when you hit the middling phases and then switch it again when you get higher.  There are at least a couple of different strategies that make sense for different stages of the game.

I know many players disdain using shields ever, but in the early stages when your health is low, I think it’s not a bad idea to have an arsenal of them so you can reduce damage if your health starts going down too fast.  Later it’s less important and you can build enough resistance into your gear to do without and you’d probably want more things like Feint or Spirit Blades, etc.  Then even later you want Star and Sun spells.

I will admit, however, since I’m lazy about having to run around collecting them all again, I basically follow my strategy of getting all wizards (except those in a given school who get them in regular training) Life through Sprite, Ice through Tower Shield, Death through Feint as the earliest acquisitions and then the various blades and Star and Sun spells…  Since I don’t change the basics at different stages, I just keep adding spells.

Or you might have a different strategy for changing them out.  Or maybe you, like me, got one you’re sorry you chose.  Or you, like me in the early stages with my first wizards, randomly used training points for crap you don’t need or want at all 🙂  Now’s the moment to fix it all!


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