Okay, few people know this about me, but a friend’s children got me to sign up for Pixie Hollow a few years ago and, well, I loved it.   It was just innocent fun and I liked that the many protections in place for children meant that I felt I could play games and enjoy the site without worrying.  So I was sad when Disney decided to close the Hollow.

Off and on I searched for similar sites and kept getting Wizard 101 as an answer.  My first views left me feeling it wasn’t a good replacement but eventually I decided to try more seriously.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have Pixie Hollow back, but I’ve enjoyed it.

However,  as one who has  spent most of her 25+ years of computer usage playing solitaire and mahjong as the totality of her “gaming” experience and whose most serious gaming was limited to Pixie Hollow, this has been quite a learning curve.  There’s a lot of info out there on Wizard 101, for which I am extremely grateful as I’d have been lost without the guidance of others.

I’ve followed some advice closely and in some cases I’ve done things my own way so you should know that you’ll find advice that’s counter to mine out there.  My philosophy is that everyone ultimately has to figure out what works for them, so decide for yourself whether my advice suits you — but if you disagree please don’t feel you need to leave negative comments.  Constructive suggestions for alternative plans are always welcome so readers can see some choices.

Quite a lot of info I ran into as I searched for help assumed more knowledge than I had.  So I thought I’d start this little blog and explain some of the basics as I’ve found them and with a non-gamer’s understanding.  Much of the advice out there is from the perspective of the highest level wizards and doesn’t even apply to lower levels — often seems to come from people who’ve forgotten what’s available in the early stages.  I found it hard sometimes to find advice that was level-appropriate.

Up front, at this point my most advanced wizard is a level 92 “Necromancer” (death wizard) so I don’t have the most advanced knowledge.  But I’ve tried out quite a few wizards and different schools, taking each one to somewhere from level 5 to level 22 and tried out a few different secondary schools so I’ve learned a lot about the early stages.  My secondary wizard on that account is a Life wizard who, right now, is about level 72.   On a second account that I added a few months ago, my highest level is a Life wizard at 92.  Also have a few in the forties and fifties.

Really the early stages are the ones that need assists.  I think most of you, by the time you reach level 40 and up, will have developed your own strategy and style–although I think different stages of the game require different strategies.  I may put up info for higher levels as my wizards work up, but mostly this will be tips for beginners.

I should also tell you that, as a mostly solitaire-playing type, my strategies until recently have been centered around trying to do everything solo.  Since they added “team up” I use that when I can get people without a long wait (which means mostly I go in alone…).

Now that I have two accounts I’m becoming fond of logging into both, sometimes on two computers and  sometimes on one, and having a higher level wizard from one account help a lower level wizard on the other get through some boss battles/dungeons.  I’ll post occasionally about the two account advantage.  I’ve also been pairing up wizards on two accounts and moving each separately through the easy stuff on each world and bringing them in together for the dungeons.

UPDATE 2/24/16:  For about a year I’ve had a third account, which I added mostly to start and delete wizards; I like to play through the easy stuff in Wizard City and Krokotopia, delete and start a new one.  That account has two wizards I’ve leveled up more as they’re the gardeners/mega snack providers for the account.  They’re currently a level 72 Life who’s in the early stages of Zafaria and a level 60 Death who’s finishing  Celestia.

If you’re like me and are new to games like this I hope that I can give you some tips that will help you move along without as much trial and error as I’ve been through.  Most of all, have fun!

  1. Do you accept suggestions for blogs? You write well and I enjoy your post, if you have a method of production and promotion I would gladly contribute suggestions and share experience. The fansites and facebook groups have some good stuff and I feel you would be a great asset to players and KI.

    • Do you mean suggestions for posts? I mostly go with topics that “come to me” as I play along but it’s possible I could write something based on a suggestion. I appreciate the kind thoughts. I don’t really do anything to promote this and I’m not sure what I’d have to do to reach the fansites and facebook groups but I’m open to trying.

  2. Posts-yes, this is my 1st experience on a “blog” Go to 101 web site and open the message boards and there is a tab for fan sites at the top of the page. Lords of the Spiral (LOTS) and the Duelist have guides for the trivia. Central 101 is a great source of info in the forums and wiki, there is no need to register an account there unless you want to post or reply. I would actually like to delete my account on central for my own personal reasons I don’t like censorship. Facebook Non PVP adult players is a fine group, I learned much there but with 3 accounts I have my hands full and there is never enough hours in the day. I seldom open FB anymore. Castle tours may make for a nice topic I have found some interesting things at various castles like Oracle.

  3. I love reading your blog. I wish this had been around when I first started. Even though I’m a veteran wiz player, I still have found interesting things on your blog as well as items that have made me smile. Keep up the good work!

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