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Hatchmaking arrives –total disappointment

I was pretty excited about hatchmaking when I read about its imminent arrival.  The chance to offer pets in a kiosk so you could help other people without having to accumulate a pile of gold or keep making arrangements to be in the hatchery or having to reset the hatch timer over and over…  Sounded so great.

Except they restricted “Crown Pets” from being offered and their definition seems to include every hybrid, even if the original talent pool of the Crown pet has completely changed.  All the hybrids we’ve worked so hard to create are still considered Crown pets.  The definition includes pets you buy in the Crown Shop on the pet tab, pets that come in bundles and pets that come in packs.  And apparently if any of those categories of pet is present in the hybrid you’ve created, the pet can’t go in the kiosk.

I tried to offer pets for two of my highest level wizards, both of whom have extensive lists and the kiosk picked up two pets from one of them, three from the other — and all total crap.  Not a single pet I own that anyone might want to hatch with is eligible for the kiosk.  Total fail as far as I’m concerned.  Supposedly a few crown pets are allowed but so far none of my wizards have been allowed to add any Crown pet at all.

Not only am I still left having to offer my pets individually and cough up crazy amounts of gold in order to help other people when I don’t even want the pet from the hatch, etc., but I question how good a pet you can get.  They’ve made it very tough to browse the pets, so my patience hasn’t stretched to a lot of looking, but so far I haven’t seen anything there I would want to hatch with though I’ve seen others commenting with excitement about pets they’ve hatched, so there are people who are happy with this new addition.

So disappointed!!!


There isn’t one right way to play the game

Forest Lord with just one blade

One of the things that has always driven me nuts in this game is the group of highest level wizards who have figured out a particular strategy to play the game and swagger around discussing it as the one and only right way to play.  Even worse are the ones in this group who jump into battle with you or join your team on Team Up and proceed to criticize the way you’re playing.

They play with really pared down decks and have particular team strategies in which each person plays a certain position (I can’t explain it because I’m not interested enough to look into it) and it’s apparently the way to move as fast as possible through the game.  The thing is, (1) I don’t want to move as fast as possible through the game; I’m playing for fun and I want to keep enjoying it and (2) it’s perfectly possible to reach the highest ranks without playing that way.

In fact, as far as I can tell there are a number of strategies people use, including different favorites among their school cards.  For instance, I have Death cards I NEVER use and yet I play with other Death wizards who use them all the time.  I wouldn’t think of telling my teammate he or she is nuts for using that card.  As far as I’m concerned, if they have a strategy that uses that spell and keeps them advancing through the game, they’re succeeding.

As I’ve written before, I don’t like the small deck strategy, not only because I don’t care about speeding through, but also because I find it boring.  I like not knowing how the random hands I receive will impact the battle and having to think on my feet, developing a strategy based on each draw instead of knowing exactly what will happen every time.

Sometimes I’m playing offensively, sometimes defensively and I like the challenge of figuring out which way to go every time based on the luck of the draw. I’ve made it to level 93 with a couple of wizards and into the 80’s with four more, so my assertion is that my way of playing works perfectly well.

In my most recent example, an arrogant Storm wizard jumped into a couple of my battle circles in Stone Town (Zafaria).  By the time anyone has gotten that far I think you should have the courtesy of assuming they play well enough.  But in the second battle this guy started criticizing me for casting a couple of shields (I was playing two accounts, so one for each).

I told him I didn’t have a damage card yet (and didn’t mention neither of them had enough pips yet to cast anyway) and he instantly told me that meant I didn’t have a good deck.  I told him I don’t like playing with a small deck and it depends on how you like to play the game.  He informed me I don’t know how to play well.  The thing that bugs me is that generally none of us who play other strategies hang around telling other wizards they’re screwing up.*  And he couldn’t even “hear” me trying to say it’s a question of choice (in that crowd it seems they never do).

Now in the first battle this same guy had put up one blade and then cast Tempest without nearly enough pips to defeat the enemies, so I thought he played kind of stupid, but I didn’t say anything — and this was basically the strategy he was touting.  I had a somewhat higher level Storm in but I don’t like to cast Tempest until I figure I have enough pips to finish it.

And, since I don’t enjoy running around trying to find health wisps afterwards, I prefer to shield while I’m amassing pips so my health isn’t down so far.  Just the way I like to do it, not saying anyone else needs to play that way.  Don’t care if anyone else plays that way. 🙂

The other wizard I was playing was Death and I notice often that Storm and Fire wizards, who have way more powerful spells with fewer pips, don’t seem to realize it takes an extra pip to cast Crow or Forest Lord (compared to Fire Dragon, for instance) AND they’re weaker so you need more rounds of setting up blades and/or traps before you cast.

It’s a game people.  It’s supposed to be for fun.  So I don’t really understand why racing through as fast as possible would be a goal.  But I do get that some people just have to do everything fast and be first and think they are best, etc. If you’re one of those, please keep your opinions to yourself.  Especially once you get past the first few worlds, assume that anyone who has made it that far has developed a strategy that works.  It doesn’t have to be yours, it just has to keep them leveling up and it isn’t your business how someone else likes to play.

If you have strong opinions about how to play and you don’t like playing with people who have a different strategy, DON’T jump into battles with strangers and DON’T Team Up.  If you do either of those things, keep your mouth shut about how other people play.  Seriously.

*Beyond the lower levels, anyway.  In the earliest stages I run into a fair number of folks I’m guessing are children who randomly toss off weird, off-the-wall criticisms and advice.


Tapestry to Bazaar leads to more fishing woes


I knew I wanted a Tapestry to the Bazaar as soon as the recipes came out, so Morgan D. bought one right away — before I realized one of the ingredients required fishing, which I’d already tried and quit…  So, the recipe just sat there.

Then I bought some bundle on sale for Rylee W. on account #2 and it came with a Tapestry to the Bazaar.  Yea!  I’ve gotten pretty good at using it to send her to the Bazaar and then opening other accounts and porting wizards to one another until everybody who needs to sell or buy stuff at the Bazaar is complete.

But since my recent experiments with what you can do for free have included doing the first fishing quest I started thinking about the never-crafted recipe sitting in Morgan’s list.  And I thought about how nice it would be to have more than one wizard with the Tapestry.   Even though I still despised fishing on this second try, I managed to do it, so I figured I could tolerate it long enough to catch 5 Cuddlefish in Cyclops Lane.

Turns out that may be questionable.  I’m down to just needing one more so I’ll probably finish and craft the tapestry, but I’ve run into new things to hate about fishing so I’m feeling kind of sorry I tried.  I particularly have trouble in Cyclops Lane with fish “getting away”.  I’ve spent enough time there fishing now to say 1/3 to 1/2 of the fish you catch get away — and as I’ve mentioned, after having bored you with standing there doing nothing after you cast, then after you catch and lose a fish, they still have the GALL to charge you an energy point!

But even worse, the fish in Cyclops Lane barely spawn.  I’ve gone  from realm to realm to realm trying to find enough fish to even bother casting the “reveal school” spell finding zero to 3 fish in the entire pond area and it’s tributary streams.  When I have found a few more fish I’ve cast the reveal school spell and discovered not a single Death school fish in an entire area that’s supposed to be a place to catch at least two Death school fish, Cuddlefish being one of them.  I literally wasted an entire hour and an ENTIRE ENERGY GLOBE’s worth of energy casting that stupid spell and finding out there were no Death fish or hitting a new realm and finding no fish at all.

And yes, I tried the stupid run around and scatter fish so it will re-spawn bit.  I don’t know why I bothered as it has never done anything before…  It takes FOREVER for the fish to come back.  I’ve gone off to accomplish other things in WC for as much as 10 or 15 minutes — including doing a round or two in the B.O.X. and popped back to Cyclops to find still no fish returned.  B.O.R.I.N.G.

At the end of an hour I had 3 unwanted fish and one ho-hum treasure chest, no energy and I was enraged that I’d put up with doing one of the most boring “fun” activities ever invented for that long and had ZERO to show for it.  I then did a little research and saw all kinds of people posting they’d experienced the same thing in that area:  either no fish or no Death fish on realm after realm after realm is the NORM.  Who on earth thinks that’s fun???

If you don’t own an Amber Estate or a Death House (I have neither), Cyclops Lane is the only place in the spiral that has Cuddlefish.  Why make it a requirement for crafting, put it in only one spot and then program it so most of the time it isn’t possible to catch one there?

What I really wish is that they’d put transporters to the Bazaar all over the spiral…  And I would NEVER fish again 🙂


Get ’em in the circle

Stormdrain Tower

I know, I’m like a broken record about this but I’m back farming the Stormdrain Tower which seems to lead to being annoyed by wizards level 100  and up who wipe out the enemy before everyone has gotten in the circle.

Anyone who isn’t officially in a circle — not only standing in it, but with the circle lit and pips at their feet — doesn’t get XP or drops.  And, if it’s a one-battle dungeon and the person came in on Team Up they’re prevented from using Team Up again for 10 minutes.  Happened to me today when something in real life took my attention for a sec so Morgan was a tad late jumping in.  I was farming so that was a pain because it basically stopped me from doing the last couple of rounds I had time for.

For lower level wizards who are there to do the real quest for the Stormdrain, they’re stopped at the entry while Lord Nightshade “chats” through a few boxes.  Nothing you can do to move into the circle until you’ve clicked through the boxes — and if you actually like to read the chat, it takes even longer. So if somebody unleashes a big spell while you’re getting through that, you don’t get credit for the quest, you don’t get any XP or drops and, to add insult to injury, KI has set it up so you’re also penalized by being kept from Teaming Up again for 10 minutes.

So please all you snotty 100+ wizards who can’t wait 30 seconds, DON’T TEAM UP!  Seriously if you can’t be a team player — and trust me, treating the people on your team that way is NOT being a team player — then DON’T TEAM UP!  It’s a team.  Make sure everyone is in.  And how about giving some other players a chance to actually cast something — you know, play the game?  Have you forgotten it’s a game?

And KI, how about setting some rules that encourage people who get on Team Up to play fair instead of penalizing people who haven’t done anything wrong?

Unsolicited Coaching

Starting Azteca_edited

KI finally took the Double Rewards off the Daily Assignments and, with some reluctance, I decided to head Morgan and Rylee back to Azteca to see if I can finally get them through there  (after lots more fights, still not finished, and I’m now thinking Azteca never ends… 🙂 ).

I usually aim for a quiet server, but this time I didn’t do anything to change where they wound up and it was busy in the Cloudburst Forest and Alto Alto and connected areas.  Several times other wizards jumped into my battle circle. Although I generally just play in quiet areas and relying on my two accounts strategy. I don’t mind being joined at all — most of the time.

But in this case two different times other wizards jumped into my circle and then proceeded to question my casting choices.  Every time it happens it just infuriates me.  My basic feeling is if you jump into somebody else’s battle without asking, you take what you get in terms of the strategy already in play.  Even more, we’re talking Azteca.  And wizards at level 89 and 88 respectively.  Seriously, does anybody really think I got that far into the game without figuring out a successful strategy?

I think it’s incredibly rude and disrespectful to start telling anyone else in the game what to do or to criticize the way someone is playing under any circumstances unless he or she asks for your advice. With the exception of asking a level 20 wizard who kept porting to me in Zafaria to stop casting damage spells (trying to make the attacks on him stop) I have never told anyone who joined me in battle or with whom I teamed up how they should be playing the game.  But boy I’ve had plenty of people who told me what to do or criticized the choices I made

I’ve run into lots of different theories and styles among many players I’ve joined and my firm belief is:  (1) there are many different ways to succeed at the game and (2) everyone should feel free to choose the strategy that feels best to them.  With this attitude, I find it easy to just let others play as they prefer.  If I really can’t get into someone’s style, I just make sure I don’t keep joining them.  Since I keep a pretty big deck, I easily move into being a shielder or healer or blader or attacker…  sometimes all of them if I’m joined by someone really inept :-); whatever the other player(s) seems to need.

Please people, don’t be so arrogant you assume you have the only answer about how to play the game.   Again, telling other people who’ve not asked for your advice what to do is rude and disrespectful.  If you can only tolerate playing your way, don’t join other people or team up.

Directions to Crystal Caves and Night Garden

Today’s Daily Assignment for some higher level wizards is another example of why I don’t do these most of the time.  The assignment is to go to the Night Garden in the Crystal Caves in Avalon.  This is the second time they’ve had the assignment.  It’s an obscure location in Avalon, doesn’t show up on any of the maps and it appears no one has ever written a guide to getting there (at least no search term I could come up with led to one).

The first time they had this assignment it took me an hour to find it and by the time I did I’d lost track of what I did to get there and didn’t take any pictures, so other than remembering you have to basically walk through a wall down in the Catacombs, it took me quite a while again to get there.  They seem to like sending us to far flung places for these assignments and this is the most obscure I’ve encountered so far.  Since this doesn’t show up as a quest and you can’t use quest finder, it’s pretty frustrating.

I’m a little late getting this up for helping people today on this assignment but since they’re apparently going to keep meting this one out, I’m hoping it will help in the future.

If you use the world gate to get to Avalon, you’ll  enter with the circle of teleporter gates around you.  The first one to the left is the gate to the Catacombs.  Use it.  When you get to the Catacombs, move toward your left and along the wall.  At the first opening/hallway on your left, go down the hall.  You’ll come to a room with a mob in the middle and a dungeon across the room to your right.  The entryway you want is almost directly across from you and slightly to the left.  This room is easy to skirt around and miss the mob.  In the picture below, you can see the direction thing pointing to Crystal Cave.

Picture 2016-07-17 20-21-34

The map thing gets a little confusing in this one because the journey twists and turns and the arrow often points you to a wall or a recess you can’t penetrate.  When you get around this first room and go down the hall you’re at the hardest room to get through.  The Storm mobs in here have a couple of points,  one on each side of the room, where they go so close to the wall you can’t get by without getting caught.  So if you don’t want an extra battle, you need to wait till the line of them clears –there’s usually a small break between groups.  I go to the right and on the other side of the room is another hallway.

Confusing Crystal Caves arrow

Confusing Crystal Caves arrow

First room down. tough passage

First room down. tough passage

The next room down you’ll see the Lady in the Lake just to your right as you enter.  Go by her and stay to your right.  The next passageway you have to almost make a U to the right to get into it, so it’s easy to blow past it.


Crystal Cave Guide 1

The Death mob here is pretty easy to get past.  The strong right and journey down the next hallway takes you to another room with the same Death mobs. Stay to the right again, a very short distance to the entry into another area.

Crystal Cave Guide 2

This room has a well in the middle, NPC Sir Patrick is to your right and, as you can see in the picture, the way into the Crystal Caves is basically to go through the wall directly across from you.  Just skirt around the well and head for where the arrow is pointing.

Crystal Cave Guide 3

When you enter there’s a kind of long pathway down to another open room with a mob.  I always head to the left but I don’t think it matters.  Skirt the mob and go down the hallway across the way. You get to a second open area with a mob.  Again I skirt to the left and go through the doorway to another hall.  Dragon’s Den is in this area.  Take the pathway to your left and you’ll do a bit of winding as you move downward on the path.

Picture 2016-07-17 20-49-01

The crystal walkway down into the Night Garden is easy to miss as it’s such a drop, but it looks like this:

Picture 2016-07-17 20-48-24

Just head down the blue crystal path and the Night Garden “sign” will pop up as you go down.  Once it appears you’ve completed the assignment.

Picture 2016-07-17 16-12-17



No access where spell quest goes

Starting Azteca_edited

Though I’ve had Morgan and Rylee questing together for a long time, Morgan, who’s done a few more side quests and helped other folks out a lot, is almost one level above Rylee.  Morgan got her level 88 spell a few weeks ago.  Part of her quest was in Azteca as well but in the earliest portion, Three Points and Cenote (the nasty part where it’s almost impossible to get past minions to get to your sigil–another frequent set-up I don’t enjoy…).

I’ve been pushing since then to get Rylee to level 88, including going back to hit some side quests.  Tonight she finally made it and I picked up the spell quest.  First part, Wysteria, so that was fine.  But then she got sent back to Moolinda Wu whose next instruction required her to enter an area of Azteca to which she doesn’t have access yet.

That used to happen to me quite a lot since I completed all or most of the side quests which made my wizards much higher level than many in whatever world they were on (see previous post).  Really disappointing to hit the level, get the spell quest and then find out you can’t do it.  I got around it for a few wizards by porting them in to a higher level wizard on another account, but Rylee and Morgan are my two highest and they’re at exactly the same place — i.e. no one to whom she can port.

In the past my wizards have sometimes been as much as 2 or 3 levels beyond before being able to get the next spell.  In this case it looks like this will probably be the next point of access she gains in Azteca; probably not even one more level’s worth of quests.  Still, it’s a discouraging way to set things up.  There’s no reason why these quests can’t all take you to a world far enough back to be sure a wizard of the level just achieved would definitely have access…  Just because the world is lower doesn’t mean they can’t plant a super tough spell quest boss there.


More daily assignment woes

No Midnighter

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve had troubles from the beginning with getting assignments requiring access to areas to which my wizard doesn’t have access.  I also quickly grew tired of how many of these assignments require going to obscure places.  Now I can add assignments to defeat rare mob creatures you can’t find.

After a long spell of skipping the Daily Assignments altogether, I opened two accounts and took in two nearly same-level wizards who got the same assignment, defeat a Midnighter in Chelsea Court.  I sent one off to Chelsea Court and flew her around and around and around without seeing any.  So I finally did a search and ran into a discussion about it, informing me there are only two Midnighters, who are usually next to William Pugley.  But also telling me people are having trouble with going there and finding no Midnighters.

I finally put both wizards in that location and started trading them off on changing realms.  One of them managed to hit a realm where people were already fighting the only two Midnighters.  Fifteen minutes later I finally closed both accounts in disgust, having never been able to complete the assignment.

Particularly annoying is that I see from the chatter this is not the first time they’ve created an assignment and then left people unable to find any of the creatures they’re supposed to defeat.

From the get go this daily assignment thing has felt as if it wasn’t well thought out and it feels like somebody’s just randomly tossing out assignments without any prep to make sure the assignment works and is being given to people with the right access to get to them.  So I’m going back to ignoring them…



Porting within dungeons… or not…

Dual Mount in Dragonspyre

I’ve been pretty steadily playing with two accounts open at a time, running two wizards through the same worlds together.  And one of my great frustrations arises from the many dungeons where you not only can’t port INTO the dungeon but you also can’t port WITHIN the dungeon.

With two accounts open and lots of dungeons that involve a lot of running around and a lot of dodging past sections that are hard to get through without getting caught, it’s incredibly frustrating to constantly get into dungeons and realize I can’t port one character to the other.

I sort of get why KI wants to keep certain dungeons free of inward ports; in other words why they may not want you to be able to have a friend port in to help you.  Sort of.  Mostly I can’t see why you can’t get help from wherever you are.  But I really don’t get why they also make it impossible to port to one another from within those dungeons.

It mostly seems kind of random.  In Dragonspyre’s Great Spyre you can, blessedly, port to one another.  So I can have one character run around to do stuff like click on the thing that opens the final door and then port her back to the other.  Or run one ahead to the next battle and then port the other to her.  But in many other dungeons, like the Five B.O.X.E.S, once your group is in, you still can’t port to one another within the B.O.X.

Recently I opened all three accounts and brought in Tatiana F (level 62 Fire) to help Heather and Jasmine with Belloq.  [His trick is to keep casting a giant-hit Ra every round he isn’t hit by damage and the key to defeating him is over time spells, so bringing in a Fire girl with her selection of OT spells seemed a good idea).  In order to hurry things up I kept her in, porting to the other two at each new dungeon or mob fight.

Until I got to the Black Palace, the final dungeon in Stone Town.  She, of course, needed to port in as she has no sigil access yet and she just got the “your friend is busy” message which means you’re not allowed to.  Even worse, it’s a dungeon that requires a lot of running around and you can’t port once you’re in the dungeon either, so I had to separately take each wizard through.

Since I wanted to get Sonic Springs, it was especially frustrating to me this time around with the B.O.X.E.S., because it was such a pain in the neck to run two wizards around in them, I gave up on doing it with two accounts.  For me that just quadrupled the sense of frustration I felt at how rarely the Sonic Springs drop.

I wanted to open two or perhaps all three accounts and raise the chances that at least one or more of my wizards would get a Sonic Spring each round.  But with all the running back and forth in there, I found it too cumbersome to have to run more than one wizard through (even given that only one needs to go do all the “chats” with NPCs).

I really don’t see any reason to prevent wizards from porting to one another within the dungeons and towers once they’re already in so I seriously wish KI would reset all those no port dungeons so we could hop to one another with ease after we get in.  Particularly for those of us who play with multiple accounts open at once, it would make life so much easier!

Endless Zafaria

Drum Jungle Zafaria

As I have often done, I got a one month membership for my third account during the Double Garden Reward days  earlier this month so Heather G. and Alura N. could collect double mega snacks and seeds.

The last time I did it I got Heather far enough into the first section of Zafaria to get access to the gardening trainer and got Alura part way through the Grotto in Celestia.  This time I decided I’d like to get Heather through Zafaria.  I’ve decided I’d like to purchase the entry area to Zafaria and Mirror Lake so my two highest levels on that account can farm for some good gear.

I remember the first time through Zafaria seemed endless.  I’d done a few side quests there, so I thought maybe it would seem shorter this time.  But I’ve had Heather (level 69, Life) and Jasmine (from first account, level 68 Life) doing only main quests and it still seems like it goes on and on.

My God the endless mobs you have to fight.  Some types over and over and over.  It makes it seem like it lasts forever.  You keep thinking you’ll get on to a dungeon or tower but no, defeat 8 more of these or 10 more of those.  Some types you keep getting sent back to repeatedly and you can’t really stack because one quest doesn’t show up until you’ve done the other.

I’ve noticed the first seemingly endless world (to me) is Celestia  You keep thinking you must be getting close and then there’s another area and another area.  But if you stick with main quests you can at least move through fairly quickly and you hit more dungeons and not so much the multitudinous mob quests.  Zafaria just goes on and on though.

I’d been hoping to also get Alura finished with Celestia so she could do Zafaria the next time I buy a month for that account, but, as I’m going to be out of town for part of my remaining membership and not planning to take a laptop, it’s looking unlikely.

Heather and Jasmine have reached the Drum Jungle, so at least finally arrived at the last section.  But the Drum Jungle is also kind of endless — not only lots of mobs but also quite a few dungeons.  I remember thinking the first time through, after completing the Elephant Graveyard at the end, that should have been it — couldn’t believe there was still another dungeon to get through (Mirror Lake) before moving on to Avalon (which also goes on and on…),

I don’t know how everyone else feels but I’d love to see KI reduce the insane numbers of mobs you have to fight when you reach these higher level worlds and possibly eliminate a dungeon or two.  Isn’t enough that the bosses and minions get harder and harder without also making it longer and longer?.