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Unlimited Crafting and Double Reagents

Through Sunday, July 1, 2018, KI is running an event in which members can craft as much as they want without any wait for timers.  You also receive double reagents anywhere you can get them:  plant harvests, collecting on “ground”, battle drops…

It’s a fairly good moment for picking up reagents at the Bazaar as some of us gardeners who are not using all those doubles for crafting are instead selling them

The main crafting projects I want to do involve the recipes from the B.O.X.E.S., all of which require sonic springs.  You can only get the sonic springs during the B.O.X.E.S. events and they drop so seldom even then that it’s a slog, so I don’t have enough nor the patience to keep farming during the events.  So I’m not really crafting and am selling all the reagents I’m getting from lots of gardening.  You’re welcome 🙂


Planning ahead for reagents


When it comes to crafting in the Spiral, there are a few places that wind up catching people without the right ingredients if they haven’t done research.  I did a lot but when I got to Azteca it turned out I hadn’t done enough.  Now I’ve found a nice chart that lets you know what you’re facing in terms of reagents for all the crafting quests.

The first place for me that created a problem was Marleybone, where it took me quite a while to farm both MB and the Bazaar for enough scrap iron.  But the Dragonspyre crafting quests were the ones that pushed me into gardening.  I did a bunch of research about reagents and figured out I could get them as drops from lots of plants.

Pink Dandelions and Evil Magma Peas between them drop copious numbers of the reagents you need not only for the crafting quests through Celestia but also for crafting a lot of the recipes you can buy along the way.  I stopped questing for a while and just grew crop after crop.  Now all my wizards have big supplies of reagents in their backpacks and the Shared Bank has a giant store as well and all the early crafting quests have been easy.

Even the Zafaria quest, which causes a lot of people trouble, went quickly for me.  However, for a few reagents I had to pass every piece any wizard on the account had through the Shared Bank, so I’ve needed to grow more crops and do more farming at the Bazaar to make sure my other wizards will have an easy time when they get there.

I read a lot about Amber becoming important as you move into the higher levels so I grew various plants that drop it, finally landing on King Parsley as the easiest to grow in an array of plants that all drop it so rarely you have to repeat crops over and over to get much of a supply.  I didn’t look ahead to get the numbers I’d require; wound up having plenty to craft Deer Knight but I can see I’ll need to get cracking on growing LOTS more crops of KPs to have enough Amber for all my wizards to craft stuff.

What I missed was any warning about Turquoise, Agave Leaves and Agave Nectar, all of which come into play for the Axteca crafting quest.  Turquoise is a pretty infrequent drop, available in a couple of packs and, if you keep refreshing the reagent tab, available in small numbers at the Bazaar.

Agave Leaves are supposedly available to pick up in a few areas of Azteca.  In spite of farming quite a bit, I never even saw one till the Floating Mountains; with two wizards questing through the area at once (two accounts), I got one for one wizard.  Both the leaves and the nectar are available in small occasional numbers at the Bazaar.  Some Ultra plants drop it but since Ultra plants are hard to come by, not a great way to collect a bunch.  A bunch of bosses drop it but, again, two wizards who’ve both fought most of the main story bosses in Azteca and one of them has received one.  You can also buy one of the Leaves for 400 arena tickets but since I don’t play PvP I have tiny amounts of tickets.

Nectar is possible to get when you find the Agave Leaves (much like Stone Blocks can give you Sandstone or Black Lotus can give you Black Pearls), so if you have better luck with finding the Leaves than I did, you can probably get enough of the Nectar.  You can also transmute the Leaves into Nectar.

If I’d realized the quest was coming, I’d have started having all my wizards pick up the Leaves and the Nectar every time they hit the Bazaar from an early stage.  If you want to have plenty of these reagents for the quest when you get there, I advise starting to pick all three–turquoise,agave leaves, agave nectar–up whenever you see any at the Bazaar from the earliest level you can (for me it’s around level 14 or 15 when I’ve managed enough garden crops to have that much gold).

The finisher for me with the Azteca crafting project is the Potent Trap TC requirement.  Although it’s a possible drop from Ultra Alligator Pear Tree, it’s basically only available as a drop from Bosses.  One of my two wizards got two on the way through Azteca, the other zero. And you can’t trade it or buy it at the Bazaar or from a vendor.

I assume it’s another deal where you wind up having to pick one of the Bosses who drop it and fight 50 times to get one.  I’m digging in my heels and saying no to that, so I won’t be completing that quest for the one who didn’t get any.

For all the rest of the quests, though, if you start gardening early and spend some time farming at the Bazaar, you can arrive at each crafting quest with the ingredients already in your stock.  Click the link to the chart I mentioned at the beginning so you can see all the numbers you’re going to need and start your plan early.







I’m out on crafting too…

Eagle War Shield Recipe

Eagle War Shield Recipe

I guess my patience in the game is wearing thin.  Morgan (Death level 87) and Rylee (Life level 86) have been off and on moving through Azteca for a while  Last night I wasn’t feeling like battling and remembered each of them had picked up a crafting quest and then I’d never looked at it.

So I decided Rylee would work on her crafting project, the Eagle War Shield…  until … I found out that the first ingredient is a treasure card you can only get in boss drops.  Can’t buy it from a librarian and it doesn’t seem to show up at the Bazaar.  In my experience that means both wizards will have to fight one of these bosses something like 100 to 150 times to get enough of the cards to craft the shield.

And then I saw that it requires Agave Nectar, which is dropped by a few Ultra plants (i.e. hard to come by) or can be made with a transmute spell….  except…  you have to finish a quest in Azteca to even get to buy the recipe from a guy in Azteca who doesn’t apparently even show up until farther into Azteca than I am.

Quite a ways into Azteca neither of my girls has received the quest that would make her eligible to buy this guy’s recipes.   And the transmute recipe requires Agave Leaves, which also seem to be rare.  Supposedly you can harvest them in Mangrove Marsh but I’ve finished many quests in that area and have yet to find ONE.  I’m not even sure if the inability to get the transmute recipe matters that much as I don’t think I could get enough Agave Leaves to make as much Agave Nectar as I need.  Farming Mangrove Marsh for enough could, in my experience, be yet another task of multiple hours.  I spent about half an hour hopping realms to farm for them just to get an idea how tough this would be and I have yet to even see one — not positive what it even looks like when it’s sitting out for farming.  Got lots of Black Lotus and Deep Mushrooms but not a single Agave Leaf.

This is another case of different wizards, different experiences (see previous post) as Morgan has some Agave Nectar and Leaves from Ultra plant drops and, I think, from drops in Azteca while Rylee has none (grows the same stuff in her gardens and they’ve been questing together).  But neither has the ingredients to make the Shield.  The thing is, I see yet another sidetrack that takes me away from questing for several weeks (at least), much of it spent endlessly battling some boss over and over for the treasure cards and, possibly, some reagent drops.

I gather some people don’t mind that but after battling Oakheart a zillion times for Potted Cattails (which you can now get in abundance from the Bazaar and from mature harvest plant drops), and Lord Nightshade another zillion, trying to get Nightmare pets for all three accounts, I’m pretty much over the dubious joys of endlessly fighting the same opponent and getting tons of unwanted drops while almost never receiving the one I’m after.

When I hit the first seemingly-tough crafting in Dragonspyre I virtually stopped questing for months while every wizard on my account gardened and collected reagents. Up until now I felt great about that because every major crafting project has been easy thanks to the reagent stores I’ve accumulated.  And now after all that hard work to be prepared, it’s disheartening to find it still wasn’t enough.

I get that KI needs to keep making money and they want you to take a long time and to be distracted by lots of fun things that keep you from hitting the highest levels with all wizards and then being bored.  But I’ve been at this a long time.  I’ve sidetracked for Professor quests and Lost Pages quests and special Halloween stuff and pet training and gardening.  And I take the blame for working on various wizards at different times instead of just taking my two highest levels all the way up.  But I’m tired of working so hard for everything.  And that after all the work not a single wizard has finished.

I’ve already given up on pet training.  Starting with Celestia, the worlds have seemed LONG and tedious to me, I’m already kind of feeling bogged down in Azteca and I gather I have quite a few areas still to get through.  I don’t do the Professor quests much and I’ve skipped all the super tough side dungeons as I don’t find the dungeons full of tricks to be that much fun.  For a kids’ game, there’s too much stuff that’s hard or long or frustrating.  If I wanted that I wouldn’t be playing a kids’ game.

My health is finally better, I’m slowly more interested in living than staying tied to a computer and I’m aware that I’ve grown more impatient as I’m feeling livelier.  I don’t want to spend as much time at this as I was and yet I’d like to at least get Morgan and Rylee to the highest level (which seems to be a target that constantly moves away from me) and I’m losing patience with learning new stuff, working endless hours for small returns, etc.  So, until or unless the ingredients for this project just start dropping into my backpacks in the course of questing, I’ll not be advancing any father in crafting.






Deer Knight_edited

2/18/16.  Amber is one of the more elusive reagents used in crafting.  I’m not sure where the first recipes requiring it show up, but I first picked up recipes in Avalon (Deer Knight and Lord of Night spells) that required it.  There’s also level 90 gear that uses it.

I’d read enough to be aware that it’s hard to get and that at higher levels I’d probably want it, so I tried growing King Parsley, Red Bell Pepper, White Tiger Lily, and Deadly Ninja Fig at various times to get some (there are other plants that drop it but you don’t run into them until higher levels and they take high level gardening spells and lots of energy to grow, so they’re also not available/usable if you’re trying to accumulate amber starting early).

I found all of them frustrating:  slow growing, the latter two take a lot of energy, and the drop rates for amber are so low as to be negligible.  I collected 15 or 20 among all the wizards on my first account and made the mistake of assuming that, as is usually the case with rare reagents, the recipes would require just a few so 15 or 20 would do.

In a patch of 30 King Parsley, White Tiger Lily or Deadly Ninja Figs, I’ve been lucky to get as many as two pieces of amber at elder harvest, sometimes only one and sometimes zero.  One piece of good news with Ultra seeds is that Ultra King Parsley drops amber at more than one stage of harvests and a few other Ultra seeds can drop it as well.

The Deer Knight spell requires 12 so I had enough to craft it but then had to wait to craft Lord of Night until I could grow a bunch of King Parsley and collect some more.  And then the account was completely out of amber.

You can also buy amber with arena tickets in Wizard City (outside the Arena), but since I don’t play PvP, I don’t have tickets.  And it takes 5,000 tickets to buy ONE piece.  You can’t buy it at the Bazaar or any other vendor..  There are some packs that supposedly have it but I’ve bought quite a few without getting any.

Keeper’s Lore Pack
Pharaoh’s Hoard Pack
Phoenix Hoard Pack
Shaman’s Lore Pack
Skyvern’s Hoard Pack

It isn’t a reagent that spawns in places where you can just collect it from certain areas, nor is it one like sandstone or grendleweed, that you get occasionally when you pick up a stone block or a frost flower.  There are some bosses who drop it though only in higher level worlds — and rarely — so you can’t start accumulating it early on by farming those bosses.*

King Parsley_edited

You can also get a transmute spell but it requires other rare reagents.  There’s a guide to farming for those here. But you have to be at least level 50 and for a couple of them more like 70 to get into the places with the Amber Dust and Merle’s Whiskers.

Since it’s extremely hard to get and takes either a lot of gardening time or a lot of farming bosses to accumulate, I recommend that you start gathering for amber from a low level.  On my first account, as mentioned, with several wizards occasionally growing crops that drop amber, I didn’t have enough for one high level wizard (Morgan, level 84) to craft two recipes.  And now I have another wizard on that account who’s in Zafaria, so before long she’ll need amber and it’s looking iffy whether lots of crops of King Parsley are going to produce enough for her to craft Deer Knight when the time comes.

On my second account, where I’ve moved along a little faster and done less gardening, I’ve been waiting for weeks to collect enough amber for Rylee W. (level 83) to craft one spell.  Two wizards on that account are now growing patches of 30-40 KP and getting so little amber it may be another couple of months before she can craft it…

Unless you’re into PvP and getting LOTS of arena tickets, the only way to start gathering a supply of amber in the lower level is to garden as soon as you are able (level 12).

If I could do it over, I’d have one wizard on each account growing 30 or so KP as early as possible (at low levels 30 is about the maximum you can plant at one time and stay within energy limits –and that’s with some energy gear…) — one crop after another.


King Parsley are really the easiest to grow (especially as far as garden spells you get early in the game).  Unfortunately it isn’t dropped until Dragonspyre, but if you can buy one seed from the Crown Shop, King Parsley drops seeds at more than one level of harvest so you can multiply one seed into a large patch in a few weeks time  They have two needs and get rank 2 pests.  Generally they only get needs and pests once a day.  With all the likes they take about five to six days to reach elder harvest.

Red Bell Pepper seeds are available at the Bazaar, though you have to refresh and/or keep going back to get very many.  They only have two needs and get rank two pests so they’re pretty easy to take care of and, with likes, reach elder harvest in approx. four or five days.  If you’re Fire, they provide some nice TCs. I’ve never gotten an Amber drop from any patch of them.

Deadly Ninja Figs take two weeks to get to elder harvest if you have all the likes and still are only likely to drop a piece or two of amber; in the same time you could get three or four crops of KP to elder harvest and wind up with more like 3-8 pieces.  They drop quite a lot in Mooshu and other higher worlds. You can buy them from vendors in Wintertusk and Khrysalis but you won’t have access until you’re higher level.  If you’re willing to spend thousands of crowns to get a couple of seeds, you can get them in packs.  They only have two needs but get rank 5 pests (see below for more on that) and sometimes they get the pests twice a day.  It took me two weeks to get 24 of them from seed to elder harvest with six likes and I wound up with 1 amber.  They used so much energy I couldn’t grow other crops — and that wizard was about level 70 at the time.

White Tiger Lily is available at the Bazaar for gold but you really have to hang out there refreshing in order to buy very many as it shows up rarely and usually only one or two at a time.  At low levels you wouldn’t want to go much bigger than the two-level 18-plot small plot garden I described here and here.  White Tiger Lily has five needs and gets rank five pests so it uses lots of energy; a garden that uses only medium area spells makes it possible when you don’t have a lot of energy yet.  You won’t be high enough rank at first to train the rank 5 pest spell (and you may not have access to Mooshu–where the trainer is– yet)  so you’ll have to get it as Treasure Cards from the Bazaar and you’ll pretty much have to cast one every day unless you can nab some Baby Sunbirds, which protect from rank 5 pests for 48 hours.

*It may be possible for a lower leve wizard to port in to a friend at some of those bosses, but you’re not going to stand a chance at say, level 20, unless you just shield and heal and let your higher level friends beat the boss.  And you can only farm for as long as your friend is willing…

Deer Knight Crafted

Deer Knight_edited

The vendor who sells the recipe for crafting Deer Knight is in Avalon.  You have to defeat the Indigo Giant in the Wyrd before you can purchase from Grady, who appears after the defeat.  It’s not clear to me whether you have to defeat the Giant again if you want to go back to purchase another recipe or if you can just enter the dungeon and skirt around to Grady.  I chose to get only Deer Knight this time, so at some point I may find out…

[UPDATE 1/31/16:  I’ve now been back with Morgan (to get Lord of Knight) and Rylee (to get Deer Knight after realizing what an asset it will be with her Death Mastery amulet) and they were able to just skirt around the boss and minion to the recipe vendor, buy and port back out to Caliburn)]

I’m grateful that farming some dungeons with higher level wizards had given me a chance to see Deer Knight in action or I’d not have researched to find out how to get it… and I’d probably have skipped right out of the dungeon after defeating the Indigo Giant without stopping to buy the spell.  I was grateful that for once my wizard was the right level and had the right crafting level to purchase the spell on the spot.  In the past I’ve hit a few dungeons with vendors and found out I couldn’t buy the spell yet…

Until now I’ve used Poison a lot to keep Tower Shields off of Ice Wizards, the Death portion of Spirit Shields off of Balance, and Death shields off of Life wizards, but of course you have to cast one on each individual opponent who’s casting shields or been cast upon, which means usually by the time you have garnered enough pips again to cast a Scarecrow, at least one of them has gotten past the Poison and cast another Shield.  Deer Knight lets you hit everybody with an over time spell that keeps the shields off and for only one more pip than casting one Poison!

Some wizards have told me they think Deer Knight is the best spell Death has.  Since I LOVE the drain spells — they’re the main reason Death is my favorite — I don’t agree with that.  I’d always rather cast something that restores my health as well as defeating the bad guys.  But Deer Knight is proving to be a good companion, as I can keep the shields off and clear the way for Scarecrow to give me full damage.

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about how hard it is to craft Deer Knight but I didn’t have too much trouble.  It requires:

  1. 6 Deer Knight treasure cards
  2. 100 Perfect Onyx
  3. 200 Ghost Fire
  4. Blood Moss
  5. 100 Bone
  6. 50 Springs
  7. 50 Sunstones
  8. 12 Amber

Most of the reagents I already had, thanks to long time gardening.  In reading up on gardening and reagents when I first started serious gardening, I realized long ago that Amber is needed for crafting higher up and hard to get, so I’ve periodically grown crops of various plants that drop Amber, which meant I had more Amber than needed for this recipe.

Perfect Onyx and Ghost Fire are easy to purchase from reagent vendors; I went to Celestia for the Onyx and the Ghost Fire.  Twenty minutes of refreshing the Death TC tab at the Bazaar got me the six Deer Knights (I’m sorry to say I received Deer Knight in the past and had sold them since I almost never use TCs for damage…).

Crafting is a great reason to start gardening early.  I’ve grown a lot of Pink Dandelions, mostly to get the Black Pearls needed for some of the mid-level crafting projects, and they drop Blood Moss and Springs so I’d accumulated way more than enough for this.  And, as mentioned, though Amber doesn’t drop often even in gardening, between King Parsley, White Tiger Lily, and Deadly Ninja Fig crops, I’d managed to accumulate more than enough for this spell.  If you don’t start growing plants for Amber until you buy this spell, you’ll be waiting a long time to craft it.

It’s definitely a spell worth having in your arsenal, so be ready to hop over to Grady after you finish the Indigo Giant battle.  And be prepared with 60,000 gold.  If you’re lower level, pay attention to the ingredients list above and start gathering now –including growing a garden if you need to — so you can craft that spell as soon as you get it!

Seed Vault: A great addition

With the latest update, KI has brought us the Seed Vault, a solution to the too-many-seeds problem I’m sure many of us have longed to fix.  Up to now, seeds could only be in your backpack and counted against your limited slots.  Every time you had a big harvest your backpack overflowed and lots of seeds went into the Bank.

If you collected a number of varieties of seeds so you could rotate crops, you filled not only your backpack but also your attic.  I have some wizards with full attics containing almost nothing but seeds.  Since the advent of Double Gardening Reward days I’ve been struggling to find places for all the seeds. The Seed Vault lets you store up to 100 seeds you’re not using at the moment so they’re no longer clogging up your backpack and attics.

Seed Vault

Seed Vault

As you can see above, they’re cute.  They can be placed indoors or outdoors so you can have it wherever it’s most convenient for you.  At the Crown Shop they cost 1995 crowns and they’re not available for gold.  You can also buy a recipe for 10,000 gold from Toshio in Mooshu and craft them.

You can have one outside and one inside at each house.  You’re only allowed to have one in any given place, including your backpack.  To use it, you click on the Housing Item icon then go to the Seed Vault and click on it.  When the usual icon for turning or moving items opens there’s a picture of seeds at the top of it.  When you click on the seeds you open the list for the Seed Vault.  There’s a backpack tab to use for moving seeds from the backpack to the vault and a seed tab for moving seeds from the vault to the backpack.

I bought one for my first account but my crowns are low on all accounts and I’m not at place where I can buy more right now, so I figured I’d craft.  They’ve made the crafting pretty tough, in my opinion, and it looks like it may be months before I craft ONE.

Most of it is easy stuff, amethysts, mushrooms, mistwood and a couple of the new plant treasure cards that you can buy easily at the Bazaar.  The two stumbling blocks for me are the Five Braided vines and the 25 Pink Dandelions.

Silver Trumpet Vines

Silver Trumpet Vines

There are only three ways to get Braided Vines:

(1) as harvest drops from

Deadly Fly Trap
Face Palm
Goose Tree
Maelstrom Snap Dragon
Pink Huckleberries
Red Huckleberries
Silver Trumpet Vine

(2) purchase with arena tickets (600 each)

(3) as boss drops from:

I haven’t reached any of those bosses as far as I’m aware (and I’m pretty much over fighting bosses a hundred times to get one item) and I don’t do PvP or Pet Derby so I don’t have arena tickets.  That left me with gardening.  Again, some of the plants aren’t things I’ve ever encountered and several of the ones I have planted are more trouble than they’re worth.

However, I had some Silver Trumpet Vines from drops in Celestia so I figured I’d plant those.  They take a really long time– I haven’t clocked it but something like seven or eight days; I know I can get two+ crops of EMPs to elder harvest in less than the time it takes for one round of STVs.  I started with six and they do sometimes give you an extra seed at the final so I’m up to nine and I’ve harvested three or four times without getting ONE SINGLE braided vine.

Silver Trumpet Vines have a pretty long like list, so I’ve given them as many as I could.  The total list:

Tropical Garden Gnome
Red Barn Farm
Helephant Ears
Deadly Helephant Ears
King Parsley
Decorative Gong
Gong of the Oni

Pixies of course are iffy but they’ve had one most of the time.  Also Helephant Ears, King Parlsey, Tropical Garden Gnome , Decorative Gong and Red Barn Farm.  The only place to get Gong of the Oni is repeating the Tree of Life dungeon in Mooshu till you get one dropped from the Death Oni.  I’ve done it a few dozen times now without getting a single Gong of the Oni.  I’ve also sat on the decorative items tab at the Bazaar for hours and never seen one.

So, I have the STVs growing as fast as possible without the Gong of the Oni and it is still slow.  I’m going to plant Deadly Fly Traps for another wizard to see how that goes but my memory of growing them is that they’re a pain in the neck.  And the fact that there are no Braided Vines in my Shared Bank or any wizard’s reagent list tells me for all the DFTs I grew I never got one BV as a drop.

I have tons of Pink Dandelions on my accounts but I set up each wizard with a certain number –and it took HOURS of fighting mobs in Krok* to get that many.  If I start dumping 25 at a time into crafting Seed Vaults, it means back to hours and hours of fighting Charmed Slaves and Nirini thises and thats to replace them.  Or else spending weeks before crafting to get all I need for the recipe.  If you have endless crowns you can just buy all you need, but I have to get them through drops.

If you, like me, are playing on a budget and can’t afford to drop 1995 crowns for every wizard you have it’s a great option to be able to craft a Seed Vault, but be advised it may take you a long time to get the ingredients together.

* You can also get them pretty easily in Mooshu (among other areas) but the lowest level creatures you can fight for them — meaning shorter battles — are in Krok and just about every kind of creature and boss in KT drops PDs.



The reagent Fossil is one of the most difficult to get, even though there are several sources.:

  • It’s an occasional drop when you pick up a Stone Block
  • You can use 15 Stone Blocks to craft one Fossil with a Transmute Fossil spell
  • It can show up in a number of packs though it rarely does
  • You can buy one from Diego the Duelmaster with 175  arena tickets
  • It’s dropped by Fickle Pickles and Burning Snap Dragons
  • One or two at a time (very occasionally more) it shows up at the Bazaar
  • Quite a few creatures can drop one — it’s very rare

I’ve been working at collecting Fossils for some time and I find every method to be slow and frustrating; lots of effort for very little return.  I can’t speak for purchasing with arena tickets since I don’t participate in PvP or Pet Derby — I’m thinking it would take a LOT of matches or races to get very many fossils.

I did a lot of farming for Black Lotus in Pegasus Place.  When I farm an area I pick up all reagents I see.  Pegasus Place has about eight spots where Stone Blocks spawn and as I move from realm to realm hunting that area, I generally pick up Stone Blocks in at least three of those places.

Stone Blocks have two rare reagent drop possibilities, Sandstone and Fossil.  Rare reagents only show up one out of every 10 times you click on the main reagent and if there’s more than one, each shows up even less often.  So the hundreds of Stone Blocks I picked up gave me a nice supply of Fossils, but not really any huge amount given the amount of time I spent.

The only reason I wasn’t annoyed was since I was farming for Black Lotus, the Blocks and Fossils were just a side benefit.  Now that gardening provides me with all the Black Lotus and Black Pearl I need, I can’t imagine spending hours getting Stone Blocks for Fossils.

You can buy the Transmute Fossil recipe from Balthazar DragonthornAvery Templeton, and Kimba Kalla.  You also need a Card Crafting Station, which you can get from any furniture vendor.  The recipe requires 15 Stone Blocks and at the crafting station you can transmute those into one Fossil.

Some of the crafting recipes require a surprising number of Fossils, given how rare it is.  So if you’re going to try to use Transmute to get Fossils for, say, a Starry Tent,  it takes 750 Stone Blocks to get the 50 Fossils you need.  Just for that one project, one time.

I have occasionally gotten a Fossil from one of the eight or ten varieties of packs that offer Fossil as a rare get.  I figure you’d have to buy at least a couple hundred thousand Crowns worth of packs to get 50.  Way outside of my budget.

Getting a look at Fickle Pickles

When I realized Fickle Pickles drop Fossil I bought a bunch and started growing 18 at a time [two layers of nine, which fits in medium area spell].  After approximately 10 elder harvests I’d gotten about two Fossils.  If you put 69 in a large area garden you might get a few more.  But FPs get all five needs and rank 2 pests, so  a large garden will use a LOT of energy without much of a return in Fossils.  More about FPs here.

I haven’t grown Maesltrom Snap Dragons much because they require  the rank 5 pest spell (25 energy points per cast) but they also drop Fossils.  The list of dropped reagents is long so I’d guess it’s about the same as with Fickle Pickles.

Since gardening takes some of my wizards to the Bazaar to sell stuff just about daily, I spend a fair amount of time while I’m there refreshing the reagent page and hunting for several rare reagents to show up for sale.  Fossil has been the most elusive of everything except, perhaps, Sunstone.*  It’s also tough to get Stone Blocks.

You have to refresh and click over to the page Fossils show up on (pretty much always the second page) as fast as you can because there are always other wizards trying to get Fossils and they go in a BLINK!  On the rare occasion when there are six or seven instead of one at a time, it’s even taking a chance to use the “buy more” feature because of the extra time it takes to open that and move the bar over.  I usually just start clicking “buy” and hope I can manage to nab a couple before others have grabbed them all up.

It’s a bit mysterious to me why a lot of crafting recipes require Fossils in such big numbers when they’re so very rare.  Usually recipes using the more rare reagents need something like 10 or 20, not 50 per item.  So far all methods of getting Fossils seem to eat up hours and hours of time to get just a few.

As soon as my wizards have gardened enough to have some gold to spare I now start having them troll the Bazaar for hard-to-get reagents.  Fossil is one of the few I start trying to stockpile early.  I also now have at least one wizard start growing 18 Fickle Pickles early on so that I can collect a few from harvests.  And I click on every Stone Block I see.  They still add up very slowly, but I’m finally getting a small stock on the two main accounts.

* I grow a lot of Evil Magma Peas, and rotate Fickle Pickles and King Parsley among my crops and they all drop Sunstone.  Even those it’s rare, growing all three tends to keep me reasonably supplied.

Evil Magma Peas

Evil Magma Peas

Evil Magma Peas

One of my top favorite plants is Evil Magma Pea.  The only downside:  if you want to plant some before you get to Avalon (where they drop), you have to spend crowns either to buy plants or to buy  Wyvern’s Hoard Packs (where you have a chance of getting one).


The rewards from EMPs are pretty great.  They drop five kinds of mega snacks and you get one from each plant guaranteed at elder harvest:

Captain Canteloupe 45 xp
Cherry Tomato 40 xp
Fancy Yogurt 50 xp
Golden Wheat Bread 40 xp
Mystic Dragon Fruit 45 xp

You also get some good reagents and those drop at every level of harvest:

Black Lotus
Golden Pearl
Scrap Iron

Finally, they drop some pretty good TCs at every level of harvest (sometimes more than one):

Cleanse Charm
Polymorph Ninja Pig
Tower Shield

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t use TCs a lot so I sell most of them but I keep Tower Shields and Feint in my side deck.


They’re also very easy to grow.  You have to be rank 7 in gardening — which you get to quickly just by growing a few rounds of 4-6 PDs (easily obtained from drops in early Krokotopia).  They have three needs, Pollination,  Water and Music and get rank 2 pests.  If you take care of plants twice a day, often the EMPs will have two of the needs one time and one on the other.  Sometimes you’ll hit all three needs and then it might be a while before more needs show up.  Generally you’ll have to use the rank 2 pest spell both times.


At 1250 crowns each, amassing a big garden can be expensive.  They used to go on sale for half price every few months but it’s been quite a while since the last such sale so that may no longer be true.  I bought all my initial ones on half price sales, then managed to get two accounts up to my goal in January by getting some crops of them to elder harvest during the double garden rewards days.


The mega snacks are my biggest reason for growing them but the reagent drops are pretty great.  Once you’ve collected whatever your target goal is for each of them, many of these reagents sell for pretty good amounts at the Bazaar (aether, at around 630 each, is the best).  The copious drops of TCs also leave you well able to keep some and sell a lot.  EMPs alone can keep your coffers filled with gold.


Where do you get reagents — the basics

Reagents used in crafting recipes can be obtained in a variety of ways.  They range from easy to get from several places to very hard to get and few options

Many reagents are scattered around on every world.  Some, like stone blocks, are on about every world, others, like shells, might only be in areas that are underwater or only in certain worlds.  They tend to have a bit of mist rising from them (you might see it as a shimmery glow) so they’re pretty easy to spot.  All you have to do is go near it and a box will open telling you to click “x”  to collect it.

Mist rising from reagents

Mist rising from reagents

They keep spawning in the same spots, so you can find certain areas to “farm” for a reagent you need.  For instance, I have a route in Chelsea (Marleybone) I use for scrap iron.  And I like Pegasus Way for black lotus, parchment and stone blocks.

Sometimes when you click you just get one item.  Sometimes you get two or three of the thing you clicked.  Occasionally you get one or two of the item you’re clicking on plus a more rare reagent.  For instance, stone blocks can also give you fossils (really rare) and sandstones (rare).  So you might get two stone blocks and one fossil.

Many bosses and mobs drop reagents but I’ve not found that I collect any given item consistently enough to farm for it by fighting the same ones repeatedly.  When I get a little higher I gather some creatures drop really rare stuff like Amber — that might be worth it if you don’t have to fight a hundred times to get one.

Many packs include a chance for a reagent but you’d have to spend a mint to collect very many of a particular reagent that way.  You can also buy bundles of some reagents at the Crown Shop.  They’re all reagents you can get so easily by gardening or farming a particular area, I can’t imagine paying for them but if you’ve got lots of funds it’s certainly a faster way to collect.

Many plants also drop reagents, some at every level of harvest, some only at elder harvest.  An urgent need for reagents to complete the Dragonspyre crafting quest and hours of effort in trying to get them led me to gardening.  While there are still a few hard-to-get reagents I’m working on, gardening for the most part has made crafting a breeze!  I’ll be doing gardening posts like this one on PDs which include all the reagents dropped by a particular plant and also posts on particular reagents that will tell you various ways to get them.

Some are sold at reagent vendors (see here for list).  Many are sold at the Bazaar, including many that are dropped by plants but not available through vendors.  A very few, like the much-coveted amber, are not available for sale and can only be obtained through gardening or very rare drops by a few bosses or as a very remote possibility in a few of the packs.  Some are sold for Arena tickets only which means having to participate in PvP or Pet Derby.

My least used method* is through transmute recipes, which is another crafted item.  I DO use them occasionally.  But most (not all) of the reagents you can transmute require bunches of one of the more common reagents.  In my experience the common reagent also gives you the rare reagent every 10th time or so.  By the time I’ve gathered the giant amount of the common reagent required to use the transmute recipe, I’ve already gotten enough of the rare reagent to craft the recipe without using the transmute spell.

My main ways to get ingredients are gardening and hanging out at the Bazaar refreshing the reagent list over and over and nabbing as many of the hardest-to-get items as I can.  A few common reagents are less expensive at the reagent vendors so I also buy certain items from them.

*Well, arena tickets would be really the least because I don’t participate in PvP or Pet Derby so I don’t have any.


Reagents and Crafting

Crafted Sun

Crafted Sun

I’m going to start blogging about and add a page on individual reagents but I thought I’d start with a broader discussion of crafting and the use of reagents.

You don’t have to craft.  The main storyline doesn’t require that you do any of the crafting quests.  There’s a nice guide to basics of crafting and crafting quests here.  I really just started crafting in Wizard City because it was there and I hadn’t learned the difference between main story quests and side quests.

I wasn’t much impressed for a while.  The stuff you have to craft for the quests is mostly not that interesting and then you don’t get to keep it (which would have been sell it for me).  But eventually I looked at the recipe lists at a few vendors and realized much of the coolest housing stuff and a lot of really good gear comes from crafting recipes.

The higher the level of the recipe vendor’s world, the higher the level of crafting* required to get the recipe.*  Or in some cases to complete the recipe.  For instance, the carousel pictured below (it moves, so it’s hard to get a clear picture) is from  Balthazar Dragonthorn on Dragonspyre and it requires access to the Dragonspyre Forge in Dragon’s Roost, the final area of DS.

Crafted Carrousel

Crafted Carousel

    The ingredients in the recipes are treasure cards, reagents, and sometimes other crafted items.  Some reagents are easily purchased from the Reagent Vendors often standing right next to the Recipe Vendor and the Bazaar.  Some reagents are scattered in every world.  Certain ones, like stone blocks and mist wood, tend to show up everywhere.  Others show up in some worlds and not others.
    Many types are dropped at plant harvests (a big reason to get into gardening).
    I’ll tell you more about getting reagents in the next post.  My advice for a beginner is to start the crafting early on just to get the quests behind you.  Consider how you’re going to collect a good supply of reagents, and start stockpiling–especially the rare reagents–so you’re prepared when you get to higher levels.  You can always quit if you decide later it’s not for you, but trust me, catching up is hard, particularly if you’ve not worked on getting a good supply of ingredients.

*Grizzleheim is a little odd — mainly because different areas require widely varied levels for access.  The vendor is in the common area, so you can get to him early on when you get the first GH quest but you have to be a much higher level crafter to buy any of the recipes–for some, you have to have completed Mooshu crafting and some, Dragonspyre.