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No health around Oakheart

No health wisps near Oakheart

No health wisps near Oakheart

On my second account I’m back fighting Oakheart over and over, trying to get a few more potted cattails.  Besides renewing my regular questions as to why they’ve made it so tough to get one (see post), I’m again wondering why they’ve set it up so there are no health wisps, EVER, anywhere near Oakheart’s Lair.

There is a transporter right outside the Lair so you can hop back to the village, get some heath and transport back to the Lair.  Or you can ride/run WAY down the road to where wisps float freely.  But there is never ever a health wisp anywhere close to Oakheart.  I’ve done Mooshu quite a few times now and in my experience that’s the only “street” location that has no health.

For the life of me I can’t figure out why there’s a need to set that area as a health free zone?

UPDATE 10/28/15:  After a recent update, transporters were moved around.  Now there’s not only no health anywhere near Oakheart but the transporter is way up the road from him so it’s not even convenient to hop out and transport to the village for health.

Test Realm: Shangribaa quest

Kingisle has a bunch of new stuff on trial in the test realm.  I haven’t felt much like doing my quests so I decided to try the first new area, which you reach via Krokotopia.

It requires level 25 and above.  I’ve taken wizards at levels 42, 73, and 48 through and I have to say I think this would be very tough for a level 25 to solo.  The first dungeon is pretty easy but the final section of the second dungeon is pretty tough.

Major Talbot in the Oasis gives you the quest.  You get to Kemboolong Village via a transporter next to shops in Krokotopia (same level as the transporter to the special shop) and then a tiny quest to get access to a boat ride to the  village.  After a chat with an NPC in the base camp in the village, you head to the Pagoda of Harmony (see below).

View of Pagoda of Harmony

View of Pagoda of Harmony

The basic story is:  some Marleybone guys are missing and some evil spirit has corrupted a bunch of monks who are holding the MB guys hostage.  The “Dalai Lamba” guides you through the first dungeon and greets you outside the second.  You free some of the soldiers in the first and the final guy in the second.

The first dungeon has three fights:  (1) two Enthralled Spirit Monks, Ice, 1035 health; (2) Enthralled Mind Monks, Fire, 935 health; (3) one Enthralled Body Monk and one Boss, Tsutsui, both Storm, 875 and 1125 health, respectively.  At the end of each of these fights you go to an altar.  Make a note of the symbol on each altar and also the symbol in the middle of the floor (same in each room).  These will solve a riddle in the second dungeon.

Shangri-Baa symbol

The second dungeon, Hollow Mountain, I’ve not been able to get good notes; higher level wizards keep jumping on the sigil with me and in each battle wiping everybody out before I get all the info written down.  Also, I’ve figured out how to solve the riddle, which I believe would mean not having to fight an  extra Oni-look-alike Balance boss with around 3,000 health but the folks who jump in with me keep invoking the Boss while I’m solving the riddle so I have no proof that you could get the entree for the final section just by solving the riddle.

Shangri-Baa Puzzle

The Hollow Mountain dungeon battles:  (1) Wooly Bully, Ice, health 1215; (2)Hoof Ninja, Death, health 1015; (3) the possibly-avoidable guardian boss (see above); (4) Hoof Ninja, Death, health 1015; (5) Hoof Ninja with Boss Zhu Wuneng, both Death, health 1015 and 1155 respectively; (6) three Spirit Bowls, one Ice, one Fire, one Storm all with health around 1000 and Master Tonkatsu, Storm, health 2900, plus all-enemy hits from a statue nearby called Hamakala.  The statue only does about 100 damage but it hits everybody on your team, sometimes every round so it adds up.

You win a skeleton key at the end of the second dungeon.  There’s a door at the end of the first dungeon that can be opened by the key —  you have to do the dungeon over to get to the door.  When you use the key to get in the locked room, there’s a chest that you click and get some decent drops.  Not sure it’s worth having to de-do the dungeon.

The first dungeon offers a ton of health wisps after you finish the last battle but no mana.  There’s also no mana in the Village.  When I soloed the first dungeon with a level 42 Fire wizard, she’d used two potion bottles by the end and I had to take her back through the boat ride and the transporter to the Oasis to refill the potions because there also doesn’t seem to be a mini-game anywhere in the village.

All in all, quite fun  for something different.  Below level 40 I’d advise that you Team Up or go in with friends.  Looks like some decent drops if they keep the same stuff when it goes live.