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Buy Back Training Points for Free

KI announced a free training point buy back for members “for a limited time” which probably means through Sunday, July 8, 2018.

Usually there’s a large cost in crowns that gets bigger as you have more training points, so it’s always nice to have these opportunities to change how you’re using your training points for free.

I’m tempted as I mistakenly used a point for a spell I thought I understood and it turned out I didn’t.  I DO wish they’d organize the buy back thing so you could just buy back specific ones you’d like to get rid of.  The idea of having to wander all over the spiral getting back all the rest of the spells just so I can lose that one…  not so appealing.

Since they started the free buy back events, I have had the thought that it would be smart to get one set of spells through training points for the early stages of the game, then switch it out when you hit the middling phases and then switch it again when you get higher.  There are at least a couple of different strategies that make sense for different stages of the game.

I know many players disdain using shields ever, but in the early stages when your health is low, I think it’s not a bad idea to have an arsenal of them so you can reduce damage if your health starts going down too fast.  Later it’s less important and you can build enough resistance into your gear to do without and you’d probably want more things like Feint or Spirit Blades, etc.  Then even later you want Star and Sun spells.

I will admit, however, since I’m lazy about having to run around collecting them all again, I basically follow my strategy of getting all wizards (except those in a given school who get them in regular training) Life through Sprite, Ice through Tower Shield, Death through Feint as the earliest acquisitions and then the various blades and Star and Sun spells…  Since I don’t change the basics at different stages, I just keep adding spells.

Or you might have a different strategy for changing them out.  Or maybe you, like me, got one you’re sorry you chose.  Or you, like me in the early stages with my first wizards, randomly used training points for crap you don’t need or want at all 🙂  Now’s the moment to fix it all!


Unlimited Crafting and Double Reagents

Through Sunday, July 1, 2018, KI is running an event in which members can craft as much as they want without any wait for timers.  You also receive double reagents anywhere you can get them:  plant harvests, collecting on “ground”, battle drops…

It’s a fairly good moment for picking up reagents at the Bazaar as some of us gardeners who are not using all those doubles for crafting are instead selling them

The main crafting projects I want to do involve the recipes from the B.O.X.E.S., all of which require sonic springs.  You can only get the sonic springs during the B.O.X.E.S. events and they drop so seldom even then that it’s a slog, so I don’t have enough nor the patience to keep farming during the events.  So I’m not really crafting and am selling all the reagents I’m getting from lots of gardening.  You’re welcome 🙂

Pets: Critical or Damage?

Prince Peanut at Mega

It was another largely disappointing Double Pet event for me with, as usual, so many failed pets I gave up bothering before the weekend was over.  But while I still had hope that I might manage to create some pets with the talents I want, I did some pondering about what I would find desirable.

I’ve gone a bit more for healing pets than damage or critical, but I do have a couple of pets with triple or quadruple damage and/or one or two crit boosts and I do see how much it helps boost damage. Since my highest level wizards just don’t go critical, I find the critical talents aren’t super helpful.

So far I’ve not succeeded at getting one with only damage/critical and I get so bored with the process I’ve just stopped with ones like the one shown in the picture above who have a may cast heal or something instead of an extra damage or critical.  Still really helps boost my damage.  And I’ve certainly been grateful a few times for the heal I didn’t want 🙂

Ultimately I’ve decided I’d rather emphasize damage for my pets rather than critical.  Aside from my personal issues, there’s a very practical reason to aim for damage:  the critical boosts just add small increments to the CHANCE you will go critical while the damage boosts, on the other hand, are always operating.  If you’ve added, say, 21% total in damage boosts with talents, every hit you make is boosted by that 21%.

I know some people really go for the crit and at higher levels than I’ve reached I gather your base chance must go up and a bunch of gear adds more significantly so it can be worth creating a pet with all the crit talents.  But my experience lower down in the levels is that the chance of going critical even if you equip a lot of enhancing gear isn’t high enough to bother.

One weird anomaly to this is that if you equip a really low level wizard with a pet who has some crit chance or a piece of gear with critical, you will go critical sometimes even though you’re nowhere near level 50, which is when critical is supposedly first added to your arsenal.  In fact I’ve had some lower level wizards with a small critical boost to a hat or whatever who’ve gone critical as often as my level 90+ wizards who are equipped in much more enhancing gear.  So you might find it worthwhile to equip a pet with a bunch of critical talents on your characters in Wizard City or Krokotopia and watch them double the damage once in a while.

Otherwise, I think the sure-fire boost you get with damage talents is a better bet than boosting the “chance” of going critical with critical talents for your pet.

Double XP for Pets and Hatchmaking issues

Mega Healing and Resist Pet

Against my usual stance, I’ve been doing some hatching and training without the benefit of double xp but reached the point yesterday of deciding I’d had enough and any more training would wait until another Double Pet Reward event.  And today, June 21, 2018, one has started and will run through Sunday, June 24, 2018.  So here I go…

One lower level wizard had an Epic Fire pet fairly far along toward Mega so I started by taking her in to finish.  I wound up sort of withwhat I had wanted, a pet with three heals and two resists; as you can see in the above picture it wound up four heals and one resist.

The drawback stems from a big drawback to the Hatchmaking Kiosk.  Once you’ve started hatching with a particular pet, the one hour “time outs” and 10 day/one week limit mean you have no guarantee you can get as many hatches as it takes with the pet you chose.

I’ve been very confused by the “my hatches” part of the kiosk because for most of my wizards it never shows up as clickable no matter how many hatches they’ve had.  Looking at the one time it did work, it appeared that maybe you could keep hatching with the same pet through it–although it was quite confusing and I changed my mind several times about what it was meant to do…– but if you can’t click on it you can’t do anything.

Without the ability to keep hatching with the same pet, the hatching experience is even worse than usual.  In this case I started out hatching with a pet who had three heals I wanted –spritely, unicorn, and energizing battery– plus the two universal resists.  That pet disappeared, however, and the only pet of the same type I could find with three heals and two resists had batusi instead of energizing battery.  As you can see, I wound up with batusi and fairy friend instead of the other resist.

This one turned out reasonably lucky as that was just one hatch with the second pet.  When you have to switch to another pet, the big problem is all those unmanifested talents in the pool that transfer and stick.  The pet already had a couple of unwanted, unmanifested talents that kept showing up.

Hatching with yet another pet means you get some more unwanted possible talents, which means usually it will take even more hatching and training than usual to wind up with the pet you want.  This was just a lucky break that she sort of got the pet I wanted in spite of the switch to a different hatch partner.  I really wish KI would change hatching so the unmanifested talents in each pet’s pool are left out of the equation.

I’ve had several pets now who started off hatching with a pet at the kiosk who had the desired talents and then was unable to get another hatch somewhere along the line.  My two big hopes for the kiosk had been that (1) I could do some hatching for a desired pet without having to keep bugging someone else to keep meeting me at the Hatchery and giving up a bunch of their gold and (2) I could offer pets to other people without having to keep having meet-ups and spending MY gold.

The frequent comings and goings of pets from the kiosk means you can’t count on getting multiple hatches with the same pet, if you need a bunch to get the pet you want.  And other than a couple of pets I’ve managed to create from the kiosk, none of the pets I’ve worked so hard to create are eligible for the kiosk so I still have to deplete my gold and set up meeting times in order to help others out with most of my best pets.

In the meantime, these next few days are a good chance to do a bunch of pet training in less time than usual.  Double XP for the games.  Double XP for the snacks.  A loved 50 XP Mega Snack with a perfect score on a game can give as much as 112 total points for one game.  Worth taking advantage!

Daily Assignment bonus goes on

In an unusual move, when KI changed the news feed on the opening window of the game Monday, they took off the Daily Assignment Bonus news item though it’s supposed to continue through Sunday, June 17.  Generally these events stay on the feed through their entire run.

I’m only vaguely participating in the event but I did the assignment with several wizards to check out the rewards and they were all still receiving double rewards and the rewards page still says “bonus” on the top.  It doesn’t seem to be meaning anything much for the treasure chest days except if you get a temporary mount it’s for 15 days instead of 7.  Otherwise, it’s mostly drops temporary mounts and weird housing items (and the same ones seem to show up repeatedly) it doesn’t seem the chests really give much extra.

If you like doing the Daily Assignments you apparently still have through Sunday even though they’ve dropped the announcement from the news feed.

Double Garden: good days to go to the Bazaar

Even if you don’t have anything to do with gardening in Wizard101, you can benefit at the Bazaar from Double Garden events. Those of us who DO garden are busily harvesting double reagents, double pet snacks, double housing items — most of which are “likes” for plants — and double Treasure Cards.  And any of us who’ve been doing large scale gardening very long don’t need most of those things, so we’re also selling all our extra stuff at the Bazaar.

For instance, Evil Magma Peas drop Djembe Drums and Egg Baskets (both likes for Evil Magma Peas), Tower Shield and Feint TC’s (and more), and Scrap Iron, Black Lotus, Aether, Aquamarine, Sandstone, Sunstone, Pearls and Golden Pearls.  I have the likes for all my gardens, have giant stockpiles of the TC’s and my banks and shared banks have huge stores of the reagents.  So I sell almost everything I get in the harvests.

Couch Potatoes drop a bunch of pet snacks at every level of harvest, plus Empower and lots of Star TC’s and their own “likes”, Litter and Sandwich Stations.  Again I’ve collected all I need and, if anything needs replenishing, these events refill my stores and still leave me with lots to sell.

Sword Ferns drop so many blades of almost every sort that I sell tons of those, and they drop their own likes plus some other housing items as well.

You get the idea.  those of us who garden have to stop once or twice in the midst of harvesting to sell things in the Bazaar so our backpacks and shared banks have room to collect the rest.  It means there are not only lots of often-hard-to-get items available in big numbers, but because there are so many the prices are often down.

What you can’t get easily during these events are the gardening tc’s.  Since all the gardeners are frantically buying up these cards to use while they wring the max out of the event, the gardening tc’s are harder to come by.

If you need some rare reagents for crafting or want to pluck up a bunch of pet snacks while available and cheaper or you’re ready to start gardening and need some likes for your chosen plants, it’s worth watching out for Double Garden events and hanging out at the Bazaar.  These events happen way less often than most of the other member benefits so take advantage while you can.

Double Gardens at last

May 25, 2018 Yesterday KI announced a Double Garden event through Sunday.  Been a long wait!

During this time you will receive double drops of all kinds for every harvest (mature or elder) — tc’s, xp, housing items, snacks,reagents, seeds, gold.  I’ve had many gardens sitting at elder harvest waiting for this.  Just from this one set of harvests I’ve largely restored the gold supplies I depleted for many wizards during the double pet event last weekend.

There isn’t enough time to get very many types of plants to elder if you plant now, but a few things like Evil Magma Peas and Couch Potatoes move quickly enough that you could get a couple of mature harvests.  I think Double Garden days are one of the best deals KI offers so take advantage.

It’s especially a good chance to double up on seeds you normally either have to buy with crowns or farm for endlessly.  And those double mega snacks — can’t beat the impact on your supplies of those.

Finally a desired pet with ease

As I’ve mentioned many times, I mostly find the whole pet aspect of Wizard101 extremely frustrating and I pretty much don’t bother to hatch, train, etc. any more other than an occasional flurry during a Double Pets event.  So I pretty much let the first day of this event slip by without bothering.

I’ve also been under-impressed with the Hatchmaking Kiosk.  But I have realized my initial assessment that you couldn’t get a good pet there is premature.  I forgot about the folks who love fiddling with pets and make a point of hatching some of the not-so-good dropped or vendor-bought pets into high level pets.  These pets seem to still be eligible for the kiosk, so if you have the patience to make your way through the tedious search for a pet, you can find something.

I’ve been wanting a pet for my level 82 Storm wizard with three may cast heals and two universal resist talents.  I’ve searched a few times but lost patience for the process.  You can search by “pedigree”, which lets you check out the talents received and stats but there’s no further breakdown, so if you have a particular set of talents you’re after, you just have to scroll your way through the entire supply of pets in the kiosk until you find one that suits.

I was just about to pass out from boredom when I finally ran into a Drowned Grimhorn with exactly the talents I wanted.  Even better, the pet card it includes could at least occasionally be useful.  So far so good.  Then, of course, comes the training — the part that usually leaves me gnashing my teeth, shaking my fists and deciding I’m never going to have anything to do with creating a new pet again…

As soon as the pet hatched I headed for the one game I’m willing to play (Grumpy Gobblers) and started training.  First talent, Spell Proof.  Okay.  Try another.  Next up Spritely.  Wow, on a roll.  Hesitated over whether I should just go ahead and hatch again at adult on the assumption something would fail but decided to keep going until I actually hit a fail.

Generally I refuse to use the energy elixirs but I had a few free ones sitting in my “gift box” so I decided this seemed a good occasion to use a couple and I kept on training.  For the first time EVER I got exactly the pet I wanted on the first hatch!!!  And she’s cute!

Meanwhile, so far the only pets I’m allowed to offer at the kiosk have never been chosen so not a single wizard has earned a single pepper since the only pets allowed from the dozens and dozens I have are crap.  Continues to be a big disappointment because I hoped the kiosk was going to provide a way for me to offer my better pets to others without having to use up all my gold or a lot of my time…

I did offer this pet, so we’ll see if I finally get a pepper or two 🙂

No Energy Fishing

No Death fish

May 4, 2018  “For a limited time” members can fish without using any energy.  Probably through Sunday, May 6, but I can’t find an official place that names the ending day and time.

I personally don’t enjoy anything about fishing (see post) but I do recall that the giant energy use was a big part of why it seemed pointless and frustrating, so this might make it more fun if you don’t like it.  And if you already love fishing, great opportunity to pursue whatever your goals are!

Five B.O.X.E.S. is back

WC Telegraph Box

I’m a little late in posting as this has been going on a few days now but the Five B.O.X.E.S. are back and will be around through May 20, 2018.  Some special drops and a chance to do some dungeons that aren’t around most of the time.

There’s also a recipe vendor in each box and some great housing items to craft.  The catch is every recipe requires at least one sonic spring and the springs are only dropped in these B.O.X.E.S./dungeons and not very often there.  I have a stack of recipes and a lot of stuff I’ve never made because of it.  But if you want to craft those items you need to take advantage of the B.O.X.E.S. events to get the sonic springs.