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Halloween festivities are here

In Stormdrain Tower

In Stormdrain Tower

As of today, Halloween fun has arrived in the spiral.  Jack Hallow is back with his quests.  Dworgyn is tapping everyone on the shoulder to get the “mysterious cave” quest and face Nosferabbit, Baron Mordecai is open for business and Lord Nightshade is dropping spooky gear and other goodies like Ghost Dragon and Nightmare pets.

If you’ve done all of Jack Hallow’s quests before, you can just pick them all up at once and click away as you run around.  If you’ve never done them you have to pick them up in order; as you complete one, another one shows up.  The first Jack is hanging out in the Commons and along the way he’ll send you to Jack Hallows in other areas.

Usually the Professor and his B.O.X.E.S. show up sometime during the month but I guess we’ll see what KI has decided for this go-round.  Enjoy!