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A few strategy tips

Rylee (Life, level 69), got left in the Celestian Base Camp after I ported a couple of wizards on the first account to her so they could pick up gardening spells (see previous post).  When I logged in last night someone immediately asked to be her friend and then shortly after that asked for help.

I ported her back from her garden to help him with a few quests in the Science Center.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out how this guy made it to Celestia; unless asking for help and letting his teammates win every battle is his strategy.  He didn’t have shields or much in healing; he lobbed big damage spells while Tower shields were up so he lost his damage.  The rest of the time he cast spells so small they were almost useless at the level of mobs we were fighting. He wasn’t equipped with gear appropriate to his level.

It got me thinking about a few tips I’d offer to beginners:

  1. Always have some heals in your deck and in your Treasure deck.  I spent most of one battle healing him and, since he never added any heals to mine, he kept getting defeated.  Sprite is my favorite for non-Life wizards since it only uses one pip.  Even if you have a pet who can heal, you can’t always count on it, so be prepared yourself.
  2. Start healing before you’re in trouble.  Especially if you use Sprite, you need a few rounds to get much health back so toss one off every now and then before your health gets dangerously low.  You can’t count on your team mates necessarily getting the right heal spell in their hand when you need it, so pay attention to health.  If your heal spells aren’t showing up, discard something and get one through your Treasure Cards.
  3. When you team up in a battle with wizards you don’t know well, add some extra Sprites and shields to your deck and/or Treasure side.  It’s amazing how many wizards don’t come prepared.  I spend a lot of time keeping track of the health of my teammates and preventing them from being defeated.  Once you’ve gotten extra minions to fight, you don’t want to be losing team mates.
  4. Check out your opponents before you jump into battle and put shields in your deck that will reduce their damage.  If you haven’t trained Tower Shield, put some in your Treasure deck.  Use training points to get high enough (usually just 2 or 3 points) in a few schools to collect different shields.
  5. If you’re up against monsters who regularly shield, make sure you’re prepared for their shields.  For Ice opponents I have two main strategies to deal with all those Tower Shields:  (1) wand spells; you knock off the shield without using any pips and without losing half the damage from your good spell; (2) for wizards who have over time spells, I put a bunch in the deck; i.e. Poison for Death, Fire Elves for Fire.  During the rounds that it’s active it keeps popping off those shields.  Poison also works to deal with all those Death shields from Life monsters, Fire Elf for all those Fire Shields from Ice creatures.  I put up my blades and traps and then, if I need to, I take a few rounds to knock off shields so I don’t lose 50-80% of the big damage I’ve set up.
  6. While those early level polymorph spells are kind of fun and can be helpful as far as getting extra health, they come with pretty crappy spells for the level of monsters you’re fighting by the time you can train polymorph.  I think my team mate in this case was probably a child — he kept polymorphing into a Gobbler and he LOVED the fart spells.  I sure hope it was a kid… 🙂  The thing is, the damage spells are way too small for, say, the Hydro-Mechs.  Make sure you’ve got some damage spells that are appropriate to the health levels of your opponents.  With this team mate, in spite of using lots of pips on healing him, I also had to keep garnering the pips to lob big damage because he didn’t help me with that either.
  7. There’s plenty of great gear available for gold in the Bazaar.  Every five levels–at least–check the Bazaar and see if you can get better gear.  Some types get better every five levels, some types more like every ten.  As you move higher you can also luck into crafted gear being sold that often is odd levels like 33 or 54.

A lot of this advice is especially for wizards under level 50.  When you get to level 50 and beyond, there’s a lot you can do with shielding through your gear.  You can also add tons of health.  Once you get there, some of this advice is less important but I’ve been saved from defeat against some tricky bosses by always having the heal cards and shields. I can always discard if I’m clearly not needing them, but sometimes they make the difference between victory and defeat.