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Plant Care Frequency

Having depleted all the gold from my two main accounts on hatching and pricey gardening spells, I’ve been gardening like crazy lately; working on not only replenishing gold, but using all the extra gold to buy expensive amulets so every wizard can have a supply in the Bank as well as a stash in the Shared Bank.  It’s been reminding me of some ins and outs of caring for the gardens.

One aspect varies from one plant to another:  how often do you need to take care of needs?  The two big things for me are making sure it’s often enough to avoid having anything move to “progress to dead” and making sure I don’t lose a mature harvest.

I’m just going to use a few examples from the plants I grow most often.  While the timing issues vary, the questions you need to figure out for any given plant are the same, so you’ll want to figure this out for whatever plants you grow.

Having arrived at Wizard101 via Pixie Hollow, I tend to look for a 24 hour cycle as their gardening was set up so you actually could not apply needs within 24 hours of the last time you watered or whatever.  So I’ve always tried to work it so I just had to go in once a day but with many plants — and the much more complex algorithms in this game due to likes, etc. —  in Wizard101, twice a day works better.

Couch Potatoes

Couch Potatoes are interesting.  For the most part you can just tend them once a day.  However, if you’re in a second time, six or eight hours after the first round and go to your CP patch, they will have both needs again.  Often if I don’t go back and fill the needs again, the CP’s are fine the next day.

But they move from OK to progress to dead pretty easily and, if you haven’t taken care of the needs that second time, you may find one or more in progress to dead when you go back.   Since I grow a couple of other things that need a second round, I just take care of the CP needs twice a day and thus completely avoid the progress to dead issue.

Evil Magma Peas

I haven’t had problems with EMPs and progress to dead — though you can get there with any of them — but they follow an intriguing pattern.  They have 3 needs and if you show up once a day, all three are present.  However, early in their maturing, there’s a stage where the water and pollination needs show up first without the music need.  Then if you go in later, they need music.

If you keep going in twice a day they will continue to have two needs one time and one need the second  It can work out to be a good way to mete out your energy use.  If you ever miss the second visit, they will have all 3 needs the next day when you go in and it will be hard–next-to impossible– to get them back on the split schedule of needs.

Also, while they do absolutely fine if you just go in once a day for care, if you have all the likes and you go back that second time you will get a second harvest.  I’m not sure when or why the progression switches, but if you DON’T go back, the second harvest segues back from all of them ready to harvest to all the plants having all 3 needs by the next day so you completely miss that extra mature harvest.

I do a lot of my gardening to get and sell the drops (keeping my gold supplies up), so I don’t want to miss whole rounds of mature harvests; I tend my EMPs twice a day.  I also kind of like the relief I get on energy by tending often enough to have the music need show up separately from the other two.  Makes it easier to grow other crops at the same time.

Pink Dandelions

Pink Dandelions do fine if you just tend them once a day.  Once in a while you’ll note one or two of them has developed a need or a pest if you’re in a second time, but you don’t have to go back.  However, like EMP’s, PDs with all the likes will give you a second harvest if you go back in — and, of course, if any of them have developed needs you will have to cast spells to get harvests from all plants.

Again, since I’m aiming to maximize my gold intake from gardening, I want that second harvest.  The second harvest will disappear if you don’t go in to get it.  So if you tend in the morning and don’t get back till the next morning, you’d never know there was a second mature harvest — they’ll all be back showing needs and you’l just get the one harvest after you tend.

If you don’t need the extra gold and want to spend less time tending your garden, PDs are a good choice as they don’t easily go into the progress to dead mode.

Ivy League

I haven’t actually bothered to grow these for a long time because of their difficulty, but as they’re not alone in being fussy; they’re here as an example.  There’s something glitchy in these and you can go in and take care of all the needs multiple times a day and still one or more of these plants will go into progress to dead.

Since I kind of gave up it’s possible KI took care of the issue at some point and I just don’t know about it  The tough thing about having one or two plants go into progress to dead is that they then start over so you have a patch of things growing in an area that fits a medium or large area spell but random plants in the patch are having needs at a separate time from the rest and you wind up keeping on caring for those 2 or 3 for days after the rest have hit elder harvest.

Sword Ferns

These are nice and straightforward.  They get their two needs once a day and once they hit the right point in the mature phase, you get a harvest as soon as the needs are met.  On very rare occasions I’ve been back a second time and they were ready to harvest again but most of the time they just offer a harvest once a day.

So these work very well if you just want to take care of plants once each day.  I’ve never had any go into progress to dead as long as I cast their needs spells once a day and I don’t worry that I’m losing a harvest if I’m not back a second time.

King Parsley

These are similar to PDs in terms of timing.  They only get needs once a day.  Much of the time you also only get one mature harvest a day.  But sometimes a second visit garners a second harvest.  They don’t easily go into progress to dead, so if you want a once-a-day crop (or maybe you’re after amber!) KP’s are pretty easy.


If you want to try plants other than these, just try out going in twice a day and make note of what’s going on on the second visit.  If they don’t have any needs you might try once a day and see how they do.  Also, pay attention to whether there is a second mature harvest to gather regardless of needs.

When I say once a day, I really mean within 24 hours.  For some, like CPs, if you go back in 25 hours instead of somewhere very close to 24, you might be in yellow mode on the plant icon (telling you something(s) in your garden is in progress to dead mode).  Some give you more leeway, so for PDs and SFs, for example, it doesn’t make too much difference if it’s 28 hours instead of 24.

Because I’m almost always growing either CP’s or EMP’s I generally tend my gardens twice a day, so all the plants get their second round of needs or the extra harvesting just because I’m there anyway.  But sometimes I grow only things that are okay on once a day, forego the extra harvest, and spend more time having a life off the computer.


And now it’s Double Garden Rewards!

Elder Harvest

Wow, quite a week KI is presenting for us.  After a day of Double Pet XP, we now have Double Garden Rewards from today (6/7/17) through Sunday!

If you plant Evil Magma Peas, Couch Potatoes, Boom Shrooms, Snapdragons or Tiger Lilies today and provide them with all the likes, you can collect double XP, gold, treasure cards, seeds, pet snacks, etc. before the event is over. [I’m sure there are other short-term items, but these are the ones I happen to grow..]

I’ve had gardens sitting at elder harvest for four of my wizards so I’ve already collected a round of double harvests– including feeding a bunch of Evil Magma Pea seeds to pets on an account on which attics and Seed Vaults are already bursting with them!  And I’m planting some EMPs and Couch Potatoes to get a second round of pet snacks.  And on one of my accounts I’ve harvested an abundance of blade TCs from Sword Ferns.

Make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Those double garden benefits days

By the close of the double gardening rewards that ran last Wednesday through Sunday, I’d done very well for the most part.  A few disappointments but overall it was a great chance to make some strides.

I don’t remember whether they did this last year — didn’t realize I seriously needed to start gardening until February so I wouldn’t have paid attention.  But now that I’m into serious gardening on both accounts I LOVED this opportunity.

The timing means your best benefits come from gardens planted a few days before it started (more if you have slow-growers like Deadly Ninja Figs and Sword Ferns) so they can reach Elder Harvest before the days are over.  There are a few pretty fasting growing plants with which you can get through the whole cycle from a Wednesday through a Sunday if you’ve got plenty of likes on them but for many, if they weren’t already planted before it started you couldn’t get the final drops — most (again, not the really slow ones) would get you one or two double mature harvests in that time.

The gold, reagent, pet snack, and treasure card drops came too thick and fast to keep track but I made a LOT of gold on selling the extras and filled in a few thin places in my reagent stores.

The big successes came mostly in getting crown seeds.  On the first account I happened to have one wizard with 43 Evil Magma Peas well on the way and another with 12. Total seeds at Elder Harvest: 110.  Total free crowns seeds: 55!  And 55 extra Mega Snacks!

On that account the Deadly Ninja Figs caused me to get far less than I normally would have.  They were planted in a bed that usually has 24 Couch Potatoes in it.  By the time I got another wizard set up with the 24 large plots and planted the seeds, it was too late to get to Elder Harvest.  Normally I’d have had 17 Pink Dandelions planted, but because the DNF’s care takes extra energy, I left that patch empty.   (More on the DNF saga in an upcoming post).   Lots of gold (selling reagents, TCs and snacks) lost there.

On the second account, one wizard happened to have 24 Couch Potatoes and 6 Evil Magma Peas already under way.  I took a chance and bought six more EMPs to plant day one.  I managed to get all the EMPs to Elder Harvest and the CPs hit Elder Harvest early enough I got a couple of Mature Harvests off a second batch.  Two wizards had patches of 17 Pink Dandelions far enough along to make Elder Harvest.  So for that account, 24 free CP seeds (for which I thought I’d have to fight HUNDREDS of Troubled Warriors), 34 free PDs and 12 free EMPs.  36 extra Mega Snacks.

A couple of wizards had King Parsley and Fickle Pickle patches.  All those double XPs, snacks, etc. gave them a very nice boost.  Plus lots of seeds to sell since both of those drop seeds at more than one stage.

More disappointing, I took a chance on getting six Sword Fern seeds–hoping to double them– and planting them Wednesday.  Missed adding in one of the stages of hours to elder when I estimated how long to final harvest with a bunch of likes; in spite of five likes on them, they didn’t even get to the first mature harvest by Sunday.

I’d been waiting for a half price sale on seeds in the Crown Shop to buy some more EMPs and possibly try a few Sword Ferns for the second account.  This deal accomplishes the same thing; basically getting double the seeds means you wind up paying half price for the ones you buy.  So I now have the total EMPs I wanted on the second account — and really more than I can use on the first.

Not sure whether this is an annual event that arrives around the same time each year, but next January you might want to make sure your wizards have lots of stuff planted at all times so you can get those double drops!  If you’ve invested in any crown seeds or gotten some crown seeds drops, keep all of them planted so you can double your seeds.  If you have any lower level wizards who need to get to a higher gardening rank in order to plant certain seeds, by mid December start a small garden so you can get the XP from a few batches.

Great gift, KI — thanks!

Mega snacks in the shared bank move to new wizard

As I mentioned in the previous post, I eliminated a Death wizard and created a new Fire wizard, Roslyn F. on my first account.  On that account I had all six wizards gardening for a long time.  The gardens included 72 Evil Magma Peas and 24 Couch Potatoes; I’m getting the CPs by fighting Trouble Warriors, so accumulation is slow.

too much?

With lots of likes on each, they harvested mega snacks a couple times a week.  Eventually I started putting extras in the Shared Bank.  Since I don’t love the pet games, I’ve often harvested mega snacks for long periods without using any.

I’ve set a base of 50 of each snack for the wizard who harvests them.  Once that base is reached, the rest all go into the Shared Bank.  If the wizard does some pet training, snacks stay with her until she restores the numbers.  The Shared Bank has accumulated some big numbers of Fancy Yogurt, Captain Canteloupe, and Golden Wheat Bread and pretty good amounts of Cherry Tomato and Mystic Dragon Fruit.

So my new wizard scored a nice pile of mega snacks right away.  At that stage if you play through Wizard City quickly and run to the Pet Pavilion–once you gain access at level 7– every time you level up (which refills your energy), you can level up a pet pretty fast.  Roslyn has reached level 13 and her Lava spider is already epic and well on the way to mega*.  I estimate pet will reach mega when Roslyn is around level 16.

If you start one or two wizards on an account and, as soon as possible, create big gardens for them you can start accumulating snacks and reagents in the Shared Bank so the wizards you create later will start with some big advantages in pets and crafting.

* There are some pets already at mega on the account that could have been put in the Shared Bank but since she’s the only Fire wizard and the Lava spider was the only Fire pet acquired through drops or packs, it made sense for her to train the spider.  The other pets have skills for other schools; not much use to her.

Couch Potatoes in a medium area

For a long time my best experiment with maximizing couch potatoes within a medium area spell was to plant four in a two by two stack.  But I wanted to keep trying.  My next step was to put one more on the ground kind of centered with the other two.  Five worked really well.  Then I went on to eight.

Picture 2014-09-01 18-13-39

It’s doable but also tricky.  It’s very easy to place your ring when the potatoes have needs while still at the seed stage but when they’re full grown it’s hard to get the placement right because they’re so huge you can’t see most of the ring.  I use the mouse to see it and then run my character around a bit to check placement.  But it’s still hard to get it exact.

I’d suggest that you make sure the rest of your garden’s needs leave you with some extra energy.  Often one of the four stacks of two doesn’t get enough of the spell around it and I have to cast two individual spells.

I’m getting better at getting it all in but I still have days when I have to cast those individual spells.  Still, it definitely is possible to get eight couch potatoes in a medium area spell if you want to get more mega snacks.

All eight CPs, by the way, were earned in drops in Grizzleheim.  Lots of fighting Troubled Warriors (which I think are the easiest; maybe not if you’re Ice) and Splithoof Barbarians.