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Pets: Critical or Damage?

Prince Peanut at Mega

It was another largely disappointing Double Pet event for me with, as usual, so many failed pets I gave up bothering before the weekend was over.  But while I still had hope that I might manage to create some pets with the talents I want, I did some pondering about what I would find desirable.

I’ve gone a bit more for healing pets than damage or critical, but I do have a couple of pets with triple or quadruple damage and/or one or two crit boosts and I do see how much it helps boost damage. Since my highest level wizards just don’t go critical, I find the critical talents aren’t super helpful.

So far I’ve not succeeded at getting one with only damage/critical and I get so bored with the process I’ve just stopped with ones like the one shown in the picture above who have a may cast heal or something instead of an extra damage or critical.  Still really helps boost my damage.  And I’ve certainly been grateful a few times for the heal I didn’t want 🙂

Ultimately I’ve decided I’d rather emphasize damage for my pets rather than critical.  Aside from my personal issues, there’s a very practical reason to aim for damage:  the critical boosts just add small increments to the CHANCE you will go critical while the damage boosts, on the other hand, are always operating.  If you’ve added, say, 21% total in damage boosts with talents, every hit you make is boosted by that 21%.

I know some people really go for the crit and at higher levels than I’ve reached I gather your base chance must go up and a bunch of gear adds more significantly so it can be worth creating a pet with all the crit talents.  But my experience lower down in the levels is that the chance of going critical even if you equip a lot of enhancing gear isn’t high enough to bother.

One weird anomaly to this is that if you equip a really low level wizard with a pet who has some crit chance or a piece of gear with critical, you will go critical sometimes even though you’re nowhere near level 50, which is when critical is supposedly first added to your arsenal.  In fact I’ve had some lower level wizards with a small critical boost to a hat or whatever who’ve gone critical as often as my level 90+ wizards who are equipped in much more enhancing gear.  So you might find it worthwhile to equip a pet with a bunch of critical talents on your characters in Wizard City or Krokotopia and watch them double the damage once in a while.

Otherwise, I think the sure-fire boost you get with damage talents is a better bet than boosting the “chance” of going critical with critical talents for your pet.