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Death wizards and me

An old shot of Morgan

Early on in playing the game I realized that affinity for different schools in the spiral has a lot to do with the personality of the person behind the character.  This month I’ve been starting wizards on my second account, running them to level 13 (minimum to get the Something Rotten in Nightside quest), getting a Frankenbunny, deleting and starting another.  It’s had me reflecting on my love for Death wizards.

All of them have been Death with the exception of one Storm wizard, not deleted, whom I started when I realized that Frankenbunny–even if you don’t get the much-desired Energizing Battery— has some great talents for a Storm wizard (not to mention a few pretty good ones for other wizards if you don’t also get the Storm-specific talents).

I have such an affinity for the Death school that I have three Death wizards on one account and two on the other.  Haven’t figured out exactly what it says about my personality but Death is my favorite, followed closely by Life.  Though Storm and Fire are gaining in my estimation, their fast and powerful style is not as much me as the somewhat slower game of Death and Life.

For the early stages, I think Death has a great advantage through the early acquiring of Steal spells combined with being the first to get both a blade and a trap. Ghoul can amass some pretty good damage with a blade and a trap and the health return is SO helpful!  Where my wizards for other schools (except Life) have struggled through Wizard City bosses because of low health and lots of fizzles, all my Death girls have soloed through Dragonspyre except for Big Ben and Malastaire (and people jumping into mob fights).

So I’ve been breezing through Wizard City* by starting and deleting Death wizards.  As soon as one of them hits level 13 and gets a Frankenbunny she’s gone.  Along with the ease of doing it with the school I know best, I had one of the higher level wizards on the account buy the best Death gear at the Bazaar for levels 5 and 10 and pass it through.  When I’m ready to delete I put the gear–and anything else I want to pass along– in the Shared Bank again.  By not changing schools as I collect Frankenbunnies I can just keep passing the same gear along.

One thing I’ve realized that influences my affinity or lack thereof for certain schools is the animations.  I find the spooky Death spells fun and I really like the imagery of the Life spells.  Now that I’ve finally kept a Fire wizard long enough to appreciate her, I also enjoy the vivid and powerful imagery of her spells.  For Storm I like the sea/storm imagery and all that purple.

On the other hand I’m really turned off by the frosty images of Ice spells and the dusty, sandy imagery of Balance.  I’m on the fence about my Myth wizard:  don’t care for the thugs and gross imagery in the spells, not too keen on learning the strategy for using all those special myth spells, but I enjoy all the minions.  In real life I don’t care for wintry weather and I really don’t like having dust, dirt or sand blowing around me so I can see why those spells bug me.

Fizzles have also been a big influence.  In the first months of playing I kept trying and deleting Fire and Storm because I couldn’t take the fizzles.  Now that I’ve played longer I’ve learned more about gear and also how to boost gold for lower level wizards through trading treasure cards between accounts and passing expensive gear (to sell) through the Shared Bank from higher level wizards.  My more recent ventures with Fire and Storm have gone better because I’ve made sure I equipped accuracy-enhancing gear as much as possible from the first possible level it’s available.  You kind of need that gold boost to do it because you just don’t collect enough at those early stages to afford all the better gear.

Somehow it’s the strategizing of Death that I enjoy the most.  Figuring out how to both survive and enhance damage while waiting to build enough pips is fun for me.  At this point I’ve worked with Death wizards so much it’s just the easiest way for me to whiz to level 13.  In my next post, more about Death and the tough phase in the middle.

*more or less; you don’t actually have to finish Colossus Blvd. to get to level 13 if you’ve done both main and side quests in the other areas.