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Questing with Storm and Fire after Death and Life

Tatiana, Level 74

With my level 92 Death and Life wizards stalled in Azteca as I drag my feet about preparing for the tricky final dungeon (have I mentioned how tired I am of tricky dungeons ūüôā ?), while longing for more wizards with Plant All, I decided to finally spend some time on my then-level 56 Storm (Destiny S.) and Fire (Tatiana F.) wizards; at least to get them to the point in Avalon where the gardening spells become available.

I’ve quested them through Celestia and Zafaria and have made it to the Wild in Avalon in the last month or so. ¬†I still really love my Death and Life girls but I have to say it’s startling to me how much faster I’m moving through these places with my Storm and Fire wizzes. ¬†And I’m feeling like the game has been weighted a bit in favor of these two schools (at least compared to Death and Life; don’t play the other schools much). ¬†Not only are their spells much more powerful — most of the time I’m overkilling without even trying to– but they get enough pips so much faster. In fact I’d worried a bit about this stage and the lower health after having my Life and Death girls hit for round after round while waiting for pips but they’re able to make the kill shot so much faster it hasn’t been a problem. ¬†At this stage I’m using 7-9 pip spells for all of them most of the time so it isn’t that their spells use less pips.

With my Death and Life wizards I always make sure some of their gear includes pip enhancements because it takes so freaking long to get enough pips to cast one of their not-as-powerful spells. ¬†With Storm and Fire I haven’t purposely done anything to enhance pips (i.e. I may have equipped something with a pip boost without aiming for it or noting it but I know they don’t have as much pip boost in their gear sets as the other two) ¬†I’m puzzled as to why KI felt the need to give Storm and Fire not only the big spells advantage but to seemingly give them a better rating for pips.

I’ve also teamed Life wizards on two accounts who’ve made it to Avalon, so I know Destiny and Tatiana are benefiting from the knowledge I’ve gained in getting four other wizards to levels 92 and 72. ¬†But the speed with which they’re mowing down the bad guys is just too far beyond what I’ve been able to do with my Life and Death characters for me to think has much to do with my greater expertise.

I know KI is trying to balance the talents and skills of the different schools so the great power of Storm, for instance, counterbalances Death’s steal health spells–which are lower power but give all that health back — and the hefty over time spells of Fire balance against, say, Life’s many heals. ¬†I kind of get Death having smaller damage in exchange for the health return but I don’t get why Death also has to be handicapped with being challenged as to pips.

The deficits for Life particularly puzzle me. ¬†Life’s spells are less powerful and Life doesn’t get as many damage spells because they get all these heals and the heals theoretically give them an advantage. ¬†The thing is, in my experience, since Life is the only one who can cast all heals on anybody, everyone expects Life to cast heal spells to help them. ¬†So Life’s heals don’t just help Life — in fact I’ve had my Life girl in battles with others many times when she’s not only healed everybody else but then wound up defeating all or most of the enemies–but everyone benefits. I think Life should get bigger damage and a better pip rating to get a little more power in exchange for being really the only school that’s routinely expected to help everybody else.

Besides puzzling over these mysteries,, I’m also trying to decide, as I race Destiny and Tatiana toward Morgan and Rylee, whether there would be a benefit to switching how I have them teamed once they’re all at the same place in Azteca. ¬†I kind of like pairing Spirit and/or Elemental wizards because of being able to assist one another with the Spirit/Elemental blades and traps. ¬†But I can see that adding Destiny’s Storm power to Rylee’s Life talents and/or Tatiana’s Fire to Morgan’s Death abilities or vice versa might work better.

I’ve paired Tatiana quite a bit with lower level Death and Life wizards on a couple of accounts when they’re facing major dungeons and I want to speed it up and that, of course, works great. ¬†But I’ve not paired same level Fire and Life or Storm and Death, etc. ¬†If anyone else plays two accounts and has experience, I’d be interested to hear.


The ups and downs of Death wizards

Wizard Hat

Wizard Hat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On my first account a Death wizard was the third wizard I started. ¬†Somehow I just took to it and that’s the one I moved forward most often (now level 73). ¬†I also have a Life wizard on each account and that’s my second favorite. ¬†But somehow it’s the Death wizard’s path that suits me best — love those Steal spells.

I admit, though, that there’s a point¬†where Death has kind of a hard time, starting in Dragonspyre and lasting until you have both¬†(1) Scarecrow (the first all enemies spell for Death) and (2) level up enough to have more health and to get good gear for critical and critical block (which takes a while after you get Crow). ¬†Those great Steal spells take a lot of pips and at that stage don’t do enough damage. ¬†Most of the time I had to get enough pips to cast it at least twice while taking massive damage from more than one enemy. ¬†Do-able but a bit tough.

I really slowed down at that phase and just worked on gardening and pets because I dreaded the quests. ¬†Once I came back and made it through Wintertusk* I started enjoying her again. ¬†Now (1) she has great gear that boosts damage, provides great resistance, adds to critical and critical block, (2) she has some bigger spells and, (3) with all the gear enhancements, Crow’s kind-of-low 400 damage has become multiplied.

Based on teaming pretty often with Storm and Fire wizards in those worlds, I can see that their super powerful spells are a serous advantage at that point. ¬†The accuracy enhancements in the gear by then are good enough that there’s not so much fizzling, it doesn’t take so many pips to lob a big spell and the spells are huge. ¬†My first Storm wizard was porting in to help others in Dragonspyre when she had just gotten to Mooshu — and Tempest ruled! ¬†My Fire girl is halfway through Mooshu and I can see that she will breeze through Dragonspyre too.

I think the lack of an all enemies spell for Death until level 48 and for Life at level 58 is a big disadvantage. ¬†Their spells require more pips and if you can only take out one enemy at a time with long waits in between before you can attack again, you’re taking massive hits for a lot of rounds. ¬†Not impossible, but definitely a disadvantage. ¬†Especially since there are lots of Tower shields and weakness spells cast by your opponents; when you can finally lob a spell you tend to wind up not doing that much damage and then you have to wait a bunch of rounds to lob another — by which time they’ve shielded and cast weakness again… ¬†With Death I use Poison a lot to blow off Weakness and keep the shields off for a while but Life doesn’t even have that.

Since I started playing two accounts at once I’ve had my level 73 Death girl, Morgan, on one account helping my now level 53 Life wizard Rylee, on the other, ¬†I’ve breezed Rylee¬†through Dragonspyre and she’s having an easier time at the moment in Wintertusk. ¬†I know there are people who’ve gone solo all the way to level 100 so I’m not saying it’s not possible. ¬†But it’s seriously hard and I’m not too interested in playing if it’s that hard ‘cos I just play for fun and relaxation. ¬†The two account thing is a great way to sort of play on your own and yet have serious help.

I’ve been glad I kept going with Morgan as I’m back enjoying her a lot as she moves up. ¬†As soon as Rylee gets Forest Lord I plan to have her help Morgan finish the least piece of Zafaria and move on up. ¬†And for Morgan to help her move forward too. ¬†If Life got an all enemies spell a bit sooner it might equal Death in my estimation but really I just love my Death wizards. ¬†I do give Life more credit than a lot of people do and I’ll post one day about soloing both of mine way into Dragonspyre with no problem.

Now that Morgan has gear that gives her big health, resist and big boosts to damage, I love watching her health get down to 1500 and in one big blast of bladed, trapped and enhanced Crow zoom back up to 3600! ¬†There just aren’t any other spells like those Steal spells and I LOVE them!

* A higher level Life wizard friend of mine had just gotten the Crowns to buy Wintertusk so we did a lot of it together and that REALLY helped — she had Rebirth and Forest Lord by then so made a GREAT ally!