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BOXES and Double Daily Rewards

The Five B.O.X.E.S. have been going for a week or so and a double experience for Daily Assignments event just started.  Both will end on March 4, 2018.

I started to do a little farming in the WC box for sonic springs, but as usual, one spring in multiple runs through.  It’s 4 battles in there plus running around quite a bit and I lose heart when I keep having to put in that much time and not one of the battles produces a sonic spring.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t find the rewards for Daily Assignments to be worth the effort they often entail, so I rarely do them.  I check to see what it is and mainly only do the ones that involve just going some place easy to get to.  They like making you fight a battle (and often some place remote) or to go to some obscure place that takes quite a while to reach.  In the same amount of time I could generally earn more XP and more drops doing other things, so I have yet to see the value.

However, I am slightly more interested when the rewards double.  Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow as none of the doubles received today were all that exciting…

If you haven’t done the B.O.X.E.S. yet, they’re kind of fun initially, have some special drops and, the first time for each box gets some decent XP.  If you like the Daily Assignments, this is a great opportunity to get more for your effort.  Have fun!


Double Daily Assignment Rewards goes on

Aegon Statz_edited

I posted over a week ago that KI had started a Double Rewards deal for Daily Assignments.  I couldn’t find an ending date and speculated it would be the usual four to five day run.  To my amazement it is still going over a week later.

So far only one of my wizards has received any assignment to an area she’s not reached yet (had to port her in).  And though a few things have required a long haul to the Haunted Cave, there haven’t been as many as usual involving a trek to the far reaches of some world.  Most of them have been well below the level of higher level wizards (for my lowest level ones they can’t go too far below where they are 🙂 )

While this double deal is going on I’ve been having all the eligible wizards (must be level 12) doing the assignments every day.  I open both membership accounts and it makes it a bit easier that I can port one to another and, if necessary, have two of them battle the same kind of creature.  I’m more willing to do these when the assignments are (1) to areas to which they have access, (2) the assignments are pretty easy; and (3) most of the assignments don’t involve spending half an hour just getting to a remote location.

I’ve now done enough of these to have figured out the days of treasure chests (every fifth day)  you DO NOT get two items, though I think the items have by and large been a little better.  And on the days you have an exclamation point (toward the end of each 15 day cycle), which means you have a little quest to do, you just get double the XP and gold for the quest itself, not double the drops if there’s a battle.

I’ve done enough of these now to realize how relatively small the returns are for these assignments.  It’s barely worth it to me to do these even for the double rewards.  I can see a big piece of my reluctance to do them when it’s not double has been an–until now– barely conscious feeling they often take more time than the reward justifies.

They’ve been fond, at least until now, of choosing obscure locations or hard-to-find creatures (sometimes both).  If I’m going to spend 15-30 or more minutes* sidetracking from quests with far more XP and better drops in order to do one of these assignments, I need to get more for it.  The ones where you just go to a shop or enter an area — providing it’s not in some remote place — seem like a pretty fair match for the reward.

Anyway, the Double Rewards deal is still going as of today, so it’s a chance to get a little more of a return for doing these assignments.

*My worst case was spending an hour finding the Crystal Caves in Avalon –easy to do when you’re on the quests and the quest arrow is showing where you have to walk through a wall, but very hard to find without. Seriously not worth the returns, but I was determined to find it.  See this post for directions.