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Double Reward Pet Days Again


New Brainy Assistant

April 22, 2017

KI is offering Double Rewards for pets–started yesterday and I managed to forget to make the final click to publish this ūüôā — running for an unspecified amount of time. Usually it would be through Sunday, so let’s guess that ūüôā ¬†During this time you get double XP for games and snacks.

In other words, if you get all 4 points for a pet game, it becomes 8.  If you have a 50 XP mega snack, it becomes 50.  The specific stats double also, so if, say 14 of your 50 points on the snack are for Agility, you get 28 points for Agility.  Good time to make the most of the harder-to-get stat of Intellect by feeding snacks with Intellect points.

Me, I’m kind of done with the frustration of spending hours on training only to wind up disappointed, so you won’t be seeing any of my wizards at the Pet Pavilion for this…


Double Pet Rewards Return

KI is offering double pet experience for members again. ¬†Not sure when it ends as I can’t find a mention on the KI site and all it says on the opening page of the game is that it’s for a limited time. ¬†Last time it was something like 4 or 5 days.

It’s a great opportunity to level some pets fast. ¬†Every snack you feed provides twice the normal XP and every pet game you play gives twice the points. ¬†So if you get all 4 points for playing a game, you get 8 and if you then feed your pet Fancy Yogurt (50 XP) you get another 100.

If you’re gardening and harvesting lots of top-level mega snacks (40-50 points) this means you can get 88-108 XP per pet game! ¬†Not only is it a great time to finish leveling up some pets, it’s also a great moment to do some hatching and race your new pets up to mega.

Last time I got a one month membership for my non-member account so I could take full advantage. ¬†This time I think I’m just gonna work on pets for the two member accounts.

For this few days I’m planning on not re-planting any crops¬†that reach elder harvest so I can use all my energy for pet training¬†instead of gardening.

Take advantage while you can!