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Unlimited Crafting and Double Reagents

The latest in the round of member benefits for the 10th anniversary celebration is unlimited crafting and double reagents.  You can craft as many items as you wish without any wait for timers.  And you’ll receive double reagents from garden drops, collecting those that “spawn” around the spiral, from fishing chests, and battle drops.

I’ve collected some sonic springs on a few wizards, since my main crafting interest is to make the many recipes I’ve bought in the Professor’s B.O.X.E.S. and each recipe requires a sonic spring.  You can only get these springs as drops in the B.O.X.E.S. and they don’t drop that often, so it takes some determined — and very boring — repetition of one or more of the B.O.X. instances to get them.  I burned through a chunk of them to craft several things.

You can see most of it in the above photo:  the picture, couch, bookshelf, books and candelabra.  i gathered them for the photo but they’re now scattered between Morgan’s Red Barn Farm and Acropolis  And the large lit pagoda shrine, which I’ve placed outside Morgan’s Tranquil Cottage:

This event continues through September 9, 2018, so you have time to plant gardens with an eye to reagent drops (for instance check out the drops for Pink Dandelions and Evil Magma Peas in light of some frequently-needed reagents for crafting) and rake in double.  If you plant today, Evil Magma Peas should reach elder before Sunday and the Pink Dandelions have a good shot at getting there by the end of the event.


Double Reagents, Unlimited Crafting

This week’s member benefit is Double Reagents and Unlimited Crafting.  Whether you pick up reagents where they spawn, get them as battle drops or receive them in garden harvests, you will receive double  The crafting timers are turned off so you can craft as many items as you wish without having to wait for a “cooldown”.

Unlike the gardening double rewards, where you can get twice as many drops but not necessarily doubles of all the items (exception being any guaranteed final harvest drops; those you get double), the double reagents are literally two of each one you get.

Since my coffers are low after much unsuccessful hatching last week (see post). I harvested some gardens I’ve had waiting for an elder harvest and raked in a bunch of gold selling extra reagents.

I’m sure I’m not the only one selling, so if you’re in the market for hard-to-get reagents, this is probably a good weekend to hang out at the Bazaar.  For instance, I grow a lot of Evil Magma Peas (as do many gardeners) and they drop Scrap Iron, Sandstone, Black Lotus, Aether, Aquamarine, Sunstone…  I have plenty of supplies of all of them so I sell every reagent drop I get from harvests and I won’t be the only one.  Take advantage!

Unlimited Crafting and Double Reagents

Through Sunday, July 1, 2018, KI is running an event in which members can craft as much as they want without any wait for timers.  You also receive double reagents anywhere you can get them:  plant harvests, collecting on “ground”, battle drops…

It’s a fairly good moment for picking up reagents at the Bazaar as some of us gardeners who are not using all those doubles for crafting are instead selling them

The main crafting projects I want to do involve the recipes from the B.O.X.E.S., all of which require sonic springs.  You can only get the sonic springs during the B.O.X.E.S. events and they drop so seldom even then that it’s a slog, so I don’t have enough nor the patience to keep farming during the events.  So I’m not really crafting and am selling all the reagents I’m getting from lots of gardening.  You’re welcome 🙂

New member benefit

KI has launched two new member benefits:  Unlimited Crafting and Double Reagents.  Members can do unlimited craft projects without having to wait for timers to reset.  And any reagents dropped in battles, found in spots where they spawn or harvested in gardens are doubled.

I’ve been saving gardens to a double garden event, but for one of my wizards who’s gold supplies keep being depleted due to lots of hatch requests for her quint heal pet, I went ahead an harvested some Pink Dandelions so I could sell those extra black pearls, crystal vials, etc.

Runs through the weekend, so you have till something like 8 a.m. central daylight time Monday.  Have fun!