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Are Halloween drop rates lower this year?


Okay, I haven’t been farming as much as I did last year and I’ve pretty much given up on the faster, easier Stormdrain Tower in favor of Mordecai, so I may not have a good base of comparison, but it sure seems like the Halloween goodies are dropping WAY less this year.

I’ve never gotten an entire set of the Halloween outfit, but I usually have a few wizards get a piece or two.  And I usually get a bunch of different Pumpkin heads for every wizard I use to farm.  Lots of Lollipop wands.  And last year I got at least a couple of Ghost Dragons and a Black Cat pet — never have managed to get a Nightmare.

So far this year I have maybe three of the Pumpkin heads, one Vampire headgear, one pair of the Vampire boots, one Lollipop….  and that’s it.  In Mordecai’s Tower I’m pretty much getting zero Halloween stuff.  Lots of the Thug and Imp pets, lots of worthless gear and jewels and pet snacks, but just about nothing in Halloween drops for any wizard I’ve had in there, including the two who’ve been farming it quite a bit — sometimes together.

I DID initially farm the Stormdrain quite a bit and I wasn’t really having much better luck there though most of the Halloween stuff I named came from there.  I just can’t stand the level 100+ wizards who show up in droves and end the battle before everyone is in the circle — and are really snotty about it if you call them on it…

So I’m curious whether others are finding they’re getting less of the Halloween drops than usual.  Does anyone else think they’ve lowered the drop rates for Halloween goodies?


The drop rates – giving up on Nightshade

In Stormdrain Tower

In Stormdrain Tower

I’ve been puzzled about drop rates in dungeons about as long as I’ve been playing the game.  I realize they basically set probabilities on each item.  Common items are set to drop frequently while crowns items are set with low probabilities.  That much makes sense.  Recent farming in the Stormdrain tower has me scratching my head though.

Having farmed a few dungeons extensively for certain items, I’ve wound up wondering how the scale of probability actually works.  Each dungeon has an enormous number of potential drops, most of which are pretty common items, easy to get at the Bazaar or in shops.  Then there’s often a much smaller selection of possible crown items.

One of the odd things I’ve found is that if I go in a hundred times to farm for something, I’ll keep getting the same items over and over.  I’ve farmed Oakheart, for instance, for untold hours to collect enough Potted Cattails to give every wizard one to use as a “like” for Pink Dandelions.  I’ve written before about my bewilderment over how hard it is to get a Potted Cattail when it’s not a Crown item nor even an expensive item at the Bazaar (on the rare occasions you can find one there).  Other items of approximately equal gold sale/buy prices drop and drop and drop but I average something like 50-60 battles with Oakheart per Potted Cattail.

I’ve always gotten pretty much the same drops endlessly while many common items have never dropped at all.  If those items are all set on about the same probability it seems random chance would mean you’d wind up with a selection covering most of what’s available instead of getting the same five or six things repeatedly.

In Mirror Lake I’ve done a bit better on getting Crowns items than elsewhere, but, again, I keep getting the same ones.  Fighting Nightshade for the Halloween goodies, I’m mystified by the drop rates.  Trying for a Nightmare pet, I’ve gotten several Ghost Dragons and a couple of Black Cats.  Many other wizards with whom I’ve teamed up have had the same experience.  Yet the Ghost Dragon is actually more expensive than the Nightmare. So why would the Nightmare be harder to get?

I’m pretty thoroughly bored with farming for the Nightmare pet and I actually bought one each for two of the accounts so I’ve been aware all along I can just hatch.  But I like the possible stats and I wanted to have several with the opportunity to get the Death talents that have been eluding me in the hope that at least one would give me those talents.  Dozens of Midnight Sprites and Blue Banshees, as well as the aforementioned Ghost Dragons and Black Cats, but in farming for a few hours every day for something like 12 days, not one Nightmare pet.  I gave up…

As usual, the housing and equipment drops have repeated.  [Plus dozens of one day mounts I don’t need since I’ve spent gold to get permanent mounts for all wizards.]  Endlessly the same stuff while never receiving other items…  I gather there must be some bigger differentials in the probabilities they set than I’d have figured.  Not sure why???  It would be so much more fun and interesting if spending that much time at it meant you’d be likely to get a selection covering most of the available drops, at least from the common items.