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Porting within dungeons… or not…

Dual Mount in Dragonspyre

I’ve been pretty steadily playing with two accounts open at a time, running two wizards through the same worlds together.  And one of my great frustrations arises from the many dungeons where you not only can’t port INTO the dungeon but you also can’t port WITHIN the dungeon.

With two accounts open and lots of dungeons that involve a lot of running around and a lot of dodging past sections that are hard to get through without getting caught, it’s incredibly frustrating to constantly get into dungeons and realize I can’t port one character to the other.

I sort of get why KI wants to keep certain dungeons free of inward ports; in other words why they may not want you to be able to have a friend port in to help you.  Sort of.  Mostly I can’t see why you can’t get help from wherever you are.  But I really don’t get why they also make it impossible to port to one another from within those dungeons.

It mostly seems kind of random.  In Dragonspyre’s Great Spyre you can, blessedly, port to one another.  So I can have one character run around to do stuff like click on the thing that opens the final door and then port her back to the other.  Or run one ahead to the next battle and then port the other to her.  But in many other dungeons, like the Five B.O.X.E.S, once your group is in, you still can’t port to one another within the B.O.X.

Recently I opened all three accounts and brought in Tatiana F (level 62 Fire) to help Heather and Jasmine with Belloq.  [His trick is to keep casting a giant-hit Ra every round he isn’t hit by damage and the key to defeating him is over time spells, so bringing in a Fire girl with her selection of OT spells seemed a good idea).  In order to hurry things up I kept her in, porting to the other two at each new dungeon or mob fight.

Until I got to the Black Palace, the final dungeon in Stone Town.  She, of course, needed to port in as she has no sigil access yet and she just got the “your friend is busy” message which means you’re not allowed to.  Even worse, it’s a dungeon that requires a lot of running around and you can’t port once you’re in the dungeon either, so I had to separately take each wizard through.

Since I wanted to get Sonic Springs, it was especially frustrating to me this time around with the B.O.X.E.S., because it was such a pain in the neck to run two wizards around in them, I gave up on doing it with two accounts.  For me that just quadrupled the sense of frustration I felt at how rarely the Sonic Springs drop.

I wanted to open two or perhaps all three accounts and raise the chances that at least one or more of my wizards would get a Sonic Spring each round.  But with all the running back and forth in there, I found it too cumbersome to have to run more than one wizard through (even given that only one needs to go do all the “chats” with NPCs).

I really don’t see any reason to prevent wizards from porting to one another within the dungeons and towers once they’re already in so I seriously wish KI would reset all those no port dungeons so we could hop to one another with ease after we get in.  Particularly for those of us who play with multiple accounts open at once, it would make life so much easier!


Sonic Spring Disappointment

Sonic Spring, upper right

Sonic Spring, upper right

May 31, 2016.  Since, as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve got a one month membership for my third account and am trying to get through Zafaria, I’ve had a dilemma about the current Five B.O.X.E.S. quests.  There are some great crafting recipes now available in the B.O.X.E.S. for furniture and decorating items.  Unfortunately every recipe requires a Sonic Spring.  Sonic Springs are dropped in the B.O.X.E.S and not available anywhere else.

I’ve never done the quests very much so the accumulation of Sonic Springs on my accounts is negligible.  But I bought quite a few recipes for my top level wizards.  More recipes than I have Sonic Springs.

I’ve taken some time out here and there from my pursuit of getting through Zafaria with Heather G. and Jasmine R. to run some wizards from each account through some of the B.O.X.E.S. with disappointing results.

I don’t do the boxes too much because to me they’re a bit long and there’s way too much running around in them.  I’ve rarely gotten much in the way of drops that made it worthwhile to keep repeating them.  But suddenly I want Sonic Springs.

I hadn’t previously realized how rarely they drop.  All the extra time spent on it recently has garnered little help in collecting the one missing ingredient for my recipes.  Tonight, in fact, I put Rylee W. (level 85 Life, second account) through the Wizard City Box* FIVE times and got one spring, which you see above in her reagent list as seen right after completing the five rounds.

It’s another of those moments in the game where I’m failing to see the point of adding all these great recipes and then requiring an ingredient that’s so hard to get.  After all those attempts, I won’t be able to craft a bunch of the recipes I got until — MAYBE — the next time the Professor shows up.  And that’s only if I have better luck than this round.  So many ways in this game you can work your tail off and wind up with nothing to show for it.  Odd message to be giving children — theoretically the main intended audience…

*  I chose that one just because it’s the fastest to get through.  The down side of that, of course, is you’re not going to get any great drops for a high level wizard there so if you also don’t get a Sonic Spring, it’s pointless…

Team Up: Be a Team Player

Info on team and opponents

Okay I know, I harp on this a lot.  But every time there’s an event that encourages lots of teaming up to repeat going through dungeons or towers, I run into the issue of high level wizards who get on Team Up and then wipe out all the enemies before everyone else is officially in the circle.

When that happens, those not in the circle get no drops for that round of the dungeon and, if someone is actually completing the quest, it can keep them from getting credit.  Since some wizards don’t seem to know this, I’ll spell it out:  the only way all the wizards are counted in is the point when everyone’s circle is lit up and everyone has one or more pips at their feet.  If one or more wizards are standing in an unlit circle, the group is NOT in.

Just because you get lots of pips immediately and have big spells that can be lobbed by the first or second round, doesn’t mean you have to do it.  If some of your team hasn’t made it into the circle, it’s in fact poor sportsmanship and basically just a crap thing to do.  In the B.O.X.E.S. often one person has to make a final trip down to the Professor for the last instruction and it takes that person longer to get into the battle circle.  Make sure everyone is in a lit circle before you cast a spell that wipes out all the enemies.

Come on — if you can’t be bothered to be a team player DON’T TEAM UP!  Seriously, if you’re in that big a hurry and obviously perfectly capable of beating everyone in the dungeon on your own, don’t Team Up.  If you join a team, play for the team.  Give lower level wizards not only a chance to be counted in, consider giving them a chance to play.  It is a game after all.

New furniture recipes in Telegraph Boxes

crafted furniture telegraph box recipes

As mentioned in the previous post, the Professor and his five B.O.X.E.S. are back and now, Rose Piper, the recipe vendor in the boxes, has some great new recipes for furniture and decorations available.  The event ends May 31, 2016, so make sure you get in there to buy your recipes before it disappears or you’ll have to wait till next time.

Grouped in the above photo are the first items I crafted:  Blue Canopy Bed, Sturdy Table with Bookshelf, Barnstable Stove, Sloped Blue Club Chair, and Grand Tome Repository.  Quite nice additions to the available furniture — I’m especially pleased to have the stove, as nothing I’ve been able to do in the way of kitchen furniture has quite made a kitchen seem like it had one — other than a couple of ways to make it look like cooking is done in a fireplace…

The catch (in my opinion) is that they all seem to require a Sonic Spring, which is only dropped in the B.O.X.E.S. — and no guarantee you’ll get one every time you complete one of these dungeons.  I only had five for the wizard for whom I bought these first recipes, so I couldn’t even craft all the recipes I bought.  Not in love with farming in the B.O.X.E.S. but I guess I’ll be repeating some of them to get the Springs.

Five B.O.X.E.S. are back

Royal Museum telegraph box

May 21.  A new Five B.O.X.E.S. event started Thursday and will run through May 31.

  • If you are 10th level or above, Talk to The Professor in the Wizard City Commons
  • If you are 30th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Marleybone’s Regent’s Square
  • If you are 40th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Mooshu’s Jade Palace
  • If you are 60th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Zafaria’s Baobab Crossroads
  • If you are 80th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Avalon’s Caliburn

I’ve written guides to several of the boxes:

There are some special drops in these boxes and now there are some recipes for housing items available for purchase from Rose Piper, downstairs from the Professor in each box.

Have fun!

Zafaria Telegraph Box

We’re coming to the end of this round of the Professor and the Five Boxes (Nov. 16) and I’ve at last done them all.  I’m generally on a team and often everyone is moving so fast I don’t get a chance to see the drop list because I’m too busy scurrying to the next place.  I keep landing in popular dungeons like this with level 100s who don’t wait for everyone to get in the circle before wiping everybody out…

However, I have gotten a couple of nice music boxes and some gear that would be good if I had a wizard who could use it.  Unfortunately a lot of it is “No Auction” so if you don’t have a wizard on the account from the right school, you just get whatever you can from feeding it to a pet.  A few pretty good jewels.  I’ve gotten a couple of 7-day mounts, which I generally don’t use since all my wizards have permanent ones.  Some pretty good seeds, like Couch Potatoes.  Some seeds I just feed to pets and don’t remember where I got them.  Sometimes good reagents.

Sometimes I do a Box and move right on to some other quest or a different dungeon without looking at my Backpack so I’m not always sure where I got what…

Finally managed to get some screenshots in the Zafaria Telegraph Box and take a few notes.

1st Battle Zafaria Box

The first battle is against:

  • Champer McGill, Storm, Health 7,210
  • 2-4 Cutthroats, Ice, Health 2,970 each

Second battle is some Red Claw Thugs, Fire, Health 2,890 each

Third battle:

  • Buster Crab, Balance, Health 13,880
  • Red Claw Thugs, Fire, Health 2,890 each

Fourth battle is more Red Claw Thugs, Fire, 2,890


Red Claws in Zafaria Box

The fifth and final battle:

  • Custos Decimos, Storm, Health 7,360
  • Armada Marines, Balance, Health 1,820

Final Battle Zafaria Box

I’ve done this one several times now and as far as I can tell there are no big tricks you need to be aware of.  At least when I went in with a slightly lower level wizard, the two of us defeated everybody using normal methods and without being punished for casting traps or having one of the creatures constantly setting up -90% shields or anything like that.  The rest of the time I’ve been with level 100s who smashed everybody so fast, I wouldn’t know…

Mooshu Telegraph Box again

I’m reposting the notes on this box I put up a while ago:

Dimwood Vale

Dimwood Vale

The Professor’s Telegraph Box quest in Mooshu is the highest level I’ve done so far. I have yet to get notes while doing the Zafaria box so we’ll see if I can manage before they take the Boxes quests down on November 16.

Where the first two (Wizard City and Marleybone) send you to rooms that are like the sites on that world, the Mooshu quest sends you into a world that looks more like Dark Side and Sunken City — graveyard, darkness and creepy. [I’ve seen some wizards comment that it’s like Avalon —it’s not like the part of Avalon I’ve seen, but I’m just in the early stage]  That’s not usually my thing, but somehow this was fun for me.  You’re rescuing Dworgyn so he can become a teacher in the Death School.

There’s also a classroom straight out of Wysteria–just a visit with an NPC there.

This time around I used Team Up so I could take notes during the extra time it takes to get around the circle.  I kept getting teamed with a level 100 guy who smashed the bad guys so fast it took several times to manage to get notes on everybody 🙂

[Side note to high level folks:  you might ask before wiping everything out that fast.  While some wizards like getting the drops without doing anything and appreciate your massive spells, some of us would like to participate even if our spells aren’t as great as yours.  And you should definitely make sure everyone gets fully in the circle (with pips showing up) before you lob a kill-everybody-spell.]

There are four battles:

1.  Aunt Eunice, Life, 3780; Crying Spirit, Death, 1010, 2 Rotten Scallywags, Death, 1010

2.  Aunt Eunice, Life, 3780; Aunt Millicent, Ice, 3990

3.  2 Anguished Wraiths, Death, 890

4.  Ostrame, Fire, 3870; 2 Anguished Wraiths, Death, 890

A bit formidable, I’d think, for wizards to solo at the lowest level with access, but doable.

Since I make so much gold from gardening that I’m always bumping up against the limit, I don’t really battle for drops and don’t pay much attention to them unless I’m trying for something specific (i.e., something that’s a plant “like” or a pet).  A few items received there sold at the Bazaar for a lot of gold but I didn’t scribble down what she got.

Enjoy.  If you’re in with lower level wizards, please help them along.  Hope you get the drops of your dreams!

The Marleybone Telegraph Box

Telegraph Box version of Royal Museum

Much of this post has been up before.  I got a couple of new pictures this time, showing the very Marleybone and Marleybone meets Mooshu look in this box.

Also want to issue a reminder to high level wizards.  I’ve already had one of my lower level wizards on Team Up in a Box with a full team that included a level 100 wizard.  In all 4 battles he cast an end the battle AOE spell on the first cast BEFORE all wizards entered the circle–if you’re a little delayed you’re in a circle but it’s not lit and there are no pips so you don’t count as being in.  I said something in the first battle and he just made a smart remark and did it again in every succeeding battle.  One wizard had to do the quest over to get the points and drops because she missed out on the final battle.  Seriously people, if you can’t be bothered to wait for everyone DON’T TEAM UP!

In the MB box

This one has five rounds of battles in three different locations–including time travel to the past!  You have to be level 30 to get this quest.  (Not sure if somebody lower level could port in to a friend).

More minions of course, if you have more people, but otherwise the lineup is:

  1. Sgt. George Trencherd, Fire, 690 and Constable, Life, 610
  2. Sharkhill Barker, Storm, 560 and Sinister Paw, Death, 710
  3. Two Sinister Paws, Death, 710
  4. Two more Sinister Paws, Death, 710
  5. Emil Softpaw, Balance, 2,200 and yet again, a Sinister Paw, Death, 710

Final Battle MB box

For level 30, most of this is pretty easily doable, although the final battle is a bit of a challenge; more than you’re usually facing in the 30’s outside of Big Ben.  For my wizards in the 30’s, I’d probably Team Up.

Like the Wizard City box, health restores as in the common areas every time you go back to the entry of the booth, where the Professor is.  Restores very slowly.  And there’s no mana anywhere.

Another fun little quest with some pretty good drops and, the first time you do it, some pretty good XP.

The Professor’s Back

The Professor and his Five Boxes quests are back.  I’ve written about several before, so I’m just re-posting.  First up is the Wizard City box:

The first quest is in Wizard City.  You have to be level 10 (minimum) to get the quest from the Professor; he’s in the park near Ambrose’s house.  The Telephone Box where the quest is done is in Olde Town, near the entrance to Cyclops Lane.

Inside the box, you talk to the Professor first and then get sent to various rooms, in which you either chat with an NPC or fight a battle.  All of the battles, in my opinion, are a little tough for the lower level wizards.  I’m sure people have done it solo and level 10 but I wouldn’t advise trying.  It’s easy to Team Up for this.

If you’re in with other wizards, only one needs to go chat with each NPC on the quest — everyone will get an exclamation point with the chat and the arrow will point everyone to the next piece.  You can just wait around, click the exclamation mark to read the chat and then follow the arrow to the next battle.

There are four sets of battles inside and 11 creatures to defeat if you’re solo (a few more if there’s another wizard).  Every time you go out of the rooms into the area where the Professor is, your health renews just like it does in all the common areas, but there is no mana anywhere.  For a level 10, you have 34 mana and one potion — that’s a lot of spell lobbing to have to do with only one potion to restore mana.

Kasai Baku in WC Telephone Booth

The first fight is against Frosty Walker (Ice, 1120) and two Malformed Snowballs (Ice), 520.  The second is against Kaisu Baku (Fire, 930) and one or more Yin Snakes (Fire, 460).  The third is against 2-4 Fire Wraiths (Fire, 460), depending on how many wizards.  The final one is Grimsnes Burnback (Fire, 930) and two-three Fire Wraiths (Fire, 460).

For lower level wizards (say, under 30), I suggest having Greebly’s Pendant (gives three Snow Shields) and/or Gobblestone’s Pendant (gives three Fire Shields) if you don’t yet have Snow and/or Fire shields from your school or training points.  You can buy them at the Bazaar though sometimes you have to go back a few times to find some.  Equip Greebly’s for the Ice guys and then switch to Gobblestone’s for the rest of the quest.

I enjoy these, just for something different.  You get a bit more XP than some of these special quests offer and there are some pretty good drops.  I’ve only done the quests through Mooshu.  For my high level wizards who’ve done those it wasn’t hard, but I’d say all of them are a little tough for the lowest level wizards who are allowed  to participate unless you Team Up or go in with friends.


After the party

Tatiana's mid level garden

The birthday celebration is over.  There were so many things going on, I just never got around to some of it.  I’ve had some unmet goals in gardening and pets and it was just too tempting with both Double Gardening and Double Pet Experience going on; I put pretty much all my time into those and never got around to much else.

My third account is the one on which I don’t usually carry a membership and for which I’ve been largely unwilling to spend crowns other than to buy some zones.  I did spring for 12 Evil Magma Peas a while back, which I’d parlayed to 30 during another Double Gardening event.  This time I turned the 30 into 120!

Also managed to double a 17 Pink Dandelion patch twice so I now have enough extra PDs to craft a Seed Vault.  Well, ignoring the I-have-no-Silver-Trumpet-Vines-yet issue, which means I have no way to get the five Braided Vines the Seed Vault recipe also requires.  Heather has hit Celestia and since I got a one month membership so the 3d account could participate in the Double Gardening/Pet stuff, I’ll be whizzing her through there and hopefully will pick up some seeds.

On that account I also started out with something like 12 Couch Potatoes received in drops and had doubled enough in the last event to have 30.  The timing was right this time to harvest more than once, so I’m up to 128!  That means double the mega snacks too.

On the second account I did pretty well also.  From a base of 12 Evil Magma Peas I paid for, I had gotten up to 60 in the last couple of Double events and this time I went up to 180.  Finally I can get far enough ahead on mega snacks to quit gardening for a while.

I don’t have accurate figures for the first account as I bought more seeds without keeping track and have doubled so much over three Double Gardening events that I’m having trouble getting a count.  It took me an hour of shuffling stuff around in Seed Vaults, Attics , Houses and Backpacks to get all the Evil Magma Pea seeds that went into the Bank out and distributed among all six wizards’ various storage options.  I’m talkin’ a LOT of seeds!

As I’ve hit the final harvests in gardening I’ve been leaving the various gardens unplanted.  I’m SO looking forward to a spell of not being required to sign into every account twice every day in order to take care of plants!!!

Pet training, as usual, has been bittersweet.  I’d finally gotten a couple of pets on the first account with Spritely, Spell Defy, Unicorn, Energizing Battery and a variety of fifth talents (many of which I’d still like to get rid of…).  I hatched like crazy across accounts, figuring if I could get a few generations down on each I’d have something close to what I wanted.  Then I could start passing pets through the Shared Bank on the other two accounts.

On the second account my luck so far appears to be fair to middling.  I have some leveling up to do before I know for sure, but it looks like I”ll have to do a couple more generations of hatching off the first account pets.   I do have a few who look pretty good if the last talent comes out okay.

On the poor third account, my luck has been out.  I keep getting pets, even after something like four levels of hatching with one of the good ones, who manifest crappy talents that go back a couple generations before I even started this round of hatching.

I spent WAY too many hours playing the game to get that many seeds and to create and at least partially train a couple of dozen pets.  Thank goodness for the gardening success, because the pets, as always, have left me feeling as if I put in more effort than it was worth.

I never did get to make that foray into the Five B.O.X.E.S and Lost Pages quests.  Although I’ve done the Marleybone and Mooshu boxes a number of times each I’ve never managed to take notes the way I did for the Wizard City box so my plans to post similar guides to those boxes didn’t materialize.  Other than a few Spellwrit battles, I accomplished nothing in Lost Pages.

There was so much going on, it felt kind of exciting, but proved to be too many things happening at once to be able to enjoy all of it.  I mentioned before, seems like a “birthday month” might work better, a different event each week.  Or as they did for Halloween last year, let some of the events last all month???  How about you — did you have fun?  What did you choose to do among the special birthday events?