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Double XP for Pets and Hatchmaking issues

Mega Healing and Resist Pet

Against my usual stance, I’ve been doing some hatching and training without the benefit of double xp but reached the point yesterday of deciding I’d had enough and any more training would wait until another Double Pet Reward event.  And today, June 21, 2018, one has started and will run through Sunday, June 24, 2018.  So here I go…

One lower level wizard had an Epic Fire pet fairly far along toward Mega so I started by taking her in to finish.  I wound up sort of withwhat I had wanted, a pet with three heals and two resists; as you can see in the above picture it wound up four heals and one resist.

The drawback stems from a big drawback to the Hatchmaking Kiosk.  Once you’ve started hatching with a particular pet, the one hour “time outs” and 10 day/one week limit mean you have no guarantee you can get as many hatches as it takes with the pet you chose.

I’ve been very confused by the “my hatches” part of the kiosk because for most of my wizards it never shows up as clickable no matter how many hatches they’ve had.  Looking at the one time it did work, it appeared that maybe you could keep hatching with the same pet through it–although it was quite confusing and I changed my mind several times about what it was meant to do…– but if you can’t click on it you can’t do anything.

Without the ability to keep hatching with the same pet, the hatching experience is even worse than usual.  In this case I started out hatching with a pet who had three heals I wanted –spritely, unicorn, and energizing battery– plus the two universal resists.  That pet disappeared, however, and the only pet of the same type I could find with three heals and two resists had batusi instead of energizing battery.  As you can see, I wound up with batusi and fairy friend instead of the other resist.

This one turned out reasonably lucky as that was just one hatch with the second pet.  When you have to switch to another pet, the big problem is all those unmanifested talents in the pool that transfer and stick.  The pet already had a couple of unwanted, unmanifested talents that kept showing up.

Hatching with yet another pet means you get some more unwanted possible talents, which means usually it will take even more hatching and training than usual to wind up with the pet you want.  This was just a lucky break that she sort of got the pet I wanted in spite of the switch to a different hatch partner.  I really wish KI would change hatching so the unmanifested talents in each pet’s pool are left out of the equation.

I’ve had several pets now who started off hatching with a pet at the kiosk who had the desired talents and then was unable to get another hatch somewhere along the line.  My two big hopes for the kiosk had been that (1) I could do some hatching for a desired pet without having to keep bugging someone else to keep meeting me at the Hatchery and giving up a bunch of their gold and (2) I could offer pets to other people without having to keep having meet-ups and spending MY gold.

The frequent comings and goings of pets from the kiosk means you can’t count on getting multiple hatches with the same pet, if you need a bunch to get the pet you want.  And other than a couple of pets I’ve managed to create from the kiosk, none of the pets I’ve worked so hard to create are eligible for the kiosk so I still have to deplete my gold and set up meeting times in order to help others out with most of my best pets.

In the meantime, these next few days are a good chance to do a bunch of pet training in less time than usual.  Double XP for the games.  Double XP for the snacks.  A loved 50 XP Mega Snack with a perfect score on a game can give as much as 112 total points for one game.  Worth taking advantage!



The new update introducing hatchmaking was due to come on line today and then KI announced there are some bugs so there’s an undetermined length of delay.

I didn’t bother with the test realm so I haven’t personally experienced it but the Duelist blog has published several posts with good explanations.  You can start here  and then move on to this one to learn more.

The basic idea is people with good pets who are willing to help others can list up to 5 pets at a kiosk and others can look through the available pets and choose one. The nice thing is if your pet is on offer, others can hatch and you don’t have to (a) be there or (b) lose your hatch timer or (c) pay any gold for an egg you don’t even want.

One restriction is that Crown pets can’t be put in and I’m foggy as to whether they mean any pet that started off as a Crown pet, whether individually or from a bundle or pack, regardless of whether it’s several generations down a line of hatching or whether a crown pet that has been hatched multiple times and no longer has the same talent pool could be listed.

Since I just offered up a quint heal pet on a Facebook group and wound up (a) overwhelmed with responses and (b) depleting gold supplies across my accounts and (c) spending way more time hanging around the hatchery waiting for people than I wanted to, I am delighted to have this opportunity to share my few good pets with the least wear and tear on me!  But most of my good ones started off somewhere in the Crown pet world even though they now have little in common with the original, so not sure if I can share them or not…

Looking forward to whenever it comes on line!

A few hints on pet hatching

In honor of this Double Pets event, I offered my quint healing pet for hatching on the Adult Non-PvP group on Facebook and in some of the exchanges about that I realized I’d often seen discussions about hatching in which I could see that a lot of players don’t understand some of the basics of hatching.

A lot of people seem to–wrongly–assume:

  1. you will automatically get the other person’s pet on the first try
  2. when you train that pet you will get all the talents the other person’s pet has


When you hatch with someone else’s pet, it’s a big toss-up whether the egg you get will be the same kind you already have or the other person’s.

Whichever pet you get will have a combination of the POTENTIAL talents of the two pets.  Each pet arrives with 10 potential talents (and 10 potential derby abilities).  As you train the pet you get one of those 10 talents at each level (teen, adult, ancient, epic, mega), so your pet winds up with 5 talents

While the accepted theory is you have more chance of getting the manifested talents (the ones the pet actually got in training) in a hatch–which has generally seemed true in my experience–the potential talents are still in the pool and can be picked up in a hatch.  And trust me, they often are.

Half the total pool of talents and derby abilities (combined) will come from each pet.  Generally that works out to three talents from one pet and two from the other (then three derby abilities from one and two from the other).  So there is pretty much no circumstance in which you will get all the talents you want from someone else’s pet on the first hatch.

If either of your pets came from multiple hatches, there’s a chance some random potential talent from the past will show up and stick through multiple hatches.  The good news is that when you hatch a same-as-your-pet egg you got on the first round with the same pet from the other person, you will probably get the other person’s pet type on the second hatch. [In other words if you hatch a Seraph with a Storm Hound and get a Seraph egg, when you train the new Seraph to adult and hatch again with the Storm Hound, you will probably get the Storm Hound; not guaranteed–it does sometimes take a third hatch just to replicate the other pet]

Some folks claim it takes no more than seven hatches to get all the same talents as the pet you want.  I personally know this is NOT TRUE.  I am up to eleven hatches on one pet and I still don’t have a pet with all the talents.  And the person I’m hatching with took TWENTY hatches to get that pet.

The next piece to understand is what I mean about multiple hatches.  Some people seem to think you just hatch over and over with whatever pet you’ve chosen to use. Won’t help.  You hatch, train the pet you got from the hatch (even if you got another pet like yours) to adult and hatch again with the other person’s same pet.

Now, if you got the right pet and at adult you have two of the talents, you might want to keep training to see if you got all the talents you wanted.  Otherwise, you hatch, train to adult, use the new adult to hatch again, train that one to adult (or to whatever level fails), use that new pet to hatch again, etc.

As you move through the generations, the pet starts narrowing in on having mainly the talent pool of the desired pet — which still means there are five potential talents in the pool, any of which may show up as you train.

There’s a Pet Talent Calculator into which you can input a bunch of data on the parents and your egg to determine without training whether you got the desired talents.  Even if you don’t have the ones you want, you still want to train the pet to adult and hatch this latest generation.  There’s more info on how the calculator works here.

Personally I don’t think it would save me any time to look up and fill in all that info as opposed to just doing the training –especially since I only train during double pet events — and it’s the kind of thing that makes my eyes roll back in my head, so I haven’t used it, but just so you know it’s available if you like that sort of thing 🙂

Bottom line, hatching to get a desired pet is often a long tedious process.  You may not get the other person’s type of pet on the first try and it will invariably take at least a couple of hatches — and more likely 3-7 or more — to get the other pet with all the talents you want.

Sometimes I get to four of the other person’s talents and there’s one from my pet that I like well enough and I just stop rather than keeping on hatching and training.  For instance, in trying to replicate the quint healing pet, I’ve gotten a couple of quad heals with a damage talent and that worked for me.  So if you don’t love this process, stop and think about whether you’ll only be happy if you get all five talents from the other pet or whether you’ve gotten one that will work well enough for you.