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Double Garden: good days to go to the Bazaar

Even if you don’t have anything to do with gardening in Wizard101, you can benefit at the Bazaar from Double Garden events. Those of us who DO garden are busily harvesting double reagents, double pet snacks, double housing items — most of which are “likes” for plants — and double Treasure Cards.  And any of us who’ve been doing large scale gardening very long don’t need most of those things, so we’re also selling all our extra stuff at the Bazaar.

For instance, Evil Magma Peas drop Djembe Drums and Egg Baskets (both likes for Evil Magma Peas), Tower Shield and Feint TC’s (and more), and Scrap Iron, Black Lotus, Aether, Aquamarine, Sandstone, Sunstone, Pearls and Golden Pearls.  I have the likes for all my gardens, have giant stockpiles of the TC’s and my banks and shared banks have huge stores of the reagents.  So I sell almost everything I get in the harvests.

Couch Potatoes drop a bunch of pet snacks at every level of harvest, plus Empower and lots of Star TC’s and their own “likes”, Litter and Sandwich Stations.  Again I’ve collected all I need and, if anything needs replenishing, these events refill my stores and still leave me with lots to sell.

Sword Ferns drop so many blades of almost every sort that I sell tons of those, and they drop their own likes plus some other housing items as well.

You get the idea.  those of us who garden have to stop once or twice in the midst of harvesting to sell things in the Bazaar so our backpacks and shared banks have room to collect the rest.  It means there are not only lots of often-hard-to-get items available in big numbers, but because there are so many the prices are often down.

What you can’t get easily during these events are the gardening tc’s.  Since all the gardeners are frantically buying up these cards to use while they wring the max out of the event, the gardening tc’s are harder to come by.

If you need some rare reagents for crafting or want to pluck up a bunch of pet snacks while available and cheaper or you’re ready to start gardening and need some likes for your chosen plants, it’s worth watching out for Double Garden events and hanging out at the Bazaar.  These events happen way less often than most of the other member benefits so take advantage while you can.


Double Gardens at last

May 25, 2018 Yesterday KI announced a Double Garden event through Sunday.  Been a long wait!

During this time you will receive double drops of all kinds for every harvest (mature or elder) — tc’s, xp, housing items, snacks,reagents, seeds, gold.  I’ve had many gardens sitting at elder harvest waiting for this.  Just from this one set of harvests I’ve largely restored the gold supplies I depleted for many wizards during the double pet event last weekend.

There isn’t enough time to get very many types of plants to elder if you plant now, but a few things like Evil Magma Peas and Couch Potatoes move quickly enough that you could get a couple of mature harvests.  I think Double Garden days are one of the best deals KI offers so take advantage.

It’s especially a good chance to double up on seeds you normally either have to buy with crowns or farm for endlessly.  And those double mega snacks — can’t beat the impact on your supplies of those.

Mega Snack Pack sale today only

April 9, 2018

Today only you can get 40% off on Mega Snack Packs in the Crown Shop.

Personally I get my mega snacks from gardening and save my crowns but if you don’t like to garden, this is a good chance to stock up on some mega snacks.  If you want to get the most use from them, my advice is to buy them now and wait for a Double Pets event to use them so you get double XP from each snack.  For instance, Fancy Yogurt’s 50 XP becomes 100 XP during a double event.

Double Pets

KI started another Double Pet Rewards event, which runs through Sunday, January 28, 2018.  Double XP from playing games AND feeding pet snacks AND if feeding pet gear or housing items triggers pet XP.  So, for instance, if you get all the points for a game and feed your pet a “loved” 50 XP mega snack, you wind up with 112 XP– 4 points for the game becomes 8, 50 for the snack becomes 100, and 2 points for the “love” becomes 4.  Good time to train some pets!

I finally have restored my gold supplies after total depletion last fall due to a combo of lots of pet training and several wizards hitting the point of buying Plant All (300,000 gold at a stage when that’s your max).  So, I’m considering whether I should do some pet training.

I felt pretty burned after getting up to 12 hatches for a couple of wizards without getting the stats I wanted and I don’t like pet training, so it’s a toss-up.  But at least I have the gold to do it if I choose (plus lots of pricey amulets in the Shared Bank so I can sell some and get the gold levels back up).  We’ll see. I took a pass on day 1.  Might or might not on day 2…

Sword Ferns

I’ve written about Sword Ferns before but I haven’t given them the full post I usually offer to explain individual plants.


When I first started growing Sword Ferns, KI hadn’t started offering Double Garden Rewards.  I bought a few seeds because I wanted Hambrosia pet snacks.  The seeds are quite expensive (1500 crowns each), so I figured the Hambrosia drop rate would be high.  It’s not.  I get maybe one out of 25 or 30 plants at elder harvest.  So I didn’t consider them worth it.

They’re also available in some packs (never gotten one from a pack myself) and are dropped in some higher level worlds (Avalon and up) though I’ve never gotten more than one or two for either of the two wizards who are most of the way through Azteca.

When the Double Garden days started, I began planting Sword Ferns for double harvest and, over the course of a number of double elder harvests, I’ve managed to double the few I bought for the first two accounts enough times to have 50 or 60 on each.  Even with all the likes they take about 8 days to get to elder harvest, so you have to plant them well before a double garden event and just leave the elder harvest uncollected until an event starts.


Now that I have a few wizards who’ve reached higher levels and none of them are going critical (see previous post), I’m using Treasure Card blades much more in order to beef up my hits.  Sword Ferns drop TC blades at every harvest, both mature and elder, including drops of Balanceblades and Dragonblades, neither of which is available at TC vendors.  Every school can use them to add damage.

I can find Balanceblades in very small numbers on RARE occasions at the Bazaar and Dragonblades are just about impossible (both are also available as spell cards through some pets and some gear) so I find it really helpful to get them dropped in decent numbers from the Sword Ferns.

Though some Sword-Fern-owning wizards complained when KI made other blades available through vendors, I like the convenience of getting them through drops and not having to keep heading to the vendors or dropping piles of gold (1,000 apiece) to get a bunch.  They drop blades from every school, including the Spirit and Elemental ones, so I’m able to trade blades between accounts and keep every wizard supplied with blades appropriate to her school.


Care isn’t too bad.  They only have two needs, water and pollination.  They get level 3 pests for which I just use Dragonflies (keeps level 3 pests off for 48 hours).  They also draw pixies with high frequency.  It’s hard to count but I’d say out of 24 at least 19 or 20 of them draw pixies.


I find the Purple Grapes of Wrath the easiest to grow and you’ll only get “like” credit for one type, so I recommend growing one of those.  They don’t like garden gnomes, so if you have a gnome for the Sword Ferns it will slow down the growth of the PGW so much you just have to grow one through several crops of Sword Ferns.

Honey Sickles hit elder harvest really fast.  Usually I just leave it sitting at elder to be a “like” I don’t have to take care of, but if you want the drops, you’ll wind up planting at least two and sometimes three successively for each crop of the far-slower-growing Sword Ferns.

Sword Trees are easy to get at the Bazaar, as are the Tropical Garden Gnomes, and the trees are also dropped by Sword Ferns, so if you’re willing to wait you’ll probably pick one up.

Sword Ferns take a long time to get to “young” and “mature” so there’s often a long wait to have pixies show up on the plants.  In order to nudge things along I usually cast a Summon Pixie on the Honey Sickle (it will be at young, when you can cast a Pixie, in about a day).  Once the Purple Grapes of Wrath comes up I usually keep a summoned pixie on it too since it gets rank 4 pests.  You could also just use Miniature Bloodbats on the whole patch — it will keep the level 3s off the Sword Ferns and level 4 off the PGW and save energy.  But I’ve cut back on gardening so Sword Ferns are the only crop for most wizards right now and I don’t have to worry about energy.


The Wiki for some reason doesn’t list the drops for these and I’m not much of a record keeper, so this segment is based on experience and general impressions.

As mentioned above, lots of blades drop at every harvest.

They also drop snacks.  At the mature harvests it’s a rank 5 or 6 or a Ninja Figgy Pudding (rank 7).  At elder harvest it drops two snacks, rank 7-9.  You mainly get the lower level ones, most of which can only be sold at the snack vendor — and don’t pay nearly as much as many lower level snacks do in the Bazaar.  Occasionally you get a Hambrosia, which is 5o XP including 15 points for Intellect.

The wiki says they only drop housing items at elder harvest but I get housing items all the time at mature harvests.  Lots of sword racks.  There’s a Ninja sword rack that can’t be sold at auction (I feed them to pets) and another type of weapon rack of some sort that you can sell at the Bazaar.  They also drop a variety of “fern” plants, from Primitive Fern to Celestian Fern and lots of the outdoor types.

Personally I still think for what you pay for those seeds you should get a Hambrosia at elder harvest every time.  But now that you can double the seeds in Double Rewards events, I’d say it’s worth it to buy a couple of seeds for your account and just make sure you have some already at elder harvest before each Double Rewards event starts (i.e. plant some a few weeks after an event, let them get to elder harvest and just leave them sitting there until the next event) so you can slowly build a bigger supply by doubling your seeds at every event.

Birthday Wrap-up

crafted furniture telegraph box recipes

Furniture from B.O.X. recipes

Well, the annual Wizard101 birthday event wrapped up early this morning.  As usual, I enjoyed it but wasn’t able to enjoy as many things as I hoped.  Gardening was my main goal, then collecting sonic springs for crafting, and finally a bit of pet training.


The best way to major success on getting double rewards is to grow whatever crops you want to double well before there’s an event and leave them sitting at elder harvest until you get the news another Double Rewards event is happening.  That way it doesn’t matter how long the seeds take to complete their cycle, everything is already waiting to give you double seeds, double snacks, double reagents, etc.

Of course you miss all those double mature harvests, but since most of the plants with highly desirable crops take so long to reach elder harvest that you can’t get from seed to final harvest in one Double Rewards event, it’s the only way to guarantee a double elder harvest.  So I succeeded pretty well from the outset, because multiple gardeners on each account had plants ready to harvest the day it started.

There are more details about my success and lack thereof in the last post.  The final results continued to be slightly odd.  Most of the Pink Dandelions finally made it to elder harvest just within the deadline, which meant they took slightly more than seven days from seed to final harvest.  The odd one was a patch for the one lower level gardener who doesn’t have a Red Barn Farm.  Minus that one like, the PDs usually take about one day longer.  Hers are only about halfway there after eight days, even with every other like.

Sword Ferns lit up by pixies

Sword Ferns lit up by pixies

The two batches of Sword Ferns I planted gave me about four mature harvests each, meaning I got lots of extra TC blades.  Looks like Elder Harvest will be in the next day or two, so those went as expected.  Some King Parsley crops went on wildly different schedules even though all planted around the same time and with all the same likes.

All in all I’m pleased with the results, mainly because of the crops I had waiting at elder harvest at the beginning.


KI introduced a bunch of crafting recipes for great housing items earlier this year.  I bought lots of recipes with much excitement.  Then I realized every recipe calls for a Sonic Spring.  It’s another head-scratcher for me.  I’d have thought they’d want to have people crafting the new stuff in great numbers so these fun pieces could start decorating the spiral.

Instead they’ve restricted the ability to craft them by requiring the Sonic Spring ingredient.  It’s only dropped by bosses in the Five B.O.X.E.S.  So you have no hope of getting any most of the year; only possible when there’s a Five B.O.X.E.S. event — maybe five or six times a year [they seem to do it a bit more often now than they did when I first started playing but I’ve never kept track].  They DID put up the boxes last year around Christmas and left them for about a month so best shot at getting more Sonic Springs may be then – if you can stand having to do the instances a few hundred times…

Even more puzzling is that they apparently didn’t raise the drop rate when they decided to add all these recipes with the SS required.  Between three wizards I’d say I completed the Wizard City box at least 40 times this week and got maybe 4 Sonic Springs at most, possibly only 3 (I forgot to check how many a couple of the wizards already had when I started).

I have way more recipes than I have Sonic Springs with which to make them.  I figure it might be a couple of years before I can manage to get enough to craft all the items I’d like (including some multiples).  My willingness to repeat the same instance over and over for one item is limited so my patience with the WC box was past the breaking point by the time I decided it wasn’t worth it to keep trying…


I’ve mentioned many times that I don’t care for pet training.   If I could choose which of the potential talents my pets get I’d be more willing, but the crap shoot they’ve created has left me disappointed and unwilling to spend much more time at it.  For most of my wizards at this point I have “good enough” pets so I rarely bother with pet training unless I can get Double Rewards and I don’t do much then.

My two Storm wizards still don’t have pets that are quite what I’d like, nor does my Fire wizard.  I chose to do a bit of training for the two Storm girls.  Then I had a pet from the Evergreen Bundle sitting around untrained and another from the Olympian Bundle, so I did some training on those.  The Spirit of the Forest pet did get “Gardening Pixie” (may cast a gardening pixie) but I haven’t remembered to equip it when I’m gardening, so don’t know if it will be helpful in the garden but the other talents so far are not anything I need; unless I make it part of my “energy set” I doubt I’ll use it.

Over all the training has been pretty much as usual.  A waste of time.


The gardening took up so much time I really didn’t get to do very much of  the other stuff.  With the backpack and TC limits, the double harvests of these events involve a lot of stopping to go sell stuff, move stuff around in attics, vaults and the Shared Bank, etc. so gardening becomes even more time consuming than usual.   I kind of fit in a few rounds of the WC Box after gardening as I had time and I never got a single wizard to any of the Lost Pages quests.

I look forward to this event every year and overall I’d say I enjoyed it.  I’m always pleased to speed up some of my gardening goals and I did get a few Sonic Springs so a few more furniture items will be appearing.  I’m not too sorry to have missed out on the Lost Pages stuff as I’ve always found it’s a little harder and more time consuming than the rewards (both in drops and low XP for the quests) warrant.  Next up will be the Halloween fun which for me maybe ties with the birthday celebration as the most fun event.  Now I have a week left on the month of membership for my third account and it’s time to move Alura further through Celestia.


After the party

Tatiana's mid level garden

The birthday celebration is over.  There were so many things going on, I just never got around to some of it.  I’ve had some unmet goals in gardening and pets and it was just too tempting with both Double Gardening and Double Pet Experience going on; I put pretty much all my time into those and never got around to much else.

My third account is the one on which I don’t usually carry a membership and for which I’ve been largely unwilling to spend crowns other than to buy some zones.  I did spring for 12 Evil Magma Peas a while back, which I’d parlayed to 30 during another Double Gardening event.  This time I turned the 30 into 120!

Also managed to double a 17 Pink Dandelion patch twice so I now have enough extra PDs to craft a Seed Vault.  Well, ignoring the I-have-no-Silver-Trumpet-Vines-yet issue, which means I have no way to get the five Braided Vines the Seed Vault recipe also requires.  Heather has hit Celestia and since I got a one month membership so the 3d account could participate in the Double Gardening/Pet stuff, I’ll be whizzing her through there and hopefully will pick up some seeds.

On that account I also started out with something like 12 Couch Potatoes received in drops and had doubled enough in the last event to have 30.  The timing was right this time to harvest more than once, so I’m up to 128!  That means double the mega snacks too.

On the second account I did pretty well also.  From a base of 12 Evil Magma Peas I paid for, I had gotten up to 60 in the last couple of Double events and this time I went up to 180.  Finally I can get far enough ahead on mega snacks to quit gardening for a while.

I don’t have accurate figures for the first account as I bought more seeds without keeping track and have doubled so much over three Double Gardening events that I’m having trouble getting a count.  It took me an hour of shuffling stuff around in Seed Vaults, Attics , Houses and Backpacks to get all the Evil Magma Pea seeds that went into the Bank out and distributed among all six wizards’ various storage options.  I’m talkin’ a LOT of seeds!

As I’ve hit the final harvests in gardening I’ve been leaving the various gardens unplanted.  I’m SO looking forward to a spell of not being required to sign into every account twice every day in order to take care of plants!!!

Pet training, as usual, has been bittersweet.  I’d finally gotten a couple of pets on the first account with Spritely, Spell Defy, Unicorn, Energizing Battery and a variety of fifth talents (many of which I’d still like to get rid of…).  I hatched like crazy across accounts, figuring if I could get a few generations down on each I’d have something close to what I wanted.  Then I could start passing pets through the Shared Bank on the other two accounts.

On the second account my luck so far appears to be fair to middling.  I have some leveling up to do before I know for sure, but it looks like I”ll have to do a couple more generations of hatching off the first account pets.   I do have a few who look pretty good if the last talent comes out okay.

On the poor third account, my luck has been out.  I keep getting pets, even after something like four levels of hatching with one of the good ones, who manifest crappy talents that go back a couple generations before I even started this round of hatching.

I spent WAY too many hours playing the game to get that many seeds and to create and at least partially train a couple of dozen pets.  Thank goodness for the gardening success, because the pets, as always, have left me feeling as if I put in more effort than it was worth.

I never did get to make that foray into the Five B.O.X.E.S and Lost Pages quests.  Although I’ve done the Marleybone and Mooshu boxes a number of times each I’ve never managed to take notes the way I did for the Wizard City box so my plans to post similar guides to those boxes didn’t materialize.  Other than a few Spellwrit battles, I accomplished nothing in Lost Pages.

There was so much going on, it felt kind of exciting, but proved to be too many things happening at once to be able to enjoy all of it.  I mentioned before, seems like a “birthday month” might work better, a different event each week.  Or as they did for Halloween last year, let some of the events last all month???  How about you — did you have fun?  What did you choose to do among the special birthday events?

Wizard101 Seventh Birthday Celebration

Today through September 8 KI is offering lots of fun stuff, much of it for members only but some nice perks for crowns and free players as well.  Some of the member benefits are worth enough if you’re playing as a non-member, you should consider getting a $10 store gift card or a $9.95 on line one month membership so you can take advantage if you can afford it.

I’m particularly excited to have a week of double gardening and double pet benefits.  I’ve already turned 16 Couch Potatoes to 32 on one account that reached final harvest today.  Another turned 40 Evil Magma Peas to 80.  Quite a few other gardens will reach elder harvest soon and probably have time to plant and harvest another entire crop.  It’s for members only–if you’re on a tight budget this opportunity to double your numbers of crown seeds is a great opportunity.

You also get double of all the drops, so if you’re growing plants for reagents, treasure cards or mega snacks, you’ll fill your stores far more quickly during this special week.  Double the XP can move you up quickly in gardening.

Double pet benefits means you get twice the game XP and twice the snack XP.  If you get all four points for a game and feed your pet a 50 XP snack, you can get 108 XP per game (add another 2 or 4 points if the snack is liked or loved.

For members there are also free PvP tournaments and free training point buy back through September 8.

Seven gifts are being given away.  You collect all seven at once for whatever account you’re logged into (I have three so I logged in three times) and you have until September 30 to get them.  There doesn’t seem to be a membership requirement for these.   The gifts:

  • Origami Party Crane Pet (storm)
  • Birthday Hat
  • Confetti Canon
  • Major Fishing Elixir
  • Ultra Dandelion Seed
  • Birthday Cake Snack
  • Huge Ice Cream Snack

There’s a collection of new items in the Crown Shop, just for this.  Some require crowns, but there are some cute housing party items you can purchase for gold, always nice for the player on a budget.

The Five Boxes event and the Lost Pages event are both back through September 8.  You don’t have to be a member to participate in those although there are level and/or access requirements (i.e. you can’t participate in the Mooshu telephone box quest if you haven’t gotten the spiral key to Mooshu yet or get to the Lost Pages quest in Krokotopia if you haven’t finished the main story quests for Wizard City).

Personally I’ve not found the drops for the Lost Pages to be commensurate with the extra difficulty, while the Five Boxes have some really great drops.  But the random nature of these things may mean I just haven’t lucked into good stuff on the Lost Pages quests.  And I might have gotten better drops than you will in the Boxes…

In any event for the next week there’s plenty to keep you busy and lots of great perks that can particularly help you if you don’t have a big budget for crowns, so take advantage!