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Pack Sale

Through July 15, 2018, packs are on sale at the Crown Shop.  A couple of Halloween ones have been added back in as well.

I always waste some crowns on these sales but I stop with a few packs.  They all have a slim possibility of some pretty good stuff, but if you look at the lists, they also have loads of crap and that’s mostly what you get.  And some of the crappiest stuff repeats often.

I tried a few Wyvern’s Hoard packs, hoping for some of the energy gear, but after I’d collected 4 square hedges and some more useless junk instead, I gave up.  I know I run into people in the game who apparently spend hundreds a month on crowns and among other things, throw them at packs till they get what they want.

I can’t afford that, so I won’t be taking much advantage of the sale.  If you want to try for some of the good stuff packs occasionally yield, like Deer Knight pet or energy gear, the sale is the best time to try.


Pack Sale


Adult Brainy Assistant from a pack

Through February 4, 2018, all packs are on sale at the crown shop.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, I find packs mostly kind of waste of crowns.  While you can sometimes score a pricey item of gear or a mount or a pet, an awful lot of them have a big bunch of nothing.  You can also get a free pack– head to this page to pick yours up.

But if you have an interest in trying for some items you can get through packs, these sales are the best time to take your chances and see what shows up.


Heather in Beastmaster gear with Greenwarden Boots

Heather in Beastmaster gear with Greenwarden Boots

Pack-a-Palooza is back starting today and going through Feb. 7, 2016.  Pretty much all packs are on sale, many for 50% off and they’ve brought back a bunch of holiday packs, which are also on sale.

I keep swearing off the packs, but when they’re on sale, it’s hard to resist.  I’ve wanted a Deer Knight pet and have tried several times to get one via Harrowing Nightmare packs.  Lots of junk.  No luck on the pet.  Last time I got a bunch of other pets, this time really just junk…  Only bought a few, probably won’t bother to try for more.

I spent a long frustrating time today trying to figure out which pack has Beastmaster gear.  I knew I’d gotten extra gear from buying some packs in the past but couldn’t remember which pack.  On line it’s hard to find.  The wiki pages on the gear don’t mention any packs as a possible source and all the bloggers I could find who’ve written guides to energy gear just say you have to buy the set in the Crown Shop.  Finally figured out it’s Purreau’s Plentiful Pet Provisions that can give you the gear–in separate pieces, not as a set– and managed to get a pair of Beastmaster boots for my third account* from buying only a couple of the packs.

In the past I’ve had decent luck with getting a few pieces of energy gear from Wyvern’s Hoard packs, but you can waste a lot of crowns on buying packs sometimes to get something you want.  I’ve definitely lucked out on getting some normally-expensive mounts and pets and gear from packs without buying nearly as many packs as the cost of the items if purchased in the crown shop–but if I’ve been trying for something specific I’ve sometimes dropped  a few thousand crowns without ever getting what I was after…  [The pets have usually been the wrong school and I’ve bought mounts for gold for all my characters, so haven’t needed those…]

If you have some crowns to spend, these sales are a good time to try your luck.

*I’ve had a pretty low-level wizard on the third account growing King Parsley for amber while the two higher-level, permanent wizards continue with big crops of Evil Magma Peas.  Trouble is her low-level energy limits how many seeds she can plant without buying energy or running off to level up in the middle of planting…

Pack deals winding down

There’s been an unusually long Pack-a-Palooza at Kingsisle and you still have a couple of days to get packs on sale (ends 2/9/15).

My feelings about packs are kind of mixed.  I don’t find them worth it at full price for sure and I get so much junk even when I buy them on sale that I hesitate to try again each time a sale goes on.

This time I’ve had one of my more crowns-rich wizards on the first account gifting packs — mostly Wyverns Hoard–to one of the wizards on the very budget-challenged third account.  My main quarries from that particular pack were Evil Magma Peas and energy gear.

Heather sports energy gear

I have gotten a couple of the energy hats and two pairs of boots (one level 20, one level 30), which definitely will help, and a few 15-25 XP pet snacks.  But along the way I got a zillion bushes and trees, several wheels of cheese, bunches of Treasure Cards I don’t want, a lot of ugly wallpaper and flooring, and quite a few other kinds of seeds.  Can’t seem to get that Energetic Shroud.

On the unexpected bonus side I got level 30 Greenwarden’s Brilliant Boots, which, surprisingly, have a critical rating — my level 33 wizard now goes critical pretty often.  Saved her one day when her card draws were lousy and she was on the cusp of defeat — went critical on a Fairy spell and took her health almost all the way back up!

Tried out some other kinds of packs just for the heck of it and got mostly just junk from those too. I have landed a couple of potentially okay pets (won’t know till training complete).  In the past I got some good mounts from packs, but this time nothing but one-day.  And on the account for which I’d already bought EMPs I seemed to get seeds for that pretty often when I got these packs on sale, but for this account which could really use them, nada.

It’s definitely a gamble.  A bunch of packs can still net you something that would cost a lot more crowns if you bought it separately in the Crown Shop and probably if I added up the value of the good stuff I got, it would turn out I saved a lot of Crowns by buying the packs.  The thing is most of it was stuff I wouldn’t have bought.  I tend to count that on the wasted side rather than the saved money side.

If you look at the list of potential items, you’d think that randomness would mean you’d get a huge variety of different things but I find I keep getting a lot of the same stuff over and over and most of it’s stuff I didn’t want the first time.

Over all, frankly most of the packs you buy are gonna give you a bunch of repeat crappy housing items, a bunch of TCs you may or not want, and maybe some lousy pet snacks.  Every now and then, though, something great turns up.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can earn 200 crowns in two days of playing trivia games at FreeKI Games, and there are a lot of packs on sale for 199 right now.  The sale goes through Monday, so you have time to earn the crowns for one pack.  Or if you have enough Crowns to buy a few packs now, you can replace the Crowns by playing the games for a few weeks.

Trying to decide if it’s worth it to buy a couple more and see if I can finally land that energy robe I covet.  In the end it may turn out it would have been cheaper to just gift her a Beatmaster set.  🙂