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Plant Care Frequency

Having depleted all the gold from my two main accounts on hatching and pricey gardening spells, I’ve been gardening like crazy lately; working on not only replenishing gold, but using all the extra gold to buy expensive amulets so every wizard can have a supply in the Bank as well as a stash in the Shared Bank.  It’s been reminding me of some ins and outs of caring for the gardens.

One aspect varies from one plant to another:  how often do you need to take care of needs?  The two big things for me are making sure it’s often enough to avoid having anything move to “progress to dead” and making sure I don’t lose a mature harvest.

I’m just going to use a few examples from the plants I grow most often.  While the timing issues vary, the questions you need to figure out for any given plant are the same, so you’ll want to figure this out for whatever plants you grow.

Having arrived at Wizard101 via Pixie Hollow, I tend to look for a 24 hour cycle as their gardening was set up so you actually could not apply needs within 24 hours of the last time you watered or whatever.  So I’ve always tried to work it so I just had to go in once a day but with many plants — and the much more complex algorithms in this game due to likes, etc. —  in Wizard101, twice a day works better.

Couch Potatoes

Couch Potatoes are interesting.  For the most part you can just tend them once a day.  However, if you’re in a second time, six or eight hours after the first round and go to your CP patch, they will have both needs again.  Often if I don’t go back and fill the needs again, the CP’s are fine the next day.

But they move from OK to progress to dead pretty easily and, if you haven’t taken care of the needs that second time, you may find one or more in progress to dead when you go back.   Since I grow a couple of other things that need a second round, I just take care of the CP needs twice a day and thus completely avoid the progress to dead issue.

Evil Magma Peas

I haven’t had problems with EMPs and progress to dead — though you can get there with any of them — but they follow an intriguing pattern.  They have 3 needs and if you show up once a day, all three are present.  However, early in their maturing, there’s a stage where the water and pollination needs show up first without the music need.  Then if you go in later, they need music.

If you keep going in twice a day they will continue to have two needs one time and one need the second  It can work out to be a good way to mete out your energy use.  If you ever miss the second visit, they will have all 3 needs the next day when you go in and it will be hard–next-to impossible– to get them back on the split schedule of needs.

Also, while they do absolutely fine if you just go in once a day for care, if you have all the likes and you go back that second time you will get a second harvest.  I’m not sure when or why the progression switches, but if you DON’T go back, the second harvest segues back from all of them ready to harvest to all the plants having all 3 needs by the next day so you completely miss that extra mature harvest.

I do a lot of my gardening to get and sell the drops (keeping my gold supplies up), so I don’t want to miss whole rounds of mature harvests; I tend my EMPs twice a day.  I also kind of like the relief I get on energy by tending often enough to have the music need show up separately from the other two.  Makes it easier to grow other crops at the same time.

Pink Dandelions

Pink Dandelions do fine if you just tend them once a day.  Once in a while you’ll note one or two of them has developed a need or a pest if you’re in a second time, but you don’t have to go back.  However, like EMP’s, PDs with all the likes will give you a second harvest if you go back in — and, of course, if any of them have developed needs you will have to cast spells to get harvests from all plants.

Again, since I’m aiming to maximize my gold intake from gardening, I want that second harvest.  The second harvest will disappear if you don’t go in to get it.  So if you tend in the morning and don’t get back till the next morning, you’d never know there was a second mature harvest — they’ll all be back showing needs and you’l just get the one harvest after you tend.

If you don’t need the extra gold and want to spend less time tending your garden, PDs are a good choice as they don’t easily go into the progress to dead mode.

Ivy League

I haven’t actually bothered to grow these for a long time because of their difficulty, but as they’re not alone in being fussy; they’re here as an example.  There’s something glitchy in these and you can go in and take care of all the needs multiple times a day and still one or more of these plants will go into progress to dead.

Since I kind of gave up it’s possible KI took care of the issue at some point and I just don’t know about it  The tough thing about having one or two plants go into progress to dead is that they then start over so you have a patch of things growing in an area that fits a medium or large area spell but random plants in the patch are having needs at a separate time from the rest and you wind up keeping on caring for those 2 or 3 for days after the rest have hit elder harvest.

Sword Ferns

These are nice and straightforward.  They get their two needs once a day and once they hit the right point in the mature phase, you get a harvest as soon as the needs are met.  On very rare occasions I’ve been back a second time and they were ready to harvest again but most of the time they just offer a harvest once a day.

So these work very well if you just want to take care of plants once each day.  I’ve never had any go into progress to dead as long as I cast their needs spells once a day and I don’t worry that I’m losing a harvest if I’m not back a second time.

King Parsley

These are similar to PDs in terms of timing.  They only get needs once a day.  Much of the time you also only get one mature harvest a day.  But sometimes a second visit garners a second harvest.  They don’t easily go into progress to dead, so if you want a once-a-day crop (or maybe you’re after amber!) KP’s are pretty easy.


If you want to try plants other than these, just try out going in twice a day and make note of what’s going on on the second visit.  If they don’t have any needs you might try once a day and see how they do.  Also, pay attention to whether there is a second mature harvest to gather regardless of needs.

When I say once a day, I really mean within 24 hours.  For some, like CPs, if you go back in 25 hours instead of somewhere very close to 24, you might be in yellow mode on the plant icon (telling you something(s) in your garden is in progress to dead mode).  Some give you more leeway, so for PDs and SFs, for example, it doesn’t make too much difference if it’s 28 hours instead of 24.

Because I’m almost always growing either CP’s or EMP’s I generally tend my gardens twice a day, so all the plants get their second round of needs or the extra harvesting just because I’m there anyway.  But sometimes I grow only things that are okay on once a day, forego the extra harvest, and spend more time having a life off the computer.


Mysterious timing: membership and Pink Dandelions

One PD on its own schedule

One PD on its own schedule

September 17, 2016  Well, today is the final day of my month of membership on the third account.  For events in the spiral, if they say it ends on September 17th, you have until the end of the day to do whatever it is [in fact they usually don’t actually turn events off until the next morning].  But it’s 6 p.m. and I just logged in so Alura N. could do the final dungeons of Celestia and my membership is already gone.

That’s better than it’s been on some other occasions when, for instance, my membership disappeared by 8 p.m. on the day BEFORE my expiration day.  I don’t practice law any more because I loathe it but for someone who likes to fight, if this occurs at the ends of most people’s memberships — losing your membership somewhere from hours to a day or more before it’s supposed to end — I’d say there’s a nice class action suit there.  Just sayin’.  Personally not interested.  But I’m surprised KI isn’t more careful about this programming.

Meanwhile I decided to see what’s going on with Pink Dandelions.  I’ve mentioned several times lately that for the last couple of Double Garden events I suddenly couldn’t get PDs to elder harvest in the time of the event.  The first couple of times it happened I then planted some PDs again and the time seemed to shorten if there was no double event.  This time, I planted PDs for several wizards within about a half hour period last Saturday evening–a day after the most recent event ended.

PDs are now just taking several days longer to reach elder harvest than previously with all likes on them.  But these kind-of varied even though all had all the same likes and were planted so close in time.  A couple of patches finished yesterday (6 days) and most of the rest finished today (7 days).  With the odd quirk shown in the photo above:  even though all  Savannah’s PDs were cared for with medium area spells covering the whole patch and all were reading all six likes (Red Barn Farm, pixie, blue ball of yarn, potted cattail, garden gnome, snapdragon), one PD is not at elder harvest…

I have no idea why PDs have been reprogrammed to take days longer than they used to, but this is at least the third round of them to take 6-7 days instead of 4-5.  So if you want a double elder harvest of PDs you need to plant them well before another event; since they hold them randomly, I’m getting stuff planted and through to elder harvest for a couple of wizards at time over the next few weeks.  Then I’ll wait to collect the elder harvests the next time there’s a Double Rewards occasion.

Now I’ve got a few free hours I won’t be spending on finishing Celestia; I’m thinking I’ll just take a pass on the game since I’m a little ticked at losing my membership early again and do something more productive instead 🙂

After Double Garden Rewards – some good, some so-so

Waiting for double rewards

Waiting for double rewards

The best news for me about the surprise Double Garden Rewards event last week was that I had a whole bunch of wizards with gardens I’d left sitting at elder harvest, waiting for double rewards.  So as soon as it started I doubled lots of mega snacks, seeds, reagents, etc.

This is the second time, though, that the seeds I planted after collecting the first harvest seemed to take longer than usual so I didn’t get as big a second elder harvest as I hoped.

When they first started having these events, they often ran from either Thursday through Sunday or Friday through Monday and I always planted some Pink Dandelions and Evil Magma Peas as soon as I heard of the event.  With all “likes” put on the plants — including Red Barn Farm for all my gardening wizards — I was able to get both crops to elder harvest within the time frame of the event.

This time the event had an extra day (Wednesday through Sunday) and I planted on the first day for quite a few wizards.  All the Evil Magma Peas I managed to put in that first day reached elder harvest but none of the Pink Dandelions did.  The ones planted last Wednesday (August 17) finally hit elder harvest Tuesday (August 23).  The ones I planted on Thursday still haven’t gotten there.

After the last event the next batch of PDs I planted went back to reaching elder harvest more quickly.  I’m curious whether anyone else has found the plants mature more slowly during these events — or maybe there’s just something glitchy affecting my PDs???

Pink Dandelions: Pretty and Beneficial Too!

One of my favorite plants in the Spiral is Pink Dandelion.  Besides being pretty when you have rows of them growing (and those sweet faces!), they’re one of the few easy-to-get crown plants .  They drop all over the place.  They provide some great reagents, dandelion seeds and Golden Pizza snacks to sell in the bazaar, and they’re easy to care for without using up a lot of energy.

18 Pink Dandelions

18 Pink Dandelions

At one time I had all six wizards on my first account growing 18 pink dandelions in two levels of nine plots.  Unbelievable how fast you can amass some great reagent stores with regular harvests of 18 PDs. The reagents dropped:

Ancient Scroll
Black Pearl
Blood Moss
Cat Tail
Crystal Vial
Lava Lily

If you start growing PDs as soon as you get drops in Krokotopia, you’ll have no problem with all those Black Pearls for the Dragonspyre crafting project.  And for crafting some of the great housing stuff the other reagents (along with reagents from other plants I grow) have kept me ready to craft on many projects.

I rarely feed pets anything but mega snacks since–as I mention all too often 🙂 — I don’t like playing pet games, so the Golden Pizzas that drop at elder harvest net some nice gold at the Bazaar.  Prices vary, of course, but generally I sell them for 300 gold each and generally at least a dozen of my 18 PDs drop one; 3600 gold per elder harvest.

They can drop Dandelion seeds at more than one harvest; I usually get at least one from every plant at some stage.  At the Bazaar I sell them for 120 gold; 2160 gold each round of plants.  You also get a replacement PD seed at elder harvest, so once you’ve fought enough charmed slaves or Kroks or Ronins, etc. to collect 18, you’re set–as long as you never kill one 🙂

They can also drop TCs at elder harvest.  You might get Fire Cat, Fire Trap or Sunbird.  My Fire wizard keeps some of those.  All the rest sell them.  It’s not a lot, as the Fire Cats go for only 20, the Fire Traps, 35 and the Sunbirds 40, but it accumulates when you’re getting 10 or so at every elder harvest.

As far as reagents, I usually work on getting each wizard supplied with 300 of the common ones and 100-200 of the rarer ones (depending on degree of rarity) and then 500 of each in the Shared Bank.  If you have six wizards each growing 18 at once it’s amazing how fast you can reach those goals and then you can start selling extras.  Reagents drop at every harvest and 3-4 at elder harvest.

Medium spell ring around 18 PDs

Some of the reagent sale prices:  Ancient Scroll, 260; Black Pearl, 338;  Blood Moss, 270; Bone (not so many drop), 4; Cattail, 2-18; Crystal Vial, 5-138 (wildly variable); Lava Lily 2-12; Spring, 315.  After a while I’m generally selling quite a few Ancient Scrolls, Black Pearls, Blood Moss and Springs and you can see they really help accumulate the gold!

When it comes to care, they’re easy.  As the above picture shows, a medium area spell fits around the two-stack-18-plot garden.  They only have two needs, Pollination and Water.  They only get rank 1 pests.  So two 8 point medium area needs spells and one 5 point pest spell; 21 energy points a day and they’re thriving.  See here for info on building the garden.

Their likes:  Blue Ball of Yarn, Potted Cattail, Tropical Garden Gnome, Pixie, Snapdragon, Red Barn Farm/Botanical Garden.  Blue Ball of Yarn is pretty easy to get at the Bazaar, although sometimes you have to refresh for a while or make a couple of trips back to get one.  Potted Cattails are very tough to get at the Bazaar and in general (see post and also).  Snap Dragon and Tiger Lily (for pixie)  are easy to buy at all times at the Bazaar.  If you can manage at least four of the Likes they only take 4-5 days to reach elder harvest so you can keep replanting and garnering harvests often.

UPDATE 11/3/16:  In the last year the growing time for these has lengthened so with all likes they take 5-6 days.  If you’re missing a like or two probably more than week from start to finish.  Also, a while back plants started dropping housing items, almost always including their own likes, so PDs now drop Potted Cattails a LOT which ends the issue about getting them.  They’re pretty much always available at the Bazaar and if you grow one crop of PDs you’ll probably have one or several by the time you harvest the final time.

Lots of rewards, easy care.  Don’t have to spend any Crowns or gold to get them.*  Why not grow a patch?

* Among my wizards I’ve varied between wizards who seemed to get a PD in every other battle all the way through KT–i.e. have the full array by the end of that world– and those who had to go back and fight endlessly in order to accumulate 18.  But I’ve been able to fill all those gardens off drops.



A nice mid-level garden

Mid-level garden

My level 42-ish Fire wizard on second account has the garden pictured above.  I haven’t gotten any energy gear for her.  I also don’t have her supplying the account’s wizards with mega snacks.

To keep her well within her energy range the above garden is all she’s growing.  There is one set of 12 medium plots that fit within a medium area spell.  It’s placed close enough to an 18-small-plot garden that one pest spell fits over both.  And now that she’s in Mooshu, a large spell will also fit over both so I try to keep plants that share at least a couple of needs in the two sections.

As you can see, there’s also a large-plot Snap Dragon off to the side as a like for Pink Dandelions and a small enchanted plot next to the medium plot section; the plant in that one varies with the current crop “likes”.

She can take care of all this and still have some energy left to do a little pet training.  She’s getting a good collection of reagents and making nice gold selling snacks, unneeded TC’s and any reagents for which she’s already filled the quota I’ve set (and Shared Bank quota is filled as well).

It’s a very manageable garden to get lots of returns and stay within her energy limits.

Making your garden suit your energy

too much?

One of the biggest issues in choosing what to put in your garden is the amount of energy you have.  Most important is to know the needs of the plants and whether you have enough energy to take care of all those needs in one visit.

The garden above is just a tad beyond the capacity of the wizard (at that time level 60).  Normally I’ve had Pink Dandelions in the back, medium-area, patch and that’s been fine.  But I finally collected 18 White Tiger Lilies and planted while I had 12 Evil Magma Peas, (medium area) 24 Couch Potatoes (large area) and a couple of miscellaneous “liked” plants planted as well.

Those White Tiger Lilies have level 5 pests DAILY and four needs every day.  That put my energy use slightly over my energy level even with the energy of the gear she’s wearing in the picture.   I have the two medium-area gardens close enough that the pest spells and large area spells fit over both.

Even with that ability to fill some overlapping needs for both at once, I had to keep logging out and waiting a while to go back in and finish the last bit.  Fortunately everything stayed alive but I recommend that you calculate the needs and highest level pest spells and make sure you can take care of what you plant in one visit.

Another aspect that doesn’t seem to be talked about as much is how much energy it takes to plant the number of plants you want to grow.  It’s two energy points per seed so those giant mega gardens take 138 points to plant.  I’m not sure how much energy the level 95 mega gardeners have to be planting 69 seeds at once, but my level 68 doesn’t have enough energy to plant that many without buying energy elixir before finishing.

All my wizards below level 68 are seriously not able to do that many.  Below you can see my level 50 Life wizard.  She has a three-level garden but she doesn’t have enough energy to fill even two complete tiers.  I have been putting in about 36 in that three-tier, which is doable without a refill and leaves her enough extra to take care of some other plants.  The nice thing is, with plants on only the two bottom tiers I don’t have to mess with the casting platform; all the large area spells work on both levels.

Too much to plant

You can see she also has two medium area gardens on the right, but only enough energy to take care of the needs of one of those plus the large garden.  I have her alternating between growing 12 medium plot plants (the group of empty plots in front) and 18 small plot plants.

Sharing likes?

Level 26 with two medium area gardens

For level 40 and below I keep the wizards with two medium area gardens.  You can see the level 26 in the above photo is wearing Beastmaster gear so she has some extra energy but she doesn’t use it all for these two areas–plus a couple of single liked plants –so you can take care of this much without having to buy the gear.

I have a small budget for crowns but not enough to endlessly buy them so I pay attention to energy use.  With lots of likes some of my crops reach elder harvest twice a week and I just can’t pay to refill elixir that often–especially for six wizards.

Gardening within these limits I still am raking in so much gold I keep having to sell stuff constantly and I’m loaded with mega snacks.  You can do very well for yourself at lower levels without having to pay for extra energy.

Medium area garden in a dorm room

Medium garden in dorm

On my second account, this level 24 Fire wizard is gardening in her dorm room.  The medium area spells fit over all the plants in the big cluster.  One pest spell covers all of it and the snap dragon on the left gets the single plant magic spell.

She has nine Pink Dandelions — all from drops in KT–plus a Tiger Lily for the pixie , a Snap Dragon and two Evil Magma Peas–“gifted” from my other account.  She’ll be adding a Boom Shroom as another  like for the EMPs.

This is the second  batch for this garden and already she’s getting a nice array of reagents.  I have another wizard on this account battle in Grizzleheim to get Couch Potatoes so hopefully there will soon be eight CPs growing.  Stacked, four above four, a medium area spell will just barely cover those., so she can stay within the bounds of her garden training and her energy.

Those pesky potted cattails

potted cattail

One of the likes for pink dandelions is the “plant life” item potted cattail.  Since I have all my wizards at this point growing 18 pink dandelions I decided I wanted them all to have a potted cattail.  In the above picture the potted cattail is the plant in a white and blue vase to the left of the pink dandelions.

Three of my wizards are far enough along (and beyond) to get to Oakheart in the Village of Sorrow in Mooshu, but Oakheart and his minion are Life so after my Life wizard completed her quest without getting the cattail, I used mostly my highest level Death wizard to keep going back.  When my Storm wizard got there I turned it over to her.  I think I must have defeated that guy at least 100 times if not more like 200 in order to get six potted cattails.

I’ve seen other wizards mention getting one at the Bazaar but besides the untold hours I spent fighting Oakheart, I also sat at the Bazaar refreshing the Plant Life for hours and never once saw a potted cattail.  I’ve even had a much easier time getting white tiger lilies, which are considered hard to get.

All the while I wondered why it needed to be so hard.  This is not a Crown Shop item.  You also can’t buy it in any of the shops.  The only way to get it is as a drop from Oakheart. I just don’t see why it drops so rarely when it’s not a particularly high value item.  There were other Oakheart drops that I received by the dozens.  I understand with things like pink dandelions and couch potatoes that are sold in the Crown Shop that KI wants to make it a rare drop so they can sell more.  But what good does it do them to make you fight Oakheart for hours?  After a couple dozen rounds with Oakheart I’d have happily paid crowns to buy a few of them just to get it over with.

Why not either put this in the Crown Shop or make it available through one of the vendors?

Medium area, small plot stacked garden

Starting the process

Last time I discussed how much I like an 18-plot stacked garden of Pink Dandelions as a good way for lower level wizards to get more from gardening.  Today I thought I’d show a little bit about the easy way I create it.

It’s a glitch in the game that allows you to place plant plots on particular types of crates.  Kingsisle has stated several times that they have no objection to the stacking.  But be aware if you have an issue or you lose any seeds in a stacked garden they will not support you or replace your seed.

First you need at least one crate.  Only certain crates work.  The Crate of Jelly Beans, Crate of Ice Cream, Crate of Hot Dogs and Dark Wood Crates.  You can find all of these in the Bazaar.  Sometimes they’re out but if you just try back it’s really easy to get the crates.  Some wizards tell you you have to buy the crates in the Crown Shop but that is NOT true.  For medium-plot and large-plot gardens you need more crates and the single-plot garden goes faster if you have nine crates but you can make an 18-single-plot garden with just one.

In the picture above I’ve started the garden with two crates.  You place them side by side with the labels facing you, open the garden menu and click on the small plot or small enchanted plot, and then click on the top of the crate.  If you use nine crates you can place the entire upper layer all at once.

In this instance, I then move the crate on the left to the right of the other one.  Keeping one crate in place makes it easy to be sure that the crate you’re moving lands in the right spot  to keep your columns and rows even.Next step

I like to place the first ground plot while the crate is still there.  It’s hard to see at the right angle to place the lower level plots correctly so it helps to have at least one  that you’ve been able to place up against a properly situated crate.

When you have the first row of three you just move the crates forward to press right up against the ones you’ve already placed.  In this example, once I placed the third plot on the right, I’d move the create on the left directly in front of the crate on the right.  After placing a plot on it, I’d move the one behind to the left of the crate I already brought forward.

When you click on the plots you can see the shape faintly when you move the cursor over the crate.  Make sure  the one you’re about to place is point to point with the one(s) it’s next to.  You can see in both the above pictures that the plots have points touching.

The full garden looks like this:18 pink dandelions


Pink dandelion stacked garden for lower level wizards

18 pink dandelions

Like many wizards, I ignored gardening for a long time.  My first wizard lucked out on lots of pink dandelion seed drops in Krokotopia but since I wasn’t into gardening I sold a lot of them — much to my chagrin now. Once I realized the importance of gardening for mega snacks for pets and for reagents for crafting I did a lot of research.

I found there isn’t much information out there about maximizing a garden when you’re not that highly ranked in gardening and/or your wizard only has the gardening spells through Krokotopoia–i.e. medium area spells.  So I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting to see what you can do to get the most out of gardening if you start from the very beginning.

Since you don’t get the first gardening training until level 12, you’re generally going to be in Krokotopia or close to going.  By the time you plant your crop in pots in your dorm room and harvest, you should have access to medium area spells.  If you’ve grown at least four plants you should also have leveled up to the rank you need for those.

The pink dandelions drop quite a few reagents, mostly common, some rare-ish.  They also only have two needs and only require rank 1 pest spells so they don’t use too much energy and their requirements are well within the gardening training through Krok.

I soon figured out that I could easily create a two-layer stacked garden with three rows of three small plots on each layer.  I haven’t been able to get medium area spells to work on three layers but 18 pink dandelions gives you some really good harvests.  The medium area spells fit beautifully around the 18 plots.

I also managed to get 14 pots in a circle in a dorm room and fit the medium area spells around the plants, so if you don’t want to fool with the stacked garden you can do pretty well within the medium area spells with pots. Remember the circle of the plant spells only has to go around the bases of the plants, not the outside of the plots or pots.

When you get to large area spells, a number of wizards have proved  you can get the maximum number of small pots in a circle that fits a large area spell, so for small pot/plot plants there’s no advantage to stacking once you have large area spells.  However, I’ve found the 18 dandelions are enough so my higher level wizards have larger area garden plots for other plants and just keep a medium area 18-pink-dandelion garden.

While my first wizard had a lot of trouble with reagents for craft training starting in Marleybone, which became worse in Mooshu and Dragonspyre, the rest of my wizards have been raking in the reagents.   As each one advances to the next craft trainer, she’s usually already got the ingredients.

I’ve been working on getting a certain level of reagents for each wizard (varying depending on how rare  they are; the rare ones usually require fewer per recipe) and then working on holding certain numbers in the shared bank.  Every time a wizard fulfills the quota on a reagent she then puts all the extras she gets into the shared bank.  I have reached the goals on a number of reagents, mainly off those 18 dandelions for several wizards,  so the wizards are now selling reagents at the Bazaar almost every day.

The plain dandelion seeds get dropped pretty often in more than one phase of harvests and they sell very well at the Bazaar.  You also get some gold from each plant at each harvest.  My first two wizards struggled for gold to keep getting better equipment and to pay the hefty price of gardening spells; now all my wizards are bringing in lots of gold — and I don’t have any of them doing full scale mega gardening.

I’ll be posting lots more tips about gardening before level 40.  Next time instructions for making the two-layer stacked plot garden.