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Lost Pages thru July 15th


KI has had Lost Pages going for a couple of days now and will continue to offer it through July 15th.

There are a series of quests to various worlds and some special “Spellwrit” creatures in the mobs.  Generally you have to defeat 10 and it takes a long time because they’re so scattered you can only get one in your circle at a time.  When you’ve finished those defeats there’s a dungeon.

Supposedly you get special drops though I’ve never found I got anything outside the norm for whatever area I’m in.  The mob ones have higher health than whatever is usually in the area so it’s a lot of fighting that’s harder than normal for nothing extra in the way of return — at least as far as any drops I’ve ever gotten.  Also adds very little XP relative to the time it takes to complete the quests.

If you’re bored, though, it does give you some quests you don’t normally have and some different creatures to battle.