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There isn’t one right way to play the game

Forest Lord with just one blade

One of the things that has always driven me nuts in this game is the group of highest level wizards who have figured out a particular strategy to play the game and swagger around discussing it as the one and only right way to play.  Even worse are the ones in this group who jump into battle with you or join your team on Team Up and proceed to criticize the way you’re playing.

They play with really pared down decks and have particular team strategies in which each person plays a certain position (I can’t explain it because I’m not interested enough to look into it) and it’s apparently the way to move as fast as possible through the game.  The thing is, (1) I don’t want to move as fast as possible through the game; I’m playing for fun and I want to keep enjoying it and (2) it’s perfectly possible to reach the highest ranks without playing that way.

In fact, as far as I can tell there are a number of strategies people use, including different favorites among their school cards.  For instance, I have Death cards I NEVER use and yet I play with other Death wizards who use them all the time.  I wouldn’t think of telling my teammate he or she is nuts for using that card.  As far as I’m concerned, if they have a strategy that uses that spell and keeps them advancing through the game, they’re succeeding.

As I’ve written before, I don’t like the small deck strategy, not only because I don’t care about speeding through, but also because I find it boring.  I like not knowing how the random hands I receive will impact the battle and having to think on my feet, developing a strategy based on each draw instead of knowing exactly what will happen every time.

Sometimes I’m playing offensively, sometimes defensively and I like the challenge of figuring out which way to go every time based on the luck of the draw. I’ve made it to level 93 with a couple of wizards and into the 80’s with four more, so my assertion is that my way of playing works perfectly well.

In my most recent example, an arrogant Storm wizard jumped into a couple of my battle circles in Stone Town (Zafaria).  By the time anyone has gotten that far I think you should have the courtesy of assuming they play well enough.  But in the second battle this guy started criticizing me for casting a couple of shields (I was playing two accounts, so one for each).

I told him I didn’t have a damage card yet (and didn’t mention neither of them had enough pips yet to cast anyway) and he instantly told me that meant I didn’t have a good deck.  I told him I don’t like playing with a small deck and it depends on how you like to play the game.  He informed me I don’t know how to play well.  The thing that bugs me is that generally none of us who play other strategies hang around telling other wizards they’re screwing up.*  And he couldn’t even “hear” me trying to say it’s a question of choice (in that crowd it seems they never do).

Now in the first battle this same guy had put up one blade and then cast Tempest without nearly enough pips to defeat the enemies, so I thought he played kind of stupid, but I didn’t say anything — and this was basically the strategy he was touting.  I had a somewhat higher level Storm in but I don’t like to cast Tempest until I figure I have enough pips to finish it.

And, since I don’t enjoy running around trying to find health wisps afterwards, I prefer to shield while I’m amassing pips so my health isn’t down so far.  Just the way I like to do it, not saying anyone else needs to play that way.  Don’t care if anyone else plays that way. 🙂

The other wizard I was playing was Death and I notice often that Storm and Fire wizards, who have way more powerful spells with fewer pips, don’t seem to realize it takes an extra pip to cast Crow or Forest Lord (compared to Fire Dragon, for instance) AND they’re weaker so you need more rounds of setting up blades and/or traps before you cast.

It’s a game people.  It’s supposed to be for fun.  So I don’t really understand why racing through as fast as possible would be a goal.  But I do get that some people just have to do everything fast and be first and think they are best, etc. If you’re one of those, please keep your opinions to yourself.  Especially once you get past the first few worlds, assume that anyone who has made it that far has developed a strategy that works.  It doesn’t have to be yours, it just has to keep them leveling up and it isn’t your business how someone else likes to play.

If you have strong opinions about how to play and you don’t like playing with people who have a different strategy, DON’T jump into battles with strangers and DON’T Team Up.  If you do either of those things, keep your mouth shut about how other people play.  Seriously.

*Beyond the lower levels, anyway.  In the earliest stages I run into a fair number of folks I’m guessing are children who randomly toss off weird, off-the-wall criticisms and advice.



Being a nice high level team member


I’ve done a lot of complaining about high level wizards who are crappy teammates in Wizard City special events dungeons, but I’ve also run into high level wizards who play with a lot of thoughtfulness toward their teammates.  So I thought I’d toss off a few suggestions about how you can use your power to make sure the battle is won and still let your team members participate too.

My favorite ever was a Life wizard I farmed with for a long time during last year’s (2015) Halloween festivities.  She was level 100 and she had a deck with a combo of shields, heals, Leprechaun and Seraph (probably Colossal too).  Her gear must have had big damage boosts and, like every other level 100+ I’ve teamed up with, she went critical pretty routinely.

She’d wait a round or two, letting everybody else do some casting, then she’d fire off a Leprechaun at one of the minions.  Between critical and enhanced damage, the Leprechaun could easily knock out a Crypt Walker, using only two of her pips.  The next round or two she’d shield somebody and/or heal somebody and then she’d hit another minion with a Leprechaun.  If it was taking a while, she might finally cast a Seraph and take out Mordecai.

Everybody got to make casts.  Everybody got to do some damage.  Sometimes the newbies would get to hit Mordecai enough to take him out while Miss Life (didn’t jot down her name and foolishly didn’t give her a friend request) casually picked off all the minions.  She remains my model for stellar team playing.

Yes, it doesn’t go as fast that way.  But for me, part of the fun of farming these dungeons is teaming up and hanging out — for a change — with other wizards.  I enjoy seeing their strategies.  I enjoy a bit of chat.  And it’s a game.  Everybody in there likes to take part in the battle.  Seriously, how does anyone imagine it’s fun for the rest of the team when you wipe out the opposition on the first round and no one else gets to do anything?

In my last post, I discussed the issues all my higher level wizards have had with critical — or rather not going critical 🙂 .  The wizards I do most of the farming with are Morgan (90) and Rylee (89).  For them there’s an issue of all enemies spells that take a zillion pips (well, almost…) so I generally don’t put Scarecrow or Forest Lord in for this.

I use pretty pared down decks.  With Morgan I take in a few Death blades, Death prisms, Deer Knights, Colossal, wand spells and a couple of Tower shields and Sprites in case any of my team mates need them.  If I’m in with lower level wizards, I cast the blade first, then the prism on Mordecai (he’s the only one with big resist) and then Deer Knight.

If no other Death wizard has blown my prism with a wand spell or Dark Sprite, Mordecai’s health goes down by a little more than half, and the minions all take fairly big hits.  If team mates have hit the Loathsome Creeper, he’s gone.  If no one manages to fire something off that finishes any of the minions in that round, all the minions die from the second round of Deer Knight’s over time effect, unless one of them had a Tower Shield.

Then just Mordecai is left with a low enough health (going down more with each round of DK) the other wizards can take him out.  The minions are gone just fast enough that the lower level wizards aren’t getting whacked by Kraken and Skeletal Pirate.  It doesn’t take too many rounds and everybody on the team gets to play.  If no one seems to have anything big to lob I’ll usually throw in a wand spell.

If she’s in with Lord Nightshade, I lose the prism and blade and just hit with Deer Knight+Colossal after a couple of rounds.  It takes out all the minions and leaves Nightshade for the team mates to finish…  plus they’ve had the first couple of rounds to cast some stuff.

I’ve also switched it up for Nightshade, with taking Vampire and just picking off minions while everybody else hits the Boss.

If there are any higher level wizards in either of these as well, they generally wipe everybody out before I can do all that, but sometimes I’m in with another high level who’s giving everyone a chance, so they work a similar plan.

With Rylee, I take a few Life blades, Seraphs, Life traps, Colossal and some shields and heals (the picture above was taken during a Deer Knight experiment but I didn’t like it as well).  One blade and a Seraph with Colossal is enough to take out each minion.  One blade, one trap and a Seraph with Colossal is enough to take out Mordecai.  (This is taking into consideration that she just about never goes critical).

I’ve seen Fire wizards use Meteor without adding blades or traps to enhance any more than their damage-enhancing gear can do or Storm wizards do the same with Tempest, Ice with Blizzard, Myth with Humongofrog, and Balance with Sandstorm.  Now, level 100s will probably go critical and enhance damage enough to take everybody out even with these spells, so they might want to take individual spells instead of any all enemy, but for lower levels it’s a nice way to damage the whole opposition enough to make it easier to finish them off and still lets everybody on the team play.

These are just some ideas — if you think about it I’m sure you can figure out a strategy that gives you enough power to win but still leaves room for a level 10 to join the fight.

Being nice to your team mates just makes each round take a couple of extra minutes so you can still do a lot of farming.  If you’re in such a hurry you can’t stand that, you should really just be gathering a group of other impatient and snotty wizards to jump on a sigil together and farm away as fast as you please.  If you team up, play like you’re on a team.

Tips for low level wizards in Mordecai’s Tower

I’ve been farming Baron Mordecai a lot and winding up in there quite often as by far and away the highest level wizard (I’m farming mainly with level 90 Morgan and level 89 Rylee).  In case any super low level folks happen upon my blog, thought I’d post a few tips.  Many of these are useful in other towers where you meet up with higher level wizards or face unusually strong opponents.


Every time your spell deck opens in a battle, every player’s basic info shows up at the bottom.  In the photo below, check out the four players.  Each one’s first name is there.  On the left side, the symbol for each one’s school is there, in this case two Death wizards, one Ice and one Storm.  Then look under the names at the numbers.  The number on the left tells you how much energy that wizard has left and the one on the right tells you the total energy that wizard has when health is full.

Info on team and opponents

In this case, you can see Ryan and one of the Jacks are both 700+ in health, which means they’re pretty low level.  Alura (one of my now-deleted wizards) is over 1700 health,which means she was probably somewhere between levels 30 and 40 (don’t remember how much health was in her gear but I know I deleted her before 40).  The second Jack is about 1100 health, which for a Storm wizard means he was probably somewhere between 40 an 45 (much depends on gear; could have been lower).

If someone on your team has over 5000 health, it’s probably a level 100 (or higher) wizard, which means he or she probably has a big AOE spell (one that hits every enemy).  Even if you luck into one who’s brought smaller spells so everyone can play, they’re probably going to take each opponent out with only one spell at a time.  Even if it’s a situation like the one in the photo, the two higher level wizards have enough power to take care of it so you don’t need to worry.

That also means you can concentrate more on making sure you have shields up and that you’re staying healed because they don’t really need you to defeat the bad guys.

It’s also important to check the schools of the other wizards so you know something important about who can do what and who needs what.  Many lower level wizards use menu chat to tell everybody to, for instance, use Fire on some particular enemy.  If you’re on a team with all Life, Death and Myth wizards, it’s not an instruction that makes any sense since probably none of them have Fire spells.

Before you cast a blade on someone you should also check whether it’s appropriate to their school.  I’ve often had lower level wizards cast blades for, say, Fire or Storm on my Life and Death wizards.  It’s not a favor and it’s a waste of a turn; unless you happen to land it on someone who’s chosen to get some Fire spells as a secondary, they probably don’t have any which means the blade will never be used.


I’ve been in with lots of wizards with only 500 or 600 something health, which I think means something like level 10.  They often shield and/or heal my character — the ONE wizard in the room who doesn’t need it.  If you’re on a team with three wizards who are 1,000 or below health and one who has 4500 health, shield and heal the low level wizards who need it–including yourself.  Morgan and Rylee are never in danger of being defeated in there and anybody their level could solo this easily.

The minions like to cast Poison, which is an over time spell that does 475 damage or more if the one casting has a blade and/or a trap on.  For a lower level wizard that means you need to make sure you cast a heal on yourself before it finishes.  If you don’t have Sprite yet, I suggest stacking your treasure deck with Sprite TCs so you can draw one any time.

They all also cast Kraken, which does 520-580 damage — again, make sure you’re prepared with heals if you have less than 1000 health.  If you’re in with one or more high level wizards the battle will probably be over before any of your opponents have enough pips to cast Kraken but since you won’t know until the battle starts, better to have a deck that’s ready.

As far as shields, the biggest spells they usually cast are Storm instead of Death, so while a few Death shields in your deck are a good idea, make sure you have Storm shields of some sort as well.  They also cast some Myth, so Legend Shield is a good choice (Death and Myth shields).

Critical to all this is understanding that whoever you hit with damage will start attacking you.  Normally, if four wizards all get in the circles at the same time , each opponent in this instance will start attacking the person in the corresponding position.  So  the Boss will hit the person on the far right, the minion to the right of the Boss will hit the person in the second place from the right, etc.  If you hit someone other than the one across from you, that one will start hitting you too.

Unless you have a chance to help with Tower Shields as noted below, I recommend that you concentrate on the shielding and healing and think twice about attacking anybody other than the one opposite to you.


I’m not sure why, but lower level wizards, especially those with menu chat, love to instruct everybody to attack the Boss, in this case Mordecai.  As I’ve said before, in these team situations it’s really better to go after the weakest minion first (which is also in menu chat but no one but me seems to use it).

Your biggest worry as a low level wizard is getting hit too many times so the first priority should be to reduce the number of opponents who are lobbing damage attacks.  The easiest one to get rid of first is the one with lowest health.

In this tower there’s usually one Loathsome Creeper with 695 health, so go after that one first.  Generally there are also two Crypt Walkers with 1,000 health, so pick one of those next and when that one is gone, take out the other.  Then all four of you can turn your attention to attacking Mordecai.


Every time I’m in one of these instances where there’s a mix of very low and very high level wizards in together, some low level wizard starts casting Stun Block.  Not sure why they even have it since it’s a waste of a training point at that stage (don’t really need it for at least 40 more levels). Still they do and need to know that in the Wizard City spots like Mordecai’s Tower, the Telegraph B.O.X. or the Stormdrain, none of the bosses or minions cast Stun — so nobody needs to have a block for Stun…  Again, kind of signals you don’t know what you’re doing and it’s a waste of a turn/cast.

If you’re Death and over level 100 you probably don’t need any prisms, but Death wizards of lower levels should consider putting some in their deck.   The minions don’t have that much Death resist so you don’t need to put prisms on them, but Mordecai has pretty big resistance.  If you’re at a level where you just have Ghoul or Banshee — or even Vampire– you’re going to have to hit him a LOT of times if you don’t cast a prism (or prisms) on him.  If you don’t have any prisms I suggest concentrating on the minions; you won’t lose a bunch of damage if you cast Death spells on them.

And here’s a big tip:  if the Death wizard with level 4000 or 5000  health puts a prism on Mordecai, DO NOT take their prism with a do-nothing Dark Sprite or Death wand spell!!!  Yup that happens to me all the time…

Mordecai and the minions all seem to cast Tower Shields  on themselves and one another.  If you’re a low level wizard in with higher levels, one of the most helpful things you can do is use your wand spells to take off the Tower Shields.

Okay, that should help you get through it.  Have fun!

Try Baron Mordecai



During the last two Octobers I’ve been increasingly farming at Mordecai’s Tower instead of the Stormdrain.  Most of the Halloween drops you can get from Lord Nightshade are available from Baron Mordecai as well.  And for some reason I find most people behave better in there.

I’m not sure why such a different crowd is attracted there except it’s a little tougher than the Stormdrain (although it shouldn’t be for level 100 and up…)  But pretty consistently the level 100 folks who are in there politely wait for everyone to get in the circle before they wipe everyone out and some even bring lower level spells and give everyone a chance to participate.  Many will wait a couple of rounds so the lower level players get to make a couple of casts.  Now that’s what I call Team Playing!

To get the spell if you’ve not participated in Halloween festivities before, you have to complete quite a few of the quests Jack Hallow hands out in the Commons before you get the Baron’s Nightmare quest.  If you’ve done all the Halloween quests previously, you can go to Jack and pick up any or all that you want to do at once.  So you can get the quest right away and head to the Baron’s tower.

The Baron has 2,000 health, so I’ve seen some lower level wizards freak out and leave.  If you’re in with a team of four, you really don’t need to worry even if you’re all low level.  It’s perfectly do-able it just takes longer.  Check out the health of your teammates; if anyone has 2500 or more, you’re in really good shape because they could probably defeat everybody solo.  If there’s someone 4000 or up, the whole crew will probably be wiped out before you’ve taken a hit.

All the creatures are Death, which kind of simplifies things.  The minions are a Loathsome Creeper with 695 health and, if you have a full team, two Crypt Walkers with 1,000 health.  Sometimes the numbers of each change (two Loathsome Creepers and one Crypt Walker) but it’s usually the two CWs and one LC.   Helpful to Death wizards, the minions don’t seem to have any Death resist.

I’ve checked it out by planting a Death prism on one and then hitting them all with Deer Knight (an all enemies — AOE — spell, in case you haven’t encountered it):  all the minions had exactly the same damage whether they’d been “prismed” or not (so the prism also doesnt get you a boost for hitting with Life).  The Baron, on the other hand, has big resistance to Death, so if you’re going to cast Death, you DO need to get a prism on him.  [I find this a little odd as Death wizards who don’t have prism yet are allowed in there…]

I’m also a little surprised at the damage both the Baron and minions inflict, given how low a level is allowed in there.  They all seem to have Kraken and a few others that can hit for 5 or 6 hundred+ damage — big enough to wipe out a level 10, for instance.  So if you are lower level, be sure you bring shields and heals.  It takes a few rounds usually before any of them hits that hard, so if you’re in with one or more high level wizards you’re safe, but in case you hit a team that’s all low level, have the shields ready.  And make sure your health is full before you go in.

Farming the Baron takes a little more time than Lord Nightshade, but I find it worth it to get to Team Up with wizards who know how to play on a team and who are thoughtful about lower level wizards.

Get ’em in the circle

Stormdrain Tower

I know, I’m like a broken record about this but I’m back farming the Stormdrain Tower which seems to lead to being annoyed by wizards level 100  and up who wipe out the enemy before everyone has gotten in the circle.

Anyone who isn’t officially in a circle — not only standing in it, but with the circle lit and pips at their feet — doesn’t get XP or drops.  And, if it’s a one-battle dungeon and the person came in on Team Up they’re prevented from using Team Up again for 10 minutes.  Happened to me today when something in real life took my attention for a sec so Morgan was a tad late jumping in.  I was farming so that was a pain because it basically stopped me from doing the last couple of rounds I had time for.

For lower level wizards who are there to do the real quest for the Stormdrain, they’re stopped at the entry while Lord Nightshade “chats” through a few boxes.  Nothing you can do to move into the circle until you’ve clicked through the boxes — and if you actually like to read the chat, it takes even longer. So if somebody unleashes a big spell while you’re getting through that, you don’t get credit for the quest, you don’t get any XP or drops and, to add insult to injury, KI has set it up so you’re also penalized by being kept from Teaming Up again for 10 minutes.

So please all you snotty 100+ wizards who can’t wait 30 seconds, DON’T TEAM UP!  Seriously if you can’t be a team player — and trust me, treating the people on your team that way is NOT being a team player — then DON’T TEAM UP!  It’s a team.  Make sure everyone is in.  And how about giving some other players a chance to actually cast something — you know, play the game?  Have you forgotten it’s a game?

And KI, how about setting some rules that encourage people who get on Team Up to play fair instead of penalizing people who haven’t done anything wrong?

Unsolicited Coaching

Starting Azteca_edited

KI finally took the Double Rewards off the Daily Assignments and, with some reluctance, I decided to head Morgan and Rylee back to Azteca to see if I can finally get them through there  (after lots more fights, still not finished, and I’m now thinking Azteca never ends… 🙂 ).

I usually aim for a quiet server, but this time I didn’t do anything to change where they wound up and it was busy in the Cloudburst Forest and Alto Alto and connected areas.  Several times other wizards jumped into my battle circle. Although I generally just play in quiet areas and relying on my two accounts strategy. I don’t mind being joined at all — most of the time.

But in this case two different times other wizards jumped into my circle and then proceeded to question my casting choices.  Every time it happens it just infuriates me.  My basic feeling is if you jump into somebody else’s battle without asking, you take what you get in terms of the strategy already in play.  Even more, we’re talking Azteca.  And wizards at level 89 and 88 respectively.  Seriously, does anybody really think I got that far into the game without figuring out a successful strategy?

I think it’s incredibly rude and disrespectful to start telling anyone else in the game what to do or to criticize the way someone is playing under any circumstances unless he or she asks for your advice. With the exception of asking a level 20 wizard who kept porting to me in Zafaria to stop casting damage spells (trying to make the attacks on him stop) I have never told anyone who joined me in battle or with whom I teamed up how they should be playing the game.  But boy I’ve had plenty of people who told me what to do or criticized the choices I made

I’ve run into lots of different theories and styles among many players I’ve joined and my firm belief is:  (1) there are many different ways to succeed at the game and (2) everyone should feel free to choose the strategy that feels best to them.  With this attitude, I find it easy to just let others play as they prefer.  If I really can’t get into someone’s style, I just make sure I don’t keep joining them.  Since I keep a pretty big deck, I easily move into being a shielder or healer or blader or attacker…  sometimes all of them if I’m joined by someone really inept :-); whatever the other player(s) seems to need.

Please people, don’t be so arrogant you assume you have the only answer about how to play the game.   Again, telling other people who’ve not asked for your advice what to do is rude and disrespectful.  If you can only tolerate playing your way, don’t join other people or team up.

Team Up: Be a Team Player

Info on team and opponents

Okay I know, I harp on this a lot.  But every time there’s an event that encourages lots of teaming up to repeat going through dungeons or towers, I run into the issue of high level wizards who get on Team Up and then wipe out all the enemies before everyone else is officially in the circle.

When that happens, those not in the circle get no drops for that round of the dungeon and, if someone is actually completing the quest, it can keep them from getting credit.  Since some wizards don’t seem to know this, I’ll spell it out:  the only way all the wizards are counted in is the point when everyone’s circle is lit up and everyone has one or more pips at their feet.  If one or more wizards are standing in an unlit circle, the group is NOT in.

Just because you get lots of pips immediately and have big spells that can be lobbed by the first or second round, doesn’t mean you have to do it.  If some of your team hasn’t made it into the circle, it’s in fact poor sportsmanship and basically just a crap thing to do.  In the B.O.X.E.S. often one person has to make a final trip down to the Professor for the last instruction and it takes that person longer to get into the battle circle.  Make sure everyone is in a lit circle before you cast a spell that wipes out all the enemies.

Come on — if you can’t be bothered to be a team player DON’T TEAM UP!  Seriously, if you’re in that big a hurry and obviously perfectly capable of beating everyone in the dungeon on your own, don’t Team Up.  If you join a team, play for the team.  Give lower level wizards not only a chance to be counted in, consider giving them a chance to play.  It is a game after all.

Don’t Do the Team If You Don’t Have the Time

Barkingham Palace_edited

Well, it happened again.  A worse case than usual.  Abandoned…  I realized that Morgan completed the Barkingham Palace dungeon in the test realm but never did the actual quest.  I felt lazy and I wanted to go quickly so I teamed up.

Doing a somewhat lower level dungeon with help, I didn’t change my deck, do research or switch to defensive gear.  Instead I went in with enhanced damage gear and virtually no resistance.

We started off as a team of four and finished the first instance quickly and easily.  Only three of us popped over to the second instance, the Main Hall, but we teamed up and hopped in, after seeing the warning about how long the dungeon would take.

Not 10 minutes in — having not even finished the first fight — both my teammates announced they had to leave and took off.  Every fight, of course, had four opponents since the dungeon set itself for the three on the team.  I managed to finish, but the last fight took forever and I only got through by purchasing two henchmen and using my level 75 minion.  So much for my quick and easy plan.

Even at a powerful level 85, Morgan couldn’t take being hit by that many fire spells nor handle all the cheats..  It turns out this is a dungeon you can’t port into, so an attempt to use my second account and port level 84 Rylee in didn’t work.  Note:  if she’d worn the gear I used against the Jabberwock (highly resistant to Fire) and loaded her Treasure deck with Entangle and Quench, I think it would have been a snap…

How could anyone stand at a sigil where the warning says it takes 45 minutes to do a dungeon and think they could finish when they have less than 10 minutes?  Granted, if you choose Team Up the time warning doesn’t show up, but you can click x first and see what the time estimate is, cancel out and then Team Up.  If I’d been with other higher level wizards we might have been able to knock it down to 15 or 20 but these were wizards of the minimal level allowed and, based on the first instance, incapable of doing anything fast.

One of my team members added me as a friend — as soon as I finished the dungeon I made sure she wasn’t on my friend list any more!

It’s unbelievably rude and irresponsible to click on Team Up and enter a dungeon with others when you know from the moment you enter that you don’t have time to do more than a little of it.  The number of minions who will show up at each battle is set based on the number of people on the team.  When you go in at a time when you already know you can’t stay, you subject your teammate(s) to a much harder dungeon than they’d have faced if they’d just gone in alone.

Look at the damn clock and make sure you have enough time.  Even though the dungeons sometimes take far less than the estimated time, sometimes they take every minute of the estimate or more, so don’t go in if you aren’t prepared to stay for at least the estimated amount of time.

Team Up issues, Waterworks and more

Harvest Glitch

Notice no “click x” boxes are open

I’ve been having an ongoing issue with Team Up and I’m wondering whether anyone else is noticing it.  Frequently when I team up for an instance for which I’m actually on the quest (not just farming a place I already completed), I finish the whole thing, look at my quest book to see where I need to go next and realize the completion of the dungeon hasn’t registered and I have to do it again.

When Morgan first got the Waterworks quest, I took her in with a group of four (that time we just all hit the sigil at the same time and they invited me in).  The highest level had to leave about halfway through and the others decided to quit.  I was pretty disgusted to have spent over an hour at it and wound up with nothing to show for it.

I was also pretty puzzled by a lot of the goings on in the instance, so I looked up a guide and realized I really should study up before going in again.  Since I play for fun and feel I’ve already had to spend inordinate amounts of time looking things up and figuring things out, I wasn’t keen on that so I just never did it since it isn’t a main line quest.

She’s level 81 now and for the heck of it I joined a Team Up at the kiosk, figuring I’d get it over with and forgetting that I should study first.  A couple of level 100s pretty much ran the show so I made it through, feeling pretty much like an idiot since I kept missing everything about when to cast traps or blades… or not to.  But we got through.  Was surprised to see not anything much added to my level bar (I know there was some because XP did show up at the end of each battle) and that some other quest popped up with the quest arrow instead of a final piece of Waterworks.  Checked my quest book, and sure enough Waterworks quest is still in there.  Sigh.

It’s happened quite a few times now though generally in dungeons that were quicker and easier to do.  I mention this one in part because it’s most fresh but also because it’s the most disappointing one so far in terms of time spent — and the fact I didn’t especially want to do it.  I know it’s famous for its drops but I’m not interested enough in what I can get to have to fool with a long dungeon full of tricks.

Now I guess I have to study up.  Some other day.  When I feel like studying in order to play a kids’ game…

In the meantime, you might want to think twice about using Team Up for dungeons if you’re there to complete a quest.  I think I’ve had the trouble more from the Old Town Kiosk than from Teaming Up at the sigil at the entry to the instance but I haven’t kept careful enough track to be sure.

Have also continued having issues with plants not harvesting (see previous post).  Sometimes when the plants say they’re ready for harvest and have the ring of light around or have reached elder, I can’t click to harvest.  Occasionally with the plant menu closed, the “click x” box won’t even show up.  Sometimes if I then reopen the plant menu, I can click on individual plants (with a big stacked garden just about impossible to click on each one) but often that doesn’t work either.

Usually if I “quit” and then click “play”, the wizard is at the Bazaar because my gardening wizards have to sell garden drops often and I do that last thing before logging off.  Sometimes heading home again from there works and I can harvest.  But I started having trouble with that too.  One day I wanted to get some of the new housing stuff from Wysteria so I went there, quit and re-entered the game.  When I went home, no problem harvesting.  Since then I’ve been heading to another world before I quit and come back and that seems to work every time.  Very odd.

The Marleybone Telegraph Box

Telegraph Box version of Royal Museum

Much of this post has been up before.  I got a couple of new pictures this time, showing the very Marleybone and Marleybone meets Mooshu look in this box.

Also want to issue a reminder to high level wizards.  I’ve already had one of my lower level wizards on Team Up in a Box with a full team that included a level 100 wizard.  In all 4 battles he cast an end the battle AOE spell on the first cast BEFORE all wizards entered the circle–if you’re a little delayed you’re in a circle but it’s not lit and there are no pips so you don’t count as being in.  I said something in the first battle and he just made a smart remark and did it again in every succeeding battle.  One wizard had to do the quest over to get the points and drops because she missed out on the final battle.  Seriously people, if you can’t be bothered to wait for everyone DON’T TEAM UP!

In the MB box

This one has five rounds of battles in three different locations–including time travel to the past!  You have to be level 30 to get this quest.  (Not sure if somebody lower level could port in to a friend).

More minions of course, if you have more people, but otherwise the lineup is:

  1. Sgt. George Trencherd, Fire, 690 and Constable, Life, 610
  2. Sharkhill Barker, Storm, 560 and Sinister Paw, Death, 710
  3. Two Sinister Paws, Death, 710
  4. Two more Sinister Paws, Death, 710
  5. Emil Softpaw, Balance, 2,200 and yet again, a Sinister Paw, Death, 710

Final Battle MB box

For level 30, most of this is pretty easily doable, although the final battle is a bit of a challenge; more than you’re usually facing in the 30’s outside of Big Ben.  For my wizards in the 30’s, I’d probably Team Up.

Like the Wizard City box, health restores as in the common areas every time you go back to the entry of the booth, where the Professor is.  Restores very slowly.  And there’s no mana anywhere.

Another fun little quest with some pretty good drops and, the first time you do it, some pretty good XP.